Never Neglect Career Development for Recruiters


It’s ironic yet true: Recruiters will often pitch their organizations to candidates as places where career development is a priority—meanwhile, their own career needs are often going unaddressed.

3 Strategies for Investing in Yourself

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Last week, I mentioned how work/life balance extends to our own career development. I do realize that, for some, taking the time and dedicating the resources for career development strategies can be hard.

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3 Strategies for Achieving Your Career Goals

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But individuals still need to have focused career strategies. Strategy #1: Work / Life Balance Includes Career Goals. It also has to do with career development. Strategy #2: Invest in Your Own Career. Strategy #3: Develop a Board of Career Advisors.

Bookmark This! 10 Articles that Managers Need to Read

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So, sometimes we’re not met with enthusiasm when we ask a manager to take it upon themselves to read blogs and books as a form of professional development. For example, here’s a list of the ten most popular posts on HR Bartender related to management development.

5 Steps to Get the Most Out of Career Development Conversations

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This loaded question, or something similar, is nearly ubiquitous in career development conversations. There’s a better way to kick off a career development meeting. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”.

How to Plan Time For Self Learning

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I came across this article from Harvard Business Review titled, “ 6 Ways to Take Control of Your Career Development If Your Company Doesn’t Care About It ”. There are lots of great articles about how to “ own your career ” or “ the best leadership books to read ”.

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Recruiters: 8 Things Job Seekers Want from You [poll results]

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They also mentioned recruiters and hiring managers being prepared by reviewing the resume or application prior to meeting with the candidate. Business and Customers Leadership and Management Recruiting and Retention Career Development

The Future of HR: 10 Strategies for Every Human Resources Team

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We know the importance of competencies in our careers. The Only 3 Reasons to Hold a Business Meeting. One of the best skills professionals can develop is the ability to run a good business meeting. There are only three reasons to hold a business meeting.

12 Tips for SHRM Annual Conference Attendees: #SHRM18

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This year’s event will be held June 17-20, 2018 in Chicago. You might get some ideas about a session to attend, a book to purchase, or someplace fun to meet and eat. Plan your schedule but save some time for impromptu meetings. Use the bookstore as a central meeting location.

Bookmark This! Resources on Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

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Future Leaders Need Organizational Mindfulness – Organizational development expert Elad Levinson tells us that mindfulness is a necessary trait in leadership. It can be developed at every company level. And we have the ability to personalize the experience to meet our needs.

Management Is Not Helping Me – Ask #HR Bartender

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Your manager should be able to tell you where they feel your performance isn’t meeting the standard. Employees have to decide, based on the situation and their career goals, what option works best for them. Today’s reader note is a toughie.

How Systematizing Career Development is Giving PSAV a Competitive Edge


We are the people working behind the scenes helping more than 1,000 meeting planners and event organizers ensure all things video, audio and other technology run smoothly and on-time. Our employees value career development opportunities, but too often our informal, unstructured process meant a brief conversation during a performance review, or if there is an excellent manager, a team conversation about career paths.

Embrace Back of the Room Learning

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Frankly, that’s the meeting planner’s issue. The reason I’m bringing this up is because people have lots of options when it comes to their learning and professional development. And professional development is expensive. I have a confession to make.

Improve Performance by Expanding Solutions

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After an employee is coached about their performance, a follow-up meeting should always be scheduled. Because having a follow-up meeting allows you to find out what they did to correct the situation. Right there, you get proven solutions about how an organization was faced with a problem, developed a program, and measured results. Meetings. It doesn’t matter if you use books, conferences, meetings, or social media.

The Employee Life Cycle: 5 Key Career Development Strategies


For many top organizations, career development is a key component of their ongoing performance management strategy throughout the employee life cycle – and it’s easy to see why. From onboarding to career transitions, learn how to measure the impact of your organization's career development efforts using 1:1 meetings as a key tool

SHRM Talent Acquisition Specialty Credential: All the Details

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However, if you are, the above activities are eligible for Professional Development Credits (PDCs). I’m thrilled that he graciously agreed to share some insights behind the development of the credential. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 2p Eastern.

Mastering the Art of Strategic Thinking


Creating a development program that helps talent grow as leaders within the company is more important than ever. Develop strategic thinking skills. Career Success Talent Development career development career success leadership development learning talent development

SHRM Certification: You Can Get More Than 60

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If you’re not aware, SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP credential holders must earn sixty (60) professional development credits (aka PDCs) within a three-year period. It also includes programs held at local SHRM chapter meetings and reading HR books that have been pre-approved for credit.

3 Trends That Will Shape HR in 2018

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Moving forward, C-suite leadership will talk about company culture at board meetings, hire visionary HR leaders who can evolve culture for the better, and recognize culture as a conveyor of business success. Frequent feedback and mentoring supplement formal development strategies.

