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INTERVIEW: Dr. Jac Fitz-enz on Human Capital Metrics

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In 1977, you founded the Saratoga Institute (SI), which is well-known for its work in human capital metrics. Is there a place in HR for both metrics and analytics? If they only had time to focus on a handful of metrics, which ones should they consider?

The Secret To Selecting and Measuring Key Employee Performance Metrics


Measuring critical employee performance metrics offers organisations key benefits for attracting and retaining top talent while meeting operational imperatives. The primary benefits of employee performance metrics are tied to fostering better employee engagement, which enhances productivity, innovation, creativity, employee loyalty and longevity. That’s why today’s software applications for measuring key performance metrics are so valuable.

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How To Reduce Employee Turnover with Workforce Analytics


With voluntary resignations at an all-time high and unemployment rates historically low, employee retention is a key objective for most HR organizations, and employee turnover is the single most prevalent HR metric. These metrics help you accomplish this task: Resignation Rate.

Remote Workforce NPS: The Most Important Metric You’re Missing


There are so many different metrics and acronyms, you’re forgiven if you don’t recognize this one. NPS may be the one metric you’ve never heard of that meets the speed and flexibility of the modern workforce. Engagement remains a hot topic in 2017 because people are more mobile and have greater expectations of meaning and growth in the workplace. The post Remote Workforce NPS: The Most Important Metric You’re Missing appeared first on Connecteam.

Last Week in Talent - May 30, 2017


Welp, let the great talent hunt of 2017 continue and maybe tell your cousin Kevin to put down the controller and go find a job, for the good of everyone. 3 ways to jumpstart your diversity with metrics. How to improve your workplace diversity using hiring metrics ( Entrepreneur ).

Why Millennials Want More Feedback, More Often


Because today’s technology enables communication to flow, millennials expect their workplace tools to be user-friendly as well. Ultimately, though, a manager needs to develop the skills to give effective feedback to all of their employees, from the newest recruit right out of college through the person about to retire. The performance review itself needs to be a well-thought out process. Everyone needs feedback.

HR, It's Time to Improve Your Employee Retention Strategy

Cornerstone On Demand

The demographic pressures and the tsunami of retirements are high level barometers of more to come. Although constantly recruiting and training new employees is expensive, it is the ancillary effects on productivity, customer satisfaction, manger effectiveness and engagement metrics that truly impact the overall business operations. If managers encourage and participate in this process, they'll be well equipped to help employees achieve those goals by staying with the company.

The Changing Role of Human Resource Management – HRM


In a well integrated talent management system of an organisation, the line managers perform a crucial role wherein they take the ownership for the entire process of recruitment. It dealt with employee onboarding , recruitment , remuneration , organisational development, performance management , safety , succession planning , and wellness of employees, communication, administration, training, and maintaining the motivational level of employees.

Workplace Inclusion, Diversity and Mentoring

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In simple terms, diversity is the mix; inclusion is getting the mix to work well together.”. Well, it does get worse. Also, as hard as it might seem, retire Command-and-Control Management.

Lights! Camera! Action!!

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To accomplish this you should create quantifiable metrics that will collectively illustrate the well-being of your compensation program(s) - and then establish baselines (current state) and targets for each performance indicator. Commonly Used HR Metrics : Average salary/wage.

5 questions to ask when looking for a benefits broker


Can they give you specific examples of how the programs they selected for past clients led to stronger business results, improved employee satisfaction levels and other metrics of a successful strategy? health, dental, vision and retirement planning).

Value-added trends in workforce management

HR Times

Posted by Randall Crowley on July 27, 2017. Tools for engagement and metrics. Being able to capture metrics through this mechanism employees are already accustomed to using is a value-added feature for managing the workforce and the overall business effectively.

4 Do’s and Don’ts of Implementing HR Data Science into Your Business

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Though it is still in the process of being more widely accepted, understood, and used, the HR metric trend seems to be here to stay as an HR-related business strategy. Calculating this metric is a simple equation of total revenue divided by total number of employees.

Data 64

5 Reasons Why Strong Goals Can Make a Difference for Your Company

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The mission should be succinct and well versed to give everyone in the organization a reason to come to work each day. Establish a baseline for metrics. Goals are a means for establishing metrics for a work group as well as the individuals in that work group.

The Questions Leaders Ask When Great Talent Leaves

The Tim Sackett Project

The economy might not continue to be as strong in the near future as it has been, but it doesn’t look to be any major downturn as well. Plus, demographics are playing into the job seekers favor with so many people retiring. This happens all the time, especially in organizations that segment and track turnover by performance and hold managers accountable to this metric.

Use These 18 Job Boards to Keep Compliant


Since the changes to the OFCCP guidance in 2014, there is more focus on the metrics behind good faith efforts. Federal contractors must hire a percentage of employees each year that are veteran as well as employees with disabilities. Retired Brains.

Health Insurer Can Be Sued for Losing PHI, Even if No Evidence of Misuse

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20, 2017), illustrates the potential liability exposure for employers and other plan sponsors that do not have strong safeguards in place, such as encryption for laptops with sensitive information. as well as numerous violations of state law.

Value-added trends in workforce management

HR Times

Posted by Randall Crowley on July 27, 2017. Tools for engagement and metrics. Being able to capture metrics through this mechanism employees are already accustomed to using is a value-added feature for managing the workforce and the overall business effectively.

