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HR State of the Union: 2017 Edition


This is strategic HR communication at its best, and it could become a valuable tool to allow leaders to peer into the inner workings of the HR strategy while allowing HR leaders to share key results areas as well. Common metrics? What’s the well-being of your staff?

Overcoming Internal Communications Metrics Anxiety


Despite the essential, strategic role internal communications metrics play in their profession, many communicators shudder at the thought of crunching numbers. Even communicators leveraging digital tools are still figuring out how to make internal communications metrics materialize. Consequently, these communicators will resort to measurement, well, half-measures, tracking how much content they’ve put out (i.e. Invest in systems that provide internal communications metrics.

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15 employee engagement ideas to try in 2017


Well it may be hard to believe, but even with all the attention that report’s gotten, our situation is no less dire. The report includes a number of other troubling statistics as well, such as that 51% of employees are currently looking for new jobs. Employee Engagement in 2017.

Alarming Statistics on Employee Engagement for 2017


New corporate wellness program? Gallup’s State of the Workplace 2017 report reveals some powerful ways in which highly engaged employees contribute to the financial health of their company. 10% – HIGHER Customer Metrics. It should go without saying if the person who works at your company is 100 percent proud of the brand and you give them the tools to do a good job, and they are treated well, they’re going to be happy. See video below.

A guide to measure well-being and engagement? It’s totally possible.


This week, the Limeade Institute released the Limeade Results Model — a step-by-step guide designed to help companies understand the best ways to measure and demonstrate the impact of well-being and engagement programs. The post A guide to measure well-being and engagement?

33 Thoughtful Employee Recognition & Appreciation Ideas for 2017


33 Thoughtful Employee Recognition & Appreciation Ideas for 2017. Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. Employees give their co-workers gaming “gold” for jobs well done. Their goal is to “leverage technology to improve the wellness of the world.”

Why HR Is The New Marketing


HR has been forced to adopt strategies that look, well, very much like marketing. Our internal experts could explore their professional or personal passions and interests, even if it meant writing about cat videos. No one ever wrote about cat videos.

Talent Acquisition In The New Year: Are You Ready?

Spark Hire

We just started 2017, but it’s clear we need to prepare for a lot of changes coming this year. Or is it time to revisit your quality of hire metrics? One of my startup clients is doubling in 2017 and hiring more than 100 people across the United States in the next few months.

Annual Employee Performance Evaluations, 360 Peer Reviews And Other Common HR Mistakes


Colleen is currently Chief People Officer at Vevo , the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform. Or they look at one metric once a year around cost of labor or cost of living. It’s annual performance review time!

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How to advertise jobs on Facebook


A well-designed Facebook job ad will help you target and attract candidates with the unique criteria for your roles. Format options include carousel, single image, single video and slideshow. Media: Upload and edit the images and videos you want to display in your ad. Videos.

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A framework for understanding the future of work

HR Times

Posted by John Hagel III and Jeff Schwartz on September 27, 2017. HR leaders have an opening to both understand these opportunities and to accelerate them in ways that lead to better work and careers as well as more productive operations.

Why Skype Won’t Cut It When Hiring Teachers

Spark Hire

Many hiring professionals wrongly assume Skype’s video chat is as good, or the same, as a dedicated video interview platform. While both allow for live video interaction, these tools are very different. You can easily do both with video interviewing.

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21 HR tools designed for growing companies


With video interviewing. HireVue : A video interviewing platform that supports standardized interviews and uses machine learning to predict future performance. This tool also enhances your employer branding efforts with features like branded videos and landing pages.

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How to be a good interviewer


Prepare well. Refresh your knowledge of your company’s mission and structure, as well as the benefits and perks for the position you’re hiring for. A ‘poor’ to ‘excellent’ or ‘low’ to ‘high’ scale can work well.

How to build a social media recruitment strategy: An FAQ guide


It’s not always well-received by candidates. Include pictures and videos of your workspace, write engaging text to describe the position and add a humorous touch, if it suits your brand. If one candidate just posts funny cat videos on Facebook, this doesn’t make them a goofy employee.

How to create a great candidate experience


Being well-organized starts with planning your hiring strategy by identifying gaps you need to fill — and who would be best-suited to fill them. This improves the efficiency of your entire hiring process and returns better time to hire and time to fill metrics. on video stream, etc.).

Health care’s workforce of the future

HR Times

Posted by David (Chip) Newton on June 20, 2017. Gen Z employees, who have always had the Internet, want to have more telecommuting and video conference options, because “being there for the meeting” can mean being virtually present. New challenges. New trends. New solutions.

Employers Are Using Snapchat to Reach Generation Z


The “Snaplications” video story campaign ran from June 13 through July 9 as part of a push to hire 250,000 employees nationwide this summer. Though applying for a job through such a process—by watching a video and then swiping—may seem overly casual. By Natalie Kroc.

Always-on learning: Evolving L&D’s role

HR Times

Posted by Matt Stevens on May 31, 2017. So, has the learning actually improved some key business metric (e.g., A manufacturing client we work with made a leapfrog-size jump toward experiential L&D using resources well outside the L&D function. Seen less, experienced more.

10 Years Of The iPhone And L&D Has Some Learning To Do


Instead, it’s the opportunity to do well; to try new things; to improve themselves; to gain greater capability in their professional field – or just within their organisation.

Five Recruiting Tips to Increase Diversity in the Workplace


Workplace diversity is understanding, accepting, and valuing differences between people of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations, as well as differences in personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases.

