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Human Resources: 2017 Changes for Form I-9

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Fry] Form I-9 as well as the corresponding process that employers must go through, is intended to prove identity and eligibility to work in the United States. We reported in a previous blog post that the new version of Form I-9 was planned to include changes to allow entrepreneurs seeking to enter the country under the ‘International Entrepreneur Rule’ (aka IE Rule) to present their foreign passport and I-94 as List A documents in Section 2. There’s a lot happening in the news.

Lightening the Paper Load: Cloud-Based Document Systems for HR


Deloitte’s fascinating 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report found that the most high-performing organizations function more like networks, with agile processes and access. Document systems seems like a perfect example of the old adage, if you build it they will come. If there were ever a time when it was necessary to reinvent the wheel, how we access, storage and manage documents is it. Let’s look at how Cloud-based document systems can help HR: Part of the process.

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HR technology trends for 2017: Curing government compliance concerns


If you’ve still got someone entering timesheet data by hand, 2017 is the year to automate your HR processes. It was simpler to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations related to employment back then. Well, those days are gone. The good news is that 2017 promises to offer several HR software products to help small and middle market businesses stay compliant. Legal Compliance

The 2017 Form I-9: Compliance Considerations for Employers


The 2017 Form I-9: Compliance Considerations for Employers Oct. 10, 2017. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released a revised version of the Form I-9 on July 17, 2017. As of September 18, 2017, employers are now required to use the updated form with a revision date of 07/17/17 N. List C documents have been renumbered (except for the Social Security card). I-9 Compliance: What You Need to Know.

7 of the Biggest Business Risks in 2017 (Part One)


Dershaw also works with clients to help prevent, investigate, respond, and manage the people-side of compliance efforts, including in the areas of wage and hour, employee classification, cyber security, and data privacy. Performance management” as we know it has changed: in 2017, look to how leaders can seek feedback, listen, train, and equip talent to do their best and to be connected to their work.

Don’t Let HR Compliance Distract from Your 2017 Business Goals


In the regulations-heavy atmosphere of HR, it can be easy to become inundated with so many compliance rules and reports that it consumes the bulk of a manager’s attention. As long as an organization takes certain steps to be diligent in their preparation, then HR compliance does not have to make it harder to achieve your 2017 business goals. When it comes to the form-heavy arena of HR compliance, adopting a paperless mindset could save hours of inefficient writing.

The Onboarding Documents You Need to Collect and Keep


In fact, you may collect employee documents during onboarding and throughout the employment period. Failing to keep complete records for the appropriate period of time is a problem as well. In this article, we are going to go over all of the onboarding documents that you need to collect from new employees, as well as best practices in data security to help keep you in compliance with the law. Your state may require additional documentation.

Onboarding: Your Connection Between Recruiting and Learning

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Well, not so fast. Document compliance requirements. We’ve all seen the headlines lately about the U.S. being at “ full employment ”. On the surface, full employment might sound like a good thing, right? Full employment can create a couple of challenges. Over inflated compensation and benefits. I’m all for a competitive job market. Top talent should be able to get what they deserve for their skills and experience.

Compliance Tips for Your Business

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Compliance Tips for Your Business. May 30, 2017. Providing the proper documentation to the US Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) shouldn’t have to cost you time or money. During your busy season, here are some helpful tips to consider: Use A Standardized Process for Documentation. Utilize a streamlined, easy-to-use system that new hires can use to complete various compliance documents and avoid filing errors.

Responses to “HR Compliance in 2018” Questions

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There have been many changes in employment laws that impact the hiring process throughout 2017. Sterling Talent Solutions feels that it is important to be a source for the latest updates about employment law compliance changes and how this can affect the hiring and background screening process. After our recent “HR Compliance in 2018: Are You Ready” webinar, we received quite a few questions about a variety of topics from ban the box laws to Form I-9.

Top Healthcare Compliance Initiatives for 2018


Top Healthcare Compliance Initiatives for 2018 Nov. 8, 2017. It’s not just the financial industry that faces risks from cybercriminals; healthcare organizations, with their massive databases full of personal information, have become common targets as well. Compliance specialists and leaders will have their work cut out for them in the coming year. “We In light of increased threats, here’s what compliance offers will be dealing with in 2018.

Compliance Issues That Will Dog #HR in 2017


2017 Changes to the EEO-1 Documents and Salary reporting. There is one other matter that seems to keep popping up as well. HR says well we may need to give them more time. And even if you don’t think it is the right things to do, you may well get sued later on for having not recognizing the need for an accommodation. ADA Advice Compliance Employment LawI attended an event at an attorney’s office in downtown Chicago.

Set your business up for success in 2017


Here are some things you can start doing now to help make 2017 a success. For human capital professionals, a good place to start is to conduct a quick administrative audit to determine which documents are still necessary and relevant. Even if you manage most of your documentation in the cloud, reducing clutter – wherever it is – is always a good thing , so toss out any irrelevant documents. Get compliance in order.

Can Ethical Corporate Culture and Compliance Co-Exist in Today’s Digital Workplace?


