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To Succeed at Talent Acquisition, Go Beyond Your Applicant Tracking System


Talent acquisition is arguably the one HR area that provides the biggest advantage to a business. It’s no surprise, then, that spending on talent acquisition by U.S. Help you optimize spending on talent acquisition.

Talent Acquisition Tech Is Evolving


“In five years, what we consider to be an ATS [applicant tracking system] now will no longer exist in talent acquisition,” Sackett told attendees at CareerBuilder’s Empower 2017, a conference for recruiting professionals held by the recruiting software company.

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Why You Should Adopt the Golden Rule of Talent Acquisition and Candidate Experience


“Approach talent acquisition as you do every important relationship—with compassion, transparency and open communication—and treat candidates the way you’d want your mother treated if she were interviewing.”. Your candidate experience is your talent brand,” she explained.

7 Ways to Improve your Hiring In 2017


According to the talent acquisition study by Research Now and Visier , 71% of hiring managers agree that to increase the quality of people they hire, the recruiting process requires improvement. This should narrow your pool of talent even more. Data from the U.S.

Employer Brand Vs. Consumer Brand: What’s The Difference?


Branding has been a buzzword for a while now—a hot one—but employer branding as a concept? Many companies know they should be doing more of it to recruit talent and increase employee engagement—but they don’t have the budget or resources to follow through.

Prediction 11: Talent acquisition will tap the power of internal mobility

Bersin with Deloitte

1 That same month, US employers were trying to fill 5.7 These internal candidates are trusted, talented employees who have already been through the organization’s performance management system. Also, it would discourage talent-hoarding by managers.

Why Talent Acquisition Must Be Integrated with the Business


Your organization likely isn’t looking at those sorts of numbers, but no matter the industry, what remains universal is the imperative of having the right talent now and into the future if you plan to stay in business. Recent research by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) on talent acquisition has found that high-performing organizations distinguish themselves by excelling at attracting, hiring, developing, and retaining top talent.

Why Do Your Employees Work For You?

TLNT: The Business of HR

Just as the customer has expectations around a firm’s brand, so does an employee. Branding Employee Referrals Engagement Recruiting Retention & Engagement Strategic HR Talent Acquisition employer branding Featured

The Top 10 Strategic HR and TA Metrics That CEOs Want to See


So, if your metrics don’t directly and unambiguously cover strategic goals like increasing revenue, productivity, or innovation, they simply won’t drive executives to act. The top 10 talent metrics that I have found to have the highest chance of getting your CEO’s attention are listed below.

11 powerful and immediate ways to improve your employer brand


As an employer, you should always be investigating new strategies to remain competitive when recruiting new talent. Establishing, maintaining and nurturing a strong employer brand is one the most effective ways to attract top candidates. Employer advocacy.

What is Talent Brand Management?


If you’re paying attention to the HR space, you’ve no doubt heard the words “employer brand” pop up lately. In the current fight to attract and retain top-tier talent, companies are spending a significant amount of time and effort on illustrating who they are as an employer.

The Gift of Uncertainty for Talent Acquisition


Through the Institute for Corporate Productivity’s (i4cp) research, conversations with our Talent Acquisition Leaders Board , other i4cp members, and our Search Reimagined practice, we found that talent acquisition leaders must have three capabilities to be successful: 1. Having a clear understanding of the business objectives, critical business processes, and differentiators in the marketplace help identify organizational capabilities and talent implications.

Employer Brand: 84 Lumber's Super Bowl Game Changer


If you're doing what everyone else is doing, you won't succeed in employer brand. What this post is however, is a reminder that 84 Lumber just dropped the mic when it comes to brand promises. Instead of taking risks and being honest about who we are, employer brands send the same generic messages about being a "great place to work." That's the ultimate goal of a great employer brand. Now, does the employment experience deliver?

How to Transform Talent Acquisition in Asia Pacific Through RPO

Cielo HR Leader

Singapore-based experts Kumar Bhaya, Business Development Director, and Paul Daley, Senior Vice President, recently shared their insights into the Asia Pacific market in the webinar “How to Transform Talent Acquisition in Asia Pacific Through RPO.” Research shows that organizations that use RPO are more than twice as likely to rate their talent acquisition teams as effective compared to those that do not use RPO. Employer branding.

Prediction 11: Talent acquisition will tap the power of internal mobility

HR Times

1 That same month, US employers were trying to fill 5.7 These internal candidates are trusted, talented employees who have already been through the organization’s performance management system. Also, it would discourage talent-hoarding by managers.

5 Powerful Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Trends for 2016


The need and demand for talent is huge if not overwhelming. It’s also a good time to be in recruiting consulting like me and some of my friends including Lars Schmidt of Amplify Talent , Will Staney of Proactive Talent and Stacy Zapar of Tenfold. . We need to create differentiation among not just our product competitors but talent competitions as well. Recruiting & Talent Acquisition 2016 Trends.

Engaging Employees in Your Company Purpose: 4 Key Drivers & Why They Matter: Employer Branding Driven by Storytelling (part 4 of 4)

Vignette Agency

Today I’ll wrap up my series by talking about the fourth driver of this critical connection: strong employer branding. An employer brand drives the perception of your company Employer branding is a buzzy term that gets thrown around a lot, particularly in the recruiting world. Here’s how we see it: A company’s consumer brand is based on its reputation in the marketplace for its product and services.

