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SHRM Certification: You Can Get More Than 60

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To me, recertification is the most important part of the SHRM certification process because it reinforces a commitment to continuous learning about human resources competencies. For example, under advance your education, I might include: Attend one webinar program a month.

The essential guide to FMLA certification

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FMLA certification guidelines are absolutely essential for properly managing your workforce. For example, FMLA certification forms differ for taking time off for personal illness and taking military exigency leave. DOL has standard FMLA certification forms for both circumstances.

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HR Conferences to Attend in 2019


With the HR industry thriving more than ever we’re seeing a significant uptick in events from our list of HR conferences in 2018. Which of these top HR conferences will you attend in 2019? Here’s a template you can use for a letter to leadership to justify attending any HR conference. Just fill-in the bracketed words with your specific conference details: Hello [Decision Maker], Re: Request to Attend [HR Conference]. Training/Certification Fee: $ XX.

3 Strategies for Achieving Your Career Goals

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They offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees as well as certificate programs for human resources and business professionals. I don’t know that it means an equal 50/50 split of time. And spending time on learning and education doesn’t have an age limit.

12 Tips for SHRM Annual Conference Attendees: #SHRM18

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This year’s event will be held June 17-20, 2018 in Chicago. So, here’s my list of tips for people who are planning to attend: BEFORE YOU GO. Download the SHRM Certification app before you leave. Plan your schedule but save some time for impromptu meetings.

Legal Rising: Saluting the 2018 ACC Value Champions


One of my favorite conferences each year is the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Annual Meeting, because of the high quality of the sessions and content. 2018 was no exception. percent , while achieving significant time savings.

Meet Our 2018 Vizi Interns


After college, I would like to work with a group of diverse individuals on an accounting/finance team, while working to complete my CPA Certification. I like spending time with my friends and family, trying different restaurants, and doing workout classes at my gym.

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

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The objective is to discover and discuss new ways to meet the new employees of the future. So no pressure to attend every event during the three days. The HR Director Summit won the Best UK Conference of the Year (less than 1,500 delegates) at the Conference Awards 2018! This year, the summit is expecting over 1,000 attendees, 150 speakers across eight content streams, over 80 Exhibitors, over 250 Match Meetings and 11+ hours of networking spread across two days.

my boss is being a jerk about my gym time

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I’ve been doing this for years, and my calendar is public to the group so they can see why I have the time blocked. If I need to cancel for a meeting, I will do so. About a week after the change, Severus pulls me aside and says I need to stop putting my gym time on my calendar. He says it looks unprofessional and that Albus has made comments that I’ve made it difficult to schedule meetings. Last week there was department meeting scheduled at 1 p.m.

5 Ways Employers Can Boost Candidate Retention

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Standard offerings like healthcare and leave time are a must for many candidates, but there are other benefits that can make you stand out, including free snacks, on-site exercise classes or daycare. You also can offer tuition reimbursement for college courses or certification classes.

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Going to UNLEASH 2018? Be Sure to Stop By the SumTotal Stand


Those of us who have attended UNLEASH events in the past have high expectations of the calibre of the presenter and the topics under discussion. But what if the two systems worked together to ensure that the employees scheduled have the appropriate training and certifications for those jobs?

Going to UNLEASH 2018? Be Sure to Stop By the SumTotal Stand


Those of us who have attended UNLEASH events in the past have high expectations of the calibre of the presenter and the topics under discussion. But what if the two systems worked together to ensure that the employees scheduled have the appropriate training and certifications for those jobs?

Survivng SHRM: A Guide for First-Timers


As many of us know, SHRM 2018 is fast approaching. With over 12,000+ people in attendance every year, SHRM is by far the largest gathering of HR professionals in the world. Last year’s gathering in New Orleans was my first time attending SHRM and I gained way more knowledge and insights than I anticipated. Because of the conference’s magnitude, it is important to scope out the expo space ahead of time to plan your routes.

Learning Opportunity: FREE #HR and #Payroll eSymposium

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explores how employees spend their time on the clock and if the standard 40-hour workweek is most effective. But sometimes as human resources professionals, we’re so focused on employee and manager development that we forget to carve out some time for ourselves.

The Power Of Holistic HCM

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When employee information is siloed in many different systems, it becomes difficult to access key information, generate reports, meet compliance obligations and ensure the accuracy of data. It also results in a lack of visibility and is an inefficient use of HR time and resources.

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8 Administrative Professional Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2018


8 Administrative Professional Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2018. That’s why we pulled together a list of can’t-miss administrative professional conferences for 2018. Dates: April 25, 2018. Dates: October 23 – 26, 2018. Dates: July 28-31, 2018.

Improving Employee Engagement with HR Technology: A Look at Tech Focused Strategies

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They search for ways to develop and thrive and so failures by organizations to meet the technological expectations of these employees is affecting their productivity and ultimately disengaging them. 5 – Recognition, Reward and Feedback in Real-Time.

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How to Get SHRM-Certified


There are two primary certifications available to HR professionals today: the PHR and SHRM-CP. Whether you’re planing to register for the exam or looking for study tips, the below serves as your roadmap to certification.