Organizational Talent Pools: 4 Steps to Developing Employees

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s article is an excerpt from my new book, “ The Recruiter’s Handbook: A Complete Guide for Sourcing, Selecting, and Engaging the Best Talent “ (SHRM, 2018) SHRM members can order a discounted copy at the SHRMStore.

Trending Workplace Issues CFOs are Watching in 2018

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respondents (43%) cited difficulty with hiring and retaining HR staff as impeding their company’s ability to meet its performance goals. Expanding Career Development Opportunities. The post Trending Workplace Issues CFOs are Watching in 2018 appeared first on HR Daily Advisor.

Transitioning from a technical role into leadership


An effective way to smooth career transitions is to connect with someone who has been there before. “I Knowing how vital storytelling is, I should have spent more time practicing the art of storytelling with my peers, business units, and my team early on in my career.”.

The role of mentors in L&D programs


Learning and development programs are as varied as companies themselves, but there’s one feature that encompasses most of the effective talent management strategies: mentors. Incorporating mentors into your long-term learning and development strategy is a great way to help ensure you’re receiving a high return on your investment. The employees who are likely to leave a company are those who feel like no one is listening to them and who don’t have a clear career path.

Learning Opportunity: FREE #HR and #Payroll eSymposium

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Professional development is important. But sometimes as human resources professionals, we’re so focused on employee and manager development that we forget to carve out some time for ourselves. I can speak from experience that Kronos delivers quality professional development.

When "Exceeds Expectations" Is "Meets Expectations"

Compensation Cafe

Margaret O'Hanlon, CCP brings deep expertise to discussions on employee pay, performance management, career development and communications at the Café. You think performance management is difficult in your neck of the woods, let me tell you it could get even dicier.

Employee Performance: The 6 Influence Areas

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And we spend a lot of time talking about how to achieve higher levels of employee performance via manager one-on-one meetings, coaching sessions, and career development. We all know that employee performance is important.

Building a Learning Culture


Here are key takeaways: Focus on career development. One of the most important factors in whether or not an employee recommends a company as a great place to work is career advancement, not compensation. Measure your culture to determine development needs.

Top Three Must-Know Onboarding Trends for 2018


Interpersonal network development. Early career support. To get started, consider SilkRoad’s top three must-know onboarding trends for 2018: Personalizing. The post Top Three Must-Know Onboarding Trends for 2018 appeared first on SilkRoad.

6 Talent Management Trends for 2018

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So, what should talent management professionals be thinking about in 2018? Despite many companies tackling this trend last year, it will still get considerable attention in 2018. There’s a new paradigm for how we learn and develop professionally in the workplace.

The Future (of the) Workforce: Meet Generation Z

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Sure, mostly as interns or in entry-level positions for now, but regardless: it’s time to meet generation Z. Meet Generation Z. When HR meets Generation Z. In practice : Meet Generation Z candidates where they are , this can be on Snapchat (currently one of their favorite social platforms) or Instagram for example. But stay on top of the latest (social) trends because technological developments – and the preferences of today’s teenagers – change quickly.

The Fundamentals of Employee Engagement


Focus on Career Development Programs. A reason why employees feel disengaged at work is that there is no effort on developing the skills of workers. I once worked at an organization with a career development program that I found extremely impactful.

The Future of Work and How to Improve Job Satisfaction

Cornerstone On Demand

We caught up with Grant to get his take on the trends shaping the future of work, including the growing need for continuous learning and the evolution of the traditional career ladder. Why is critical feedback such a vital component of work and development?

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The importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace


But what exactly is EQ, and how could having it (or not) affect your career? Emotionally intelligent workers go further in their careers. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of hiring managers surveyed by Career Builder in 2011 said they valued an employee’s EQ over their IQ. It was updated in February 2018 for freshness, accuracy and clarity. White paper – From evidence to automation: eight trends that’ll shape the HR profession in 2018.

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5 Components for a Remarkable End-to-End Candidate Experience

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Tell them about your career development plans and encourage them to take advantage of the tuition reimbursement benefit. Use a tag-team interview process to mention that all employees are expected to be team players and participate in weekly brainstorming meetings.

Mastering the Art of Strategic Thinking


Creating a development program that helps talent grow as leaders within the company is more important than ever. Develop strategic thinking skills. If that’s the case, set aside time at the weekly staff meeting and present a real-life case study so team members can still learn on a regular basis. Career Success Talent Development career development career success leadership development learning talent development

The 8-Word Message: Make Sure Your Bosses Know How Good You Are


While Ralph could write a memo or request a formal meeting to remind his manager of his skills, an Eight-Word Message strategy involves much less risk. Take the right steps to manage and grow your own career.

5 Proven Ways to Make Employees Never Want to Leave


I’ve learned five keys to meeting new employees’ expectations and keeping them engaged on the job. Career Development Plans. Recruiting the right employees is a time-consuming and important process. Hiring the right people is critical to the organization achieving its goals.