3 Ways AI Tools Can Make HR More Effective

HR Daily Advisor

The following statistic is universal, but with significant implications for HR: It’s estimated that managers spend nearly an hour a day scheduling meetings , a big waste of time that would be more productively spent doing, well, basically anything else.

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Recruiting methods FAQ: A guide to terms and strategies


What are recruiting metrics? What recruiting metrics should we track? Interviewing candidates online via video interviewing software. Interview candidates using video interviewing software. What are recruiting metrics? What recruiting metrics should we track?

Five Facts About Using A Recruitment Chatbot


Watch our video on how recruitment chatbots are changing the hiring process: Workopolis found 43% of candidates never hear back from a company after one touchpoint. On the flip side, it’s a challenge for employers to communicate well with all their candidates.

Interview process and strategies: a comprehensive FAQ guide


What are the best video interviewing tools? Video interview. But, this format may not be as effective as an in-person or video interview, where both parties have the chance to connect and evaluate each other face-to-face. When metrics indicate issues.

Hiring process FAQ: A guide to structured recruitment


The hiring process involves various stakeholders, methods, tools and metrics. If all goes well, this process involves drafting and sending a job offer email to your desired candidate, who accepts it. Video interviewing software. Other software, like video interviewing (e.g.

The Ultimate Guide to HR Software in 2018

Rallyware for Human Resources

This service allows fresh hires to get all necessary instructions for their first day on the job, further training information, as well as access to the company’s system files and documents. Metrics and real-time tracking help managers to identify levels of engagement and KPIs to be able to modify the training program on the go. Your employees can update their own information as well as receive emails with their pay stubs.

Why Projects Improve The Hiring Process

NextWave Hire

In a world where companies are required to be more and more efficient and hire the perfect fit, engaging candidates in a way that allows their experience to shine, as well as ensure they would add to the team, is vital. In addition, recognized how difficult it was for companies to find the right employees, especially given the metrics around time-to-fill, attrition, open positions, etc. assessment, structured and/or video interviews, algorithms, etc.) The Challenge.

Here are 17 Quick Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace


The bonds forged in the buddy process tended to last well beyond the onboarding period, and buddies were able to surface needs and develop ways to collaborate on projects across departments in ways we hadn’t seen before. Basecamp, Trello, or Jira, are some of the most well-known and beloved.

Recruiting skills you can learn from non-HR disciplines


For more formal classes, consider online courses at well-known universities, like Harvard , Stanford and Oxford. Which social media metrics to track. Become more empathetic during interviews (in-person or through video). Online courses can help you sharpen your recruiting skills.

Careers page 101: Everything HR managers and recruiters need to know to build an effective careers page


Should you include video on your careers page? They include photos, videos and employee testimonials. To spark visitors’ interest and keep them on your page, use a powerful headline along with some visual aids, like images and videos. VueNation (@VueNation) August 17, 2017.

Why Recruiters Should Consider Structured Interviews


Allowing your biases to influence your hiring decision can result in hiring a bunch of people you just, well, like. A structured interview format is one in which all candidates (no cheating–this means ALL) receive the same questions in the same order, and are evaluated using the same metrics.

How to send recruiting emails to candidates: An FAQ guide


Recruiting email metrics will help you identify areas to improve your communication with candidates. Email tools help you monitor these metrics and test whether your messages are effective. Follow a similar outline if you’re inviting candidates to a Skype or video interview.

Employee Life Time Value and Cost Modeling

Talent Analytics

This is usually well documented, consisting of phone or video interviews, panel interviews, and final individual interviews. But, this metric does not handle terminations – that comes later. Read More in Section 4: The Three Vital Metrics for Every Employment Role.

How are Companies Achieving Success with Gamification?

HR Daily Advisor

To drive employee performance, gamification focuses on intrinsic motivation (a sense of completion, of a job well-done) rather than competition since research shows that extrinsic drivers (such as competition or even cash) don’t work for the long-run. by Gal Rimon, Founder and CEO.

Boost Employee Engagement With Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning


Employee engagement is a dynamic and fluid metric. In another example, Unilever is experimenting with using algorithm-based evaluations—video techniques as well as automatic data gathering—for the hiring process.

Differentiating with Enhanced Job Postings

NextWave Hire

It took a great deal of collaboration for Cassandra to get things up and running as well as some specific testing of these enhanced job descriptions. We initially tested this approach with some of our unique, infrequent openings, which meant we didn’t have baseline metrics to use for comparison. Beyond real staff photos and text quotes, we see value in using authentic video incorporated into our careers site/postings. Standing Out.

Why Employee Training Needs To Start From Day #1

Rallyware for Human Resources

The employee learns about the company through introductory videos or some other means, while managers think of possible ways to set this new employee to work. After surveying 830 organizations, hppy found that companies with well-developed training programs attracted a more talented workforce, had a greater level of customer satisfaction and an impressive performance level. While you are mapping out a continuous training program, don’t forget the following: Pay attention to metrics.

Health care’s workforce of the future

HR Times

Posted by David (Chip) Newton on June 20, 2017. Gen Z employees, who have always had the Internet, want to have more telecommuting and video conference options, because “being there for the meeting” can mean being virtually present. New challenges. New trends. New solutions.

Getting it Right – Diversity & Inclusion at Work (Part 2)

Jeff Waldman

It has served me well because it is multi-faceted and is focused on the key things that enable and drive home “sticky” business practices. Take some time to view the videos and the slides and references used at the bottom of the main page. Real Business Measures and Metrics.