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Health Insurer Can Be Sued for Losing PHI, Even if No Evidence of Misuse

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20, 2017), illustrates the potential liability exposure for employers and other plan sponsors that do not have strong safeguards in place, such as encryption for laptops with sensitive information. They contained protected health information (PHI) subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as other personal identifying information (PII) such as Social Security numbers. as well as numerous violations of state law.

Are Women in HR Paid Fairly?

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One of the most pressing issues in HR and employment law is gender pay equity. There appears to be an age component to the pay gap as well. The flurry of legislative activity in the last 12 months has led many to dub 2017 the “ year of equal pay.” Technology has also made it possible for HR teams to more easily identify pay disparities. Analytics tools have made it possible for employers to readily report on salaries and promotions by gender and ethnicity.


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Why are you still using hiring spreadsheets?


A key recruiting efficiency metric, time to hire is a strong indication of how well a recruiting team is performing. Poor candidate experience negatively impacts your employment brand. Employer brand is weakened. Without a standardized approach or specialized tools for employment background checks, it’s harder to protect sensitive candidate data or demonstrate how you’re meeting employment laws and regulations.

Paid Family Leave Policies: Employers Have Their Eye on the Wrong Ball

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And while many of the country’s large employers don’t offer paid family leave , some big names have adopted such policies in recent months. Employers, lawmakers and advocacy groups are struggling to nail down the “right” amount of paid time off—14 weeks is a minimum suggested by the U.N.’s Just a small number of metrics are needed to measure the success of a policy. Those payments would be funded by a combination of employee and employer payroll taxes. While U.S.

HR’s Role in Building an Ethical Company


Remember the front-page allegations against Wells Fargo for opening fake customer accounts, or the price gouging antics of Mylan Pharmaceuticals? Keeping organizations in compliance with employment laws and regulations.

How to Buy Employee Time Clocks For Small Business in 2020: The All-Encompassing Guide


To stay compliant with workplace laws. State Biometric Laws. Complying with the new overtime law requires accurate employee timekeeping. Employers assign a specific card or fob to each employee. Employers can deactivate a card if a loss occurs.

What Is HRIS? How Human Resource Management Systems Help Businesses

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In recent years, comprehensive HR solutions have spawned several iterations; there’s the aforementioned HRIS, as well as human capital management (HCM), and human resources management systems (HRMS). HRMS adds even more to the combined HRIS and HCM capabilities, by roping in time and labor management as well as providing the ability to customize more granularly to enterprise business needs.