Here’s Why Your Business Needs an Elevator Pitch to Job Seekers


At Hireology’s recent human capital management event, Elevate 2018 , one of the speaking sessions touched on the importance of employers developing an elevator pitch to get prospective job applicants excited about joining the team.

Benefits Of An Educated Workforce In The Fourth Industrial Revolution


Govini, 2018. In the government space, consider the following facts (Govini, 2018): The federal government is showing signs of adaptation, as it spent $43.9 In June 1978, I stood on the yellow footprints at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego.

Drop the Mic !!

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You see, when I go to an HR conference, I want to meet every attendee. Sure, they want to learn from sessions and they’re also looking for credits towards their HR certification. But I find that few people want to genuinely meet others that they don’t already know.

Ascender Preceda is Certified for Single Touch Payroll


On 1 July 2018, the Australian Government implemented Single Touch Payroll (STP), a legislation that changed the way businesses report payroll information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This certification provides significant cost and time savings for employers as it allows them to work with a single vendor, reducing the need for additional vendor contracts.

Secrets revealed: 4 Questions Answered About Benefit Resource

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We recognize we might need to consider attending an AA meeting (Acronyms Anonymous, of course!). We are not talking about a fish, “Certificate of Deposit” or even the “Call of Duty” game. Once validated, it is added as an accepted location in near real-time.

Never Neglect Career Development for Recruiters


Many of the recruiters she talks to simply don’t have the time to attend conferences or seminars or even listen to podcasts or read publications about the latest developments in the profession, she says. They simply don’t have the time.

How the Best Executive Assistants Set and Hit Their Goals


My boss just asked me to set goals for the first time and I have no idea where to start. Depending on who you ask, goal setting for EAs is either pretty darn important, a useful exercise but not critical, or…a complete waste of time. Time for some real talk.

The Future of Blockchain in the Payroll Industry

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In a highly regulated industry such as payroll, this type of system can reduce discrepancies and save time. Blockchain is also being explored, among many other technologies, as part of the solution for real-time payments.

2019 HR Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss

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For HR professionals , it can be hard to pick the best ones to attend by just sifting through endless pages of options. Why you should attend: The HRIC conference is designed to integrate the global HR community. Why you should attend: SRSC is for Talent Acquisition and HR executive and leaders who are looking to leverage emerging recruiting practices through the latest in global recruiting trends, recruitment marketing, candidate engagement, tools and HR technology.

Cultivating a Culture of Succession Potential: How Paul Rumsey helped shape strategy at Parkland Health and Hospital System


Instinctively, leaders usually rush to action and schedule talent review meetings or send around a succession spreadsheet for leaders to complete. They need to hold calibration meetings to gain consensus on their personal assessment of their own teams.

Do You Know How to Manage Unemployment Claims?

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billion dollars in unemployment claims in 2018. Employees may qualify for unemployment benefits when terminated because they’re not a good fit for their position, assuming they meet the minimum employment qualifications and provided their best work. Attendance records.

IT Job Satisfaction: 6 Keys to Keeping Your Top IT Talent


Spoke makes it easy to provide better IT support, freeing up time for rewarding IT projects. Unfortunately, improving coworker relationships is much more complicated than improving pay, work hours, or vacation time. Technology roles are among the most difficult to fill.

Where can You Find InfinityHR at the AZSHRM18 Conference?


You can expect to find the InfinityHR crew at the conference showcasing our innovative HCM platform to all those in attendance. We look forward to meeting you there! Time and Attendance. Time-Off Tracking.

You Asked, We Answered: Shiftgig Client 101


Certification checks. Workers are also asked to answer questions about our policies regarding attendance, cell phone usage and client confidentiality to fully understand the impact on our client partnerships. Hours can be entered after the scheduled start time of the shift.

Small Business War Stories Podcast List


Array ( [image] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( ) [duration] => 25:58 [explicit] => yes [keywords] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( ) [subtitle] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( ) [episodeType] => full ) June 21st, 2018 FLASH! Is it time to panic or is this just a sign of the industry growing up?

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Sterling Heads to SHRM18 in Chicago

Sterling Talent Solutions

Join Sterling Talent Solutions at SHRM 2018 Annual Conference and Exposition , June 17 to 19 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The SHRM Annual Conference is that one time of year when we get a chance to directly connect with the HR community and learn more about how we can help to improve background screening programs. We understand that not everyone can travel to attend SHRM18.

Getting the Most Out of Your Global Payroll RFP, Part I


Additionally, it will save you time and effort down the line. Think about your reasons for wanting to change a provider or update your solution: Time-consuming manual tasks (data entry, reporting). Lack of integration with systems (HR, finance, time and attendance, etc.). Data security—No ISO certification and fear of data security implications. While “Vendor A” might offer a fantastic dashboard, “Vendor B” may have ISO certification and excellent integrations.

3 Talent Lessons from One of the Best Books of the Year

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Tara Westover grew up the youngest of seven children in a survivalist family that shunned doctors and hospitals, all forms of government (she has no birth certificate), and public education. At their first meeting, Professor Steinberg asked Tara what she wanted to read.

Leverage More ERP Sales with HCM Integration


For example, with data shared among departments within an organization available in real-time, an HR department would hypothetically be able to access, review and utilize any data from customer success if they needed access to any related information from them. Time and Attendance.