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The Key to Employee Engagement: Your Net Promoter Score

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But what if there was an engagement related metric that organizations easily understood? The reason organizations use NPS as a business metric is because they can see a clear line of sight between it and business success. Why not use a proven metric that the organization understands?

Employee Engagement: How to Measure What Matters


Aon Hewitt, in their 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Study , found that engagement levels have dropped for the first time in five years and Gallup recently reported in its State of the American Workplace report that a full 70% of U.S.

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This Is What Happens When People “Talk” The Customer

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Other metrics include call speed of answer and average call handling time. At least the customer is in this expression, but it lacks the personal dimension that is so important in serving customers well. Change internal success metrics to reflect your customerized language.

Starting as the Head of Talent in a Startup? Here’s where you can start

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Headcount is growing as well, by 100% every year. You have to build a solid background of corporate culture, HR policies and processes as well as HRIS to support your business growth. Also read: Key metrics that an employee management system should track.

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How To Make A Culture Of Successful Renewal

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The reality is that if there are too many things to do, none will be achieved particularly well. Develop a handful of key performance metrics and examine progress at least monthly (in times of turbulent change, weekly monitoring may be in order).

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Benefits of Employing a Multilingual Staff

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Download†our eBook on Learning and Development Trends and find out†how technology enables continuous learning in organizations. Not only will you improve customer interactions by having well-trained employees, but your employees will feel more valuable and empowered.

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Combat the Hazards of Dissatisfaction

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In countless organizations, engagement is often conflated with morale–as if engagement is just another metric assessing how employees feel about their work and their roles. Morale fluctuates, and often responds to forces well beyond an organization’s control.

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Workplace Inclusion, Diversity and Mentoring

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In simple terms, diversity is the mix; inclusion is getting the mix to work well together.”. Well, it does get worse. Download our eBook on Learning and Development Trends and find out how technology enables continuous learning in organizations.

Here’s the Problem With Your Company’s Goals Program


You’re probably well aware of the growing disdain for annual performance reviews. As they meet metrics, add new challenges. Download our ebook: The HR Innovator’s Guide to Agile Goal Management. Want a surefire way to ruin an employee’s work day? Have their manager talk to them about goals. It’s not that employees are lazy or unproductive—because even high-performers roll their eyes and sigh in angst at the goal-setting process.

Diversity Considerations in Compensation: Part 2 – Workplace Currency, Manager Favoritism

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This is an excerpt from our recent ebook collaboration with BambooHR entitled How to Turn Diversity Into a Major Asset for Your Organization. Download the full ebook here. A metric-driven, performance-based plan is a nice way of taking favoritism out of the mix.

How to Identify and Retain Top Performers with Rewards and Recognition


Employee retention is a key goal for every company, but it’s important to drill down into this metric and make sure you’re doing a good job of identifying and keeping your top performers.

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Compensation Linked To Performance, Feedback, and Engagement


Compensation Practices Driving Cultural Shifts In Performance Management Explored In New #HRWins eBook. Free eBook Download. ” Well, there isn’t any excuse for not knowing any more. Compensation is a key driver of another business metric: employee engagement.

3 Hiring and Talent Management Trends for 2018


And content will be an even bigger focus for hiring in 2018, as both Facebook and Google became key players in the jobs market in 2017.

3 Franchisor Management And Expansion Takeaways From Undercover Boss


If you own a franchise, think about how well your franchisees are hitting the mark on representing your brand, and what you’d expect to see if you decide to moonlight in one of your locations for a day.

Is Your Applicant Tracking System Helping You Avoid Bad Hires?


It should also provide the right insights and metrics to ensure you’re avoiding bad hires. Learn more about how to make the most of your hiring process from our eBook, “The 9 Elements of a Well-Oiled Hiring Machine,” below.

6 tips to create agile performance management in your business


An intranet with social communication tools including forums, blogs and team areas is one example; this also supports automated processes and offers insights using metrics and analytics. Download our free eBook to find out more >> 2.

6 Best Steps to Prepare Employee Development Plan


Modern approaches are made use by the HR department Company dynamics, metrics, standards, job demands communication, legality related issues and other sensitive topics are conveyed. A well-blended combination of this with company values would be ideal.

What can Clark Griswold and Buddy the Elf Teach us about Employee Engagement?

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So, we know what Employee Engagement is not …well, then what is it? Companies with the most engaged employees have improved customer metrics, stronger corporate citizenship, less regrettable turnover, increased innovation, higher earnings per share and reduced absenteeism.

Ask a Communicator: How to Achieve Effective Internal Communication with HR


HR, on the other hand, is concerned with recruiting and ensuring the well-being and growth of employees. And HR is well poised to communicate in a language an employee will understand because HR generally hears all the grievances employees have. In 2017, MGM resorts rolled out an external brand campaign, designed to articulate the ties connecting all their international properties.