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15 employee engagement ideas to try in 2017


Well it may be hard to believe, but even with all the attention that report’s gotten, our situation is no less dire. The report includes a number of other troubling statistics as well, such as that 51% of employees are currently looking for new jobs. Employee Engagement in 2017.

The Key to Employee Engagement: Your Net Promoter Score

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Workify is a technology-enabled service that helps companies measure and trend employee engagement over time through continuous feedback loops. It’s sad to say but businesses don’t appear to be really moving the needle when it comes to employee engagement. Employee Net Promoter Score.

The problem with employee wellness programs


Employee wellness programs are morally questionable and misguided. Instead, companies should focus on less intrusive ways to encourage wellness, and let employees manage their own health. What are employee wellness programs? Promoting real wellness perks.

Tracking employee health metrics: Great idea or big mistake?


These are just a few of the ways an increasing number of businesses are procuring information about employees’ health. Since tracking employee health information is a fairly recent phenomenon, there is little legislation governing it. Information about employee health can be gathered in a number of ways. Some wellness programs ask employees to volunteer information, such as whether they smoke or exercise. Financial benefits. Benefits and Compensation

5 questions to ask when looking for a benefits broker


Employee benefits: an essential component of attracting and retaining the best and brightest. When evaluating benefits brokers, keep these five questions in mind: 1. Is the broker able – and willing – to advise on how benefits will support your overall HR strategy?

Gaps in Planning Impact Ability to Manage Benefits Costs, Says Study

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A new study explores the complexity of managing benefits and the value of multiyear planning to better position Human Resources as business strategists to the executive suite. HUB surveyed more than 300 employee benefits professionals from organizations with 50 to 1,000 employees.

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Supporting The Growing World Of Independent Contractors: Standard Components of All Future Careers


The range of socially and professionally acceptable work options has expanded substantially, with win-wins for both parties, as workers gain flexibility and corporations benefit from focused resources fulfilling targeted needs.

Common Employee Engagement Survey Questions Aligned to Engagement Drivers – Examples


The employee engagement survey perhaps one of the most common and direct methods for managers to cause the sentiment of their teams and level of engagement across the all the drivers of engagement. It’s a known fact that approximately 92% of companies run employee engagement surveys in one form or another and remain a critical organisational metric. It also comprises of few short answer questions in order to gauge the depth, perspective and sentiment of the employees.

Why I Started Best Money Moves

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We’ve got booths at both events (we’re booth #753 at HR Tech) and we’d love to show you our Best Money Moves financial wellness solution and explain why we’re winning awards, closing deals and making employees everywhere smarter about money. And, what if we let employees drive it?

7 common HR technology challenges and how to overcome them


one system for payroll, another system for time tracking and another for employee benefits management), to disruptive software upgrades and limited reporting capabilities. For example, the time-keeping system that seemed inexpensive and easy to use becomes expensive once you add the staffing costs of hiring an IT guru to make the system interact with your benefits administration software. Storing employee information in a spreadsheet or a file cabinet can spell disaster.

How to (Really) Get to Workplace Satisfaction


It’s no secret that happy employees perform better than their dissatisfied counterparts. Keeping employees satisfied can result in higher sales, lower costs, and overall greater profitability. On the one hand, you may feel compassion for employees who aren’t happy.

Which Talent Software Features Do You Really Need?


It’s not that I don’t think a standard feature can be done especially well by a particular vendor. Employee tracking. Also called “employee lifecycle management,” this is the most basic feature you’ll find in talent management software.

[Webinar] Hiring for Growth: 5 Strategies that Work, 5 that Don’t

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Maybe you have been more focused on engaging your current employees or navigating employee benefits this year. Your current process may have produced some stellar employees, but will it keep working as you grow? Hiring can be a gut instinct-driven process, but the most successful hires will rank well in both subjective and objective qualifications. Hiring isn’t always your team’s focus, and that’s understandable.

The annual review is dead. Long live continuous feedback.


42% of employees want and expect feedback every week. Mercer’s 2017 Global report reveals that 88% of companies not only made changes to their performance management process in 2016, they expect more to follow. Again, giving employees what they want – when you can.

Onboarding checklist for remote employees


With many employees making the decision to stay with a company long-term within the first 6 months , and employee turnover costs and impact high on the management agenda, it’s an area seeing increasing investment. It’s time for a new approach to onboarding remote employees.

3 Effective Tips to Boost Your Total Rewards Communication Strategy 


Of course, the benefits your organization provide are only working to employees’ advantage (and yours) if everyone has visibility into total rewards information. Total rewards statements are important. They help your teams achieve a fuller perspective of the value of employment.

Shrinking the Talent Gap: Supporting Your Biggest Asset

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In 2017, the unemployment rate hit a 17-year low of 4.1% This is especially important when it comes to retaining employees who develop potentially disabling health conditions. Employees typically experience a wide range of health conditions—both chronic and nonchronic.

ExitRight® Norms and Retention

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Our article about the most important turnover causes for employees in 2017 illustrated trends across all industries and drew out some interesting exceptions. Learn What Matters to Your Employees; the Benefit Myth. There are many myths as to why employees leave.

ExitRight® Norms and Retention

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Our recent article about the most important turnover causes for employees in 2017 illustrated trends across all industries and drew out some interesting exceptions. Learn What Matters to Your Employees; the Benefit Myth. There are many myths as to why employees leave.

Going Beyond Basic Benefits

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Organizations are starting to offer packages that support the complex lives of employees. Today’s employees do not leave their lives at the door— they bring their whole selves to work. are still lagging behind in their benefits packages. Choosing the Right Benefits.


The Biggest Cost of Doing Business: A Closer Look at Labor Costs


Labor costs, which can account for as much as 70% of total business costs, include employee wages, benefits, payroll or other related taxes. The cost of employee benefits, which can account for up to 30 percent of overall labor costs, are a significant expense as well.

The Importance of Measuring ROI for Your Next Open Enrollment


ROI is your most important metric for determining OE success. After the wind-down of your last open enrollment season, did anyone point out that fewer calls rang into your benefits hotline? We achieved 75% participation in our wellness program this year!”).

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