Finally, shared assumptions include deeply embedded behaviors which may documented, but certainly are inferred. The 2015 Deloitte report on building world-class ethics and compliance programs targets a positive culture of integrity as the program’s ground zero. Will rules-based compliance programs guarantee values-based employee and leadership integrity? As a result, organizations become busy with their tangible artifacts: various compliance To-Do lists.

The 5 Easiest Tools to Sign Documents Electronically

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E-signature tools give users the ability to gather signatures on documents shared electronically, typically through email. All data as of G2 Crowd’s Summer 2017 E-Signature Grid ® Report. It helps you accelerate sales, reduce costs and automate the entire process of signing documents. The first is the free account, which allows for one user and three documents. Why you should consider it: Sertifi was ranked a High Performer on the Summer 2017 E-Signature Grid ® Report.

Make Your HRIS Work for You!


With this feature, you’re able to upload different types of licenses into a specific area in your HRIS to help ensure compliance and qualifications for different positions. The system will allow you to enter this information as well as copies of licenses and expiration dates. When this data is readily available in one location, it assists in reporting and compliance efficiency. Is my organization at risk for lack of documentation? Written by: Stephanie Tuegel .

IRS FY 2018 Compliance Priorities Stress Analyzing Failure Trends, Refining Outreach

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Retirement plan compliance priorities for Fiscal Year 2018 released September 28 by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) indicated the agency’s Employee Plans (EP) unit will emphasize analyzing plan failure trends, refine outreach, and other communications about noncompliance, and enhance its knowledge management program. In an era of doing more with less, the IRS has shifted and consolidated several of its units to continue overseeing plan compliance. “To Compliance Checks Continue.

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Assessments, Policies, and Training Are Key to HIPAA Compliance

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The keys for plan sponsors to avoid penalties under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as other liability that may come with data breaches, were discussed by HIPAA experts in a recent webinar. Periodic risk assessments, updated policies and procedures, and ongoing training are critical to HIPAA compliance, said Kathryn Bakich, senior vice president at Segal Consulting.

Want to Retain High Performers? Boost Loyalty with Learning


high performing respondents in Ceridian’s 2017 Pulse of Talent listed these opportunities as extremely or somewhat important. The business benefits of providing learning opportunities are well-documented, as is the fact that learning increases employee engagement. Download the 2017 Pulse of Talent to learn more. The rules of work are being rewritten, and learning has become a trending topic over the last few years.

FMLA ruling: Is this loose standard terrible news for your compliance efforts?

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The lawsuit focused on Cassandra Woods, a staffer whose performance struggles were well-documented. In fact, her employer put down in writing that she was failed to achieve “required outcomes” in both “compliance” and “documentation.”. It pointed to performance reviews that clearly documented her performance problems as well as the enhanced training and a 90-day probation period to support its decision.

Year-end checklist for HR


If certain individuals received raises or promotions, make sure these changes are reflected in their current pay stubs as well as in tax documents and company records. Support compliance with regulatory updates. Ensure that your company will be in compliance with changes to labor laws, employee compensation requirements and any other relevant regulations in the new year. The lives of some of your employees changed in 2017.

5 Steps to Prepare for the EU's New General Data Protection Regulations

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It is critical to understand the GDPR's principles and set up the necessary infrastructure and processes to ensure compliance or risk facing steep penalties, which can be up to €20 million or 4 percent of global annual revenues—not profit—for the preceding financial year, whichever is greater. The DPO can be an existing employee or from an external source, however, senior managers – the entire C-suite as well as heads of marketing, HR and IT – are not allowed.

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Benefits of an Online Benefits System


Let your new system be the system of record for plan and enrollment documents, benefits elections, dependent coverage and associated information (i.e. Your new system can give members (and if setup, a designated dependent), access to plan documents and their elections almost 24/7/365. No longer would you have to worry about data security when receiving dependent and beneficiary information, as well as other identifying information. Promote Health and Wellness.

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RW Collins Selects TalentGuard to Streamline Employee Safety and Certification Compliance


Austin, Texas – April 19, 2017 – TalentGuard, the Predictive People Development company, announced today that RW Collins Co., an environmental remediation, excavation & UST removal company, selected TalentGuard’s Certification Tracking software to improve safety and certification compliance management. Like all companies that have employees who operate machinery, safety and compliance are critical and required for the company’s success. RW Collins Co.

Top 5 Takeaways from the 2017 ASHHRA Conference


Top 5 Takeaways from the 2017 ASHHRA Conference Sep. 26, 2017. The 2017 American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) Conference took place this past week in the Emerald City of Seattle, Washington. Each time we onboard a new group of employees, engage in a meaningful conversation, we create a connection culture,” Gary Pastore, 2017 ASHHRA Board President, stated during the opening ceremony on Sunday.

These EEOC wellness rules kick in Jan. 1: Are your plans ready?

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1, 2017 may still seem pretty far off, but now’s the time to make sure you’ll be in compliance with the EEOC’s new wellness rules that kick in on New Year’s Day. Health and wellness plans tend to go hand in hand. That means as you’re putting a bow on your health plan in preparation for open enrollment, it only makes sense to do the same for your wellness plan. wellness programs).