Impress Your CEO With These Strategic Business Impact Recruiting Metrics


Talent Data ” I explained how you can impress your CEO by converting your Talent Acquisition results into dollars. The Metrics That Reveal the Highest Business Impacts from Talent Acquisition Actions. Hiring top talent into prioritized jobs.

Sourcing: How to Find Great Talent on Purpose [Podcast]


[Email subscribers click through to listen to the episode] Sourcing isn’t a new activity in the talent acquisition world. She and Ben discuss some of the key aspects of sourcing, such as employment branding, recruitment marketing, and technology’s role in the process. General HR Podcast Recruiting Talent Acquisition We're Only Human

Maintaining the talent pipeline during M&A

HR Times

Posted by Tom Joseph , Bill Cleary , and Bhawna Bist on March 21, 2017. It’s no secret that mergers & acquisitions (M&A) can disrupt ongoing business activities. In both of these scenarios, the business relies on a strong talent pipeline to fill key roles.

Predictions for 2019: The productivity imperative

Bersin with Deloitte

In this new social enterprise, more collaborative and productive relationships with employees, customers, and communities go hand in hand with the quest for revenue and profit. What’s your Net Productivity Score? Our vocation is to improve the productivity of our workforces.”.

Recruitment Marketing Isn’t About Automation

The Tim Sackett Project

I love their products. I love their brand. I did get offers from other organizations that were also great brands. If you’re extremely lucky in talent acquisition you have a brand that allows you to be pursued. But, we all have a small group of folks who love our brand and organization for whatever reason. We tend to discount these folks, especially if we have questionable employment brand, to begin with!

How Southwest Airlines Built a Stand-Out Employer Brand in 5 Steps

Linkedin Talent Blog

A great employer brand has the power to attract the best talent. But building that brand doesn’t happen overnight. The companies with the best employer brands create emotional connections with candidates by showing the impact their work will have.

The Marketing of Hiring

HRO Today

Marketing is, and always has been, a highly consumer-focused business function, but talent acquisition hasn’t kept up—until now. In today’s competitive job market, companies are intentionally shaping their brand and online presence in order to attract top talent.



Here are four ways Delta shifted to put the customer in the forefront, and how you can apply their approach to your candidate experience to elevate your employer brand. Extra bonus points for evaluating your full employment experience from awareness to alumni. For more ways to level up your candidate experience, check out this recorded webinar featuring my colleagues Susan LaMotte and Shannon Smedstad : Your Candidate Experience (CX) + Employer Brand.

The Single Best Incentive You Can Offer Millennials!

The Tim Sackett Project

Take a look at his chart : So, if you truly want to attract great millennial talent you need to do a couple of things: 1. Very few employees leave you after they’ve been employed with an organization for three years. The world is millennial crazy.

New Employee Benefits That Could Be Your Secret Weapon


Providing the perks employees really want – in addition to the medical coverage they need, of course – can help you attract and retain top talent. Healthy employees are more productive employees, so when you beef up your employee wellness programs, everyone wins. Healthcare and 401(k)?

4 Mistakes Most Employers Make That Hurt Employer Branding

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Read : Employer Branding: What a Known Identity Can Do for Recruiting. The Boston Beer Company has turned their employer brand into a major marketing initiative, which has fueled its growth into what is now one of the biggest beer brands in the world.

How To Create A Social Media Advocacy Program


But today’s technology gives brands ways to accomplish it more efficiently by marshaling their internal teams to act as social media advocates. Under the guidance of a social media specialist, your employees can elevate and amplify your brand messaging to their own social networks and beyond.

Hyperlocal Hiring

The Tim Sackett Project

Snagajob’s 2017 State of the Hourly Workforce survey found that 70% of our hourly workers refuse to commute more than 30 minutes to work. When you take a look at your own total workforce, my guess is you’ll find the vast majority live very close to your place of employment. Sure you can be productive on your commute, but it’s not really what you would prefer to be doing! High engagement equals longer tenure, increased productivity, etc.

Entelo's Guide to ERE Fall 2017 in Minneapolis


ERE Fall 2017 kicks off today in lovely Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tuesday, October 17, 2017 | 1:30pm - 2:15pm (Salon A). Automation Nation: How AI Will Drive the Modern War for Talent. What the Best Companies Do to Lead the Market in Talent Acquisition Practices.

Moments That Matter in the Candidate Experience


Today, it’s more important than ever to build a strong employer brand and provide a positive experience for candidates to compete for top talent. And that means you have to be just as detail-oriented and scrutinize every element of the employment experience.

Applicant Screening: How to Show Talent You Really Want Them


Bringing top talent into your organization is a careful dance: on the one hand, you need to know everything you can about an applicant, and on the other, you don’t want to scare them off in the process. In today’s talent market, it’s the edge you need to hire great talent.

6 Trends That Will Define HR in 2018


“There are a lot new beginnings for HR as what used to be called the “soft” stuff breaks down hardwired brands.” HR must learn and prepare to instruct others on the benefits of technology and how to use it to improve productivity and business results. “HR’s biggest challenge in 2018 will be the shift from thinking about ‘HR solutions’ to ‘productivity,'” Bersin says. How do we engage and retain top talent?

Trends 210

Talemetry and HealthcareSource Partnership A Sign of Things To Come for Recruitment Marketing Tech?


Talemetry and HealthcareSource Partnership Reflects Trends Identified In Recent #HRWINS Employer Research. I just returned from the inaugural Talent Acquisition Technology conference in Austin, and the discussion was overwhelmingly about recruitment marketing and candidate experience.