Startup Equity: Staying Private in a Public World (Part 11 in an n part series)

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The events increasingly trigger vesting events, earn-out periods, house purchases and early retirements. They may settle all awards in cash or add in performance metrics that would otherwise be difficult with outside investors looking over your shoulder.

Comprehensive ‘Total Rewards’ Survey Details Employers’ Use of Various Programs

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The total rewards examined in the survey range from traditional benefits with nearly universal use, such as defined contribution plans (98%) and dental plans (99%) to brand new boutique financial wellness ideas such as student loan debt repayment (4%).

PBGC Removes Change in Credit Quality as Possible Trigger for Early Warning Program Review

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In the December 2016 guidance , the PBGC added for the first time a company’s credit deterioration or a downward trend in its financial metrics such as cash flow as possible triggers for an inquiry under the EWP. “In

Why the Healthcare Industry is Moving to the Cloud


We’ve designed Workday to keep employees engaged from recruiting to hiring to retirement, where they can manage the details of their working life—or provide or ask for feedback—at any time, at any location, on any device. According to Gartner’s January 2017 “Developing the Healthcare Enterprise Analytics Strategy Primer for 2017” report, “Healthcare CIOs must weave analytics insight into the operational systems that drive value. 7653 at HIMSS 2017 , Feb.

Supporting The Growing World Of Independent Contractors: Standard Components of All Future Careers


These gaps – such as healthcare, credit, loans, and retirement plans – present a significant opportunity for those who can take advantage of this growing trend of part-time, fractional (i.e.,

HR TechStack – Onboarding Software


We help businesses streamline their employment processes from recruiting to retirement and everything in between. With Ascentis HR, human resources (HR) professionals can gain insights into trends with deep analytics within employee metrics. HR Onboarding Software Definition.

How HR and Finance Can Increase Employee Retention


The following is inspired by a presentation given at Namely’s Client Summit by Lisa Chui, VP of HR & Finance at Ubiquity Retirement and Savings. Lisa Chui, former VP of HR & Finance at Ubiquity Retirement and Savings, offers a unique perspective. Finance knows all too well that payroll is one of the company’s largest expenses, but a fresh org structure can provide opportunities to re-engage employees and help them work toward a shared mission.

3 Applicant Tracking Systems That Will Help You Hire Generation Z


Baby Boomers currently make up about one-third of the nation’s workforce, and they’re all approaching—or have already reached—retirement age. That makes it seem like you’re all set to start welcoming Gen Z into your ranks as Boomers gradually retire, right? Communication tools— does your hiring team have the tools they need to stay in touch with each other, as well as applicants and candidates, keeping them engaged throughout the hiring process?

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


We help businesses streamline their employment processes from recruiting to retirement and everything in between. All-in-One – Social HR Software for everything from Hire to Retire. Vision Metrics offers a top-rated and most affordable solution to online 360-degree feedback!

advertising a job I might not hire for, secondhand smoke when you’re interviewing, and more

Ask a Manager

Apparently, her daughter is not performing her job to our standard metrics (these metrics are not overly challenging to meet). ” It is basically a print-out that outlines exactly what employing me costs the company, and breaks down how much they pay in health insurance, dental, retirement match, worker’s comp, employment insurance, etc. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Advertising jobs I might not ultimately hire for.

Catherine Jacobson: Why Communication is Her Biggest Job


What we try to do is make sure that our strategy, our direction and our vision are, very, very well communicated throughout the organization. We are a very aligned, incentive/metric-driven organization, so everything we do cascades from our strategic plan. It's translated into a robust annual plan with goals and metrics that everyone has to meet. Somebody told me this once: Inherit well. Do the job you're in really well and you will be noticed.

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Brand Benefits from Outplacement


Often, as corporations are reporting higher profits, they may be simultaneously reducing specific business units or retiring old product lines. Advanced outplacement technology solutions improve the experience for the job seeker as well as for the employer.

Is Your HR Team Playing a Strategic Partner or Supporting Role?


Because we now live in an era where it takes more than a great paycheck and retirement plan to engage and retain top performing employees, it is natural that HR departments in companies of all sizes are becoming more strategic,” says Bruce Holoubek, an HR consultant, president and co-owner of organizational efficiency consulting firm, Contracted Leadership. – have emerged as an equally important metric for business performance. Related: 3 HR Metrics That Matter.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Softwares


We help businesses streamline their employment processes from recruiting to retirement and everything in between. With Ascentis HR, human resources (HR) professionals can gain insights into trends with deep analytics within employee metrics. HR Onboarding Software Definition.

New Survey Finds Increased Business Transparency Leads to Engaged Employees

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While it is encouraging that a full three-quarters of American workers care deeply about the well-being of their employer, only 23% say that they have full insight into how their organizations are actually doing.

Why I Started Best Money Moves

Best Money Moves

We’ve got booths at both events (we’re booth #753 at HR Tech) and we’d love to show you our Best Money Moves financial wellness solution and explain why we’re winning awards, closing deals and making employees everywhere smarter about money.

Strategically Managing Manufacturing Skills Gaps With Learning Analytics


A shrinking pool of workers with advanced manufacturing skills, along with baby boomer retirements, is contributing to this major talent shortfall. According to Training magazine’s most recent Training Industry Report, “total 2017 U.S.