Applying Design Thinking for Employee-Driven Solutions


HR has traditionally been grounded in programs and processes to train people, assess performance, ensure compliance, and document various practices. Done well, design thinking will promote a continuous cycle of ever increasing employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity for your organization. The business operating environment has transformed over the past decade with the development of technology.

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How to Achieve Business Growth by Improving Compliance & Time Management: The Canada Restoration Services Case Study


When it comes to home and office restoration the tools of the trade are well established; or at least they were. Lean construction has actually been around for about 25 years but only recently has it started to confidently trickle down to local businesses as well. The company’s performance is assessed based on compliance to these regulations. When managing a small staff, a manager can very easily and readily communicate with his staff and verify compliance.

Electronic Signatures: Ready For Prime Time After 148 Years


On July 1, 2000, President Clinton e-signed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and established a legal framework for using electronic documents. Three factors are encouraging companies to invest in this aspect of digital transformation: efficiency, compliance, and traceability. With e-signature solutions, documents can be signed and returned online in minutes. Electronic signatures ensure compliance.

Training Mistakes to Avoid—Part 2

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If your trainer is in-house, be sure that person is already well-trained on the topic. If the trainer is a third party, you’ll also want to check references, ensure he or she is an expert in the field, and confirm that he or she understands your industry well enough to apply the concepts to your specific situation. Don’t provide training without having any way to document who received it. Training documentation employees retention

6 top tips for preventing ageism in the workplace


This can be problematic when it becomes clear that individuals aren’t being hired based on their qualifications for a particular job, but rather how well they’d fit in socially with your team. Or, was it revealed during the interview process that the candidate doesn’t do well at solving problems? Determine hiring criteria and document how decisions were made, to help you defend every hiring decision. Legal compliance

Difference between Content Management System (CMS) and Learning Management System (LMS)


A CMS is designed to support educational courses and it allows the instructor to create a course website, where he or she can upload documents in various formats such as word, power point, and so on without having to convert them to a web format such as HTML. CMS is quite helpful in managing versions of a document and centralizing all aspects of the course at one single place. It keeps a track of who made changes and when, and the documents are stored at one centralized location.

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Our Top Employee Relations Blogs for 2017


2017 was the year employee relations, disputes, and grievances were top of mind for many organizations. Documentation best practices and a review of HR grievance processes were among the most popular topics. With this, a host of new compliance ramifications are just some of the headaches businesses need to prepare for. 2: Grievances & Issues You Should Be Documenting. Read Grievances and Issues You Should Be Documenting. #1:

EEOC offers sage advice on following checklists for harassment compliance

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Compliance training. Regular compliance trainings for all employees so they can recognize prohibited forms of conduct and know how to use the reporting system. Regular compliance trainings for mid-level managers and front-line supervisors so they know how to prevent and/or respond to workplace harassment. Well-trained, objective, and neutral investigators. Checklist Four: Compliance Training. Content of Compliance Training for All Employees.

How To Make Your Pre-Employment Screening Super Effective?


Pre-employment screening tests are used primarily for filtering job applicants and can include assessments of aptitude, personality, cognitive and language skills as well as functional knowledge. A proper pre-employment screening process can also ensure that there is no potential liability exposure or any kind of wrong doings at the work place with a carefully selected team that genuinely has the organisational well-being as the top most priority.

8 Compliance Tips for Small Businesses for 2020


Running a small business comes with a lot of long hours and uncertainty, especially when it comes to compliance. A 2017 National Small Business Association survey found 44% of small business owners spend 40 hours or more per year on federal compliance, and 12% report not knowing the source of many of the regulations (local, state, and federal) affecting their business. Use these simple tips to shore up your small business’s compliance efforts. Compliance

2019 HR & Compliance Web Summit: Executive Summary


Industry experts like Jennifer McClure offered actionable insights and advice on all things HR, from self-care for the HR pro to in-the-news compliance issues. Maintaining compliance for the organization. W-4 Changes In 2020: What You Need to Know |Speakers: Paycor Compliance Team. In this session, the Paycor Compliance Team examines how the 2020 Form W-4 is evolving and what you must do to remain complaint. Compliance: From Hire to Retire | Speaker: Brett Beilfuss.

Hiring Compliance in 2019: What Restaurants Need to Know


In October 2017, Tom Homan, acting director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), instructed the agency to increase the number of I-9 audits of U.S. Best Practices for I-9 Compliance.

Compliance Deadline Nears for EU Data Privacy Law

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American companies that do business in the European Union (EU) have until May 25 to come into compliance with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A business subject to the GDPR must be able to document its corporate compliance efforts and its commitment to data privacy and security. 7) Accountability to show compliance with the other six principles. The post Compliance Deadline Nears for EU Data Privacy Law appeared first on HR Daily Advisor.

The Evolution of L&D Tracking


According to the 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report , the issue of improving employee careers and transforming corporate learning was rated “important” by 83% of executives, and “urgent” by 45%. At its core, an LMS is software (usually web-based) which tracks, reports, documents, and provides learning programs. These materials work together well, as employees have different needs at different times.