Just Released: The 2019 Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report

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Today we’ve released the second annual Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report for 2019. pre-employment testing Data benchmarks trends

Inspire Data-Driven Change: Key Takeaways from Outsmart 2019


From the very beginning of Outsmart 2019 –our annual people analytics and workforce planning conference–the data-driven leaders were told to: “Inspire change, together.”. Download Visier Outsmart 2019 Key Takeaways. We also have a lot of data that we’re afraid to confront.

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Anatomy of a Benchmark


Namely recently launched our Benchmarking Package to clients, an offering which provides quarterly reports of company-specific insights with tailored benchmark data layered directly on top. HR Technology Product Updates HR Data HR

Intent Industry News: ABM Benchmarks, Data Strategy, B2B as B2C, and More

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

This week, we’re looking at headlines related to intent data and data-driven marketing from the month of September. Live Webinar: ABM Benchmarks for 2020. In an upcoming webinar on October 16 , Demand Gen Report will share its findings from the latest ABM Benchmark Survey.

Compensation 101: A Beginner's Guide to Compensation Management

A common misstep with market data is to think of it as only right or wrong. Market data should be. opportunity to examine market data and consider how it is applicable to your organization, and when you. Types of Data Sources The types of sources are varied and vast.

Raising the bar in benchmarking

Analytics in HR

Even the legendary Chinese general Sun Tzu was a sucker for benchmarking. In this article I’ll explore the origins, future, flaws, and benefits of benchmarking. . The origins of benchmarking. The term benchmarking (in its current meaning) originated in the eighties.

Benefits Benchmark Report: Top Takeaways For 2019


We’re excited to share the first annual PlanSource Benefits Benchmark Report. This groundbreaking annual report is based on real user data from the PlanSource benefits administration platform. The enrollment data represents trends established from the more than 92 million benefit elections that have been made in our system. If you’re wondering what the report contains and what to make of the data—we’ve got you covered with our top takeaways for 2019.

The HR Benchmarking Data Guide (& Why Beating The Benchmarks Isn't Enough)


That’s why benchmarks are so important for understanding survey data; they are designed to provide context and meaning for interpreting your scores. Interpreting survey scores without any context can be challenging.

Retaining Managers: New Data Reveals the Impact of People Analytics


To answer this question, we compiled a report aggregating anonymized Visier customer data, from more than 20 enterprise companies representing over 600,000 employees. . The post Retaining Managers: New Data Reveals the Impact of People Analytics appeared first on Visier Inc.

How to Use Engagement and Performance Data in Talent Acquisition


When it comes to finding and retaining the right talent for your organization, there are many inputs and sources of data that can help inform the recruitment and retention process. We asked ourselves: How can you use engagement and performance data in the talent acquisition process?

Compensation Dictionary

Gather external data and evaluate that information against how you are paying internally. Survey providers vary so it’s important to research your selected data source and their data. Often misunderstood, but a very critical part of evaluating compensation, is the benchmark job.

Cost Per Applicant Benchmarks For Talent Acquisition Teams (2019)

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A few weeks ago I was on a hunt for cost per applicant benchmarks. After spending some time with the data, I wanted to share some of my favorite tidbits in this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday video. How are you benchmarking the success of your recruiting teams?

Benchmarking and Surveys Gauge if Employee Benefits are on Target

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Benchmarking and surveys help employers zero in on options that workers deem valuable. Benchmarking and surveys provide solid answers. They turn to benchmarking and employee surveys to build and validate benefit plans. Benchmarking studies yield details like: Medical plan type.

What is HR Data Analytics & How Do We Leverage It?

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Data is now the most valuable currency in the world. But in contrast to the murky ethics of sourcing and selling consumer-driven data , leveraging internal HR data analytics to make better workforce decisions has been a key Human Resources best practice for decades.

Influencing with Data: Driving Executive Buy-in for Engagement Initiatives


We’ve discovered that making engagement data meaningful is the best way to drive buy-in for engagement initiatives. …and then tell a story with benchmark data. Ask your team: “Based on these data trends, what do you think would happen if we did nothing?”

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The Wellness Council of America’s (WELCOA’s) 7 Benchmarks to Building a Results Oriented Wellness Program

Speaker: Ryan Picarella, President, WELCOA

The Seven Benchmarks are an important part of building a results-oriented workplace wellness program. The data you need to collect to make your wellness programs meaningful.

2019 Benefits Benchmark: 40% Of Employees Wait Until The Last Minute To Enroll


We’re excited to share the first annual PlanSource Benefits Benchmark Report. This groundbreaking annual report is based on real user data from the PlanSource benefits administration platform. Rather, it serves as a benchmark on how the average employee behaves.

2019 Benefits Benchmark: Medical Plans Diversify As Costs Continue To Rise


We’re excited to share the first annual PlanSource Benefits Benchmark Report. This groundbreaking annual report is based on real user data from the PlanSource benefits administration platform.

3 Big People Management Trends for 2019


At Illuminate , Reflektive’s conference by people leaders, for people leaders, Reflektive CEO Rajeev Behera shared his 2019 Outlook based on Reflektive’s work with hundreds forward-thinking people leaders. SEE ALSO: 2018 Performance Management Benchmark Report. The post 3 Big People Management Trends for 2019 appeared first on Reflektive. Illuminate 2019If you work in human resources, you’ve seen the rise of employee experience.

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How Many of These Top Factors Are You Using in the Hiring Process?

Criteria Corp

We recently put out a survey to learn more about how hiring professionals attract, hire, and retain their teams, and we published our findings in our second annual Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report. Here’s what we found: hiring process pre-employment tests Data survey benchmarks report

Small Business Guide to Comp Benchmarking

Benchmarking Intro These days, employment candidates are more informed than ever about the market value. Use the following steps to benchmark your jobs and develop pay guidelines in. your market data is the most tangible part of your compensation strategy. Your data source or.

How does your organization stack up?

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Beth Ann Finis and Melissa Cavanaugh on July 19, 2019. Such benchmarks are critical inputs in strategic planning and spending decisions. But where can leaders find reliable data? 2019 Global Deloitte Human Capital Trends.

How Workday harnessed the power of data


Today’s HR leaders are drowning in data—but just having the numbers about the workforce is only the first step toward maximizing their full potential, said the keynote speakers at today’s opening session of the Women in HR Tech Summit.

AI Innovation 2019: Companies Solidifying Competitive Advantage

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This article on AI innovation 2019 originally appeared in Forbes. It’s not a new concept—the term was originally coined in 1956 —but developers finally have the processing power and data necessary to train programs to solve organizational problems and optimize efficiencies. Machine learning has become increasingly embedded in many new technologies and solutions, delivering in-depth insight into business metrics and improving data-based decision making.

HR Spending is Projected to Rise, According to New Survey

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Earlier this year, we surveyed hiring professionals across all industries to learn more about how they hire, and we released the results in our second annual Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report. HR Data survey benchmarks budget report

How to Build Pay Grades and Set Salary Ranges

Speaker: Jennifer Ferris CCP & Paige Hanley CCP

Join PayScale’s compensation experts as they show you how to build ranges from a market-centered midpoint, and how to use market data to update or create market-based pay ranges. Choose benchmark positions and slot non-benchmark positions into your pay structure.

What to do when the data says you’re wrong

HR Examiner

“As we continue into the era of data analytics, big data, AI, and personal tracking devices every HR professional should be prepared to face data that contradicts their beliefs sooner or later. New data should allow me to re-think my position and I should be fine with that.

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Compensation Management: Salary Benchmarking and Beyond


Salary data surveys are a good first step to determine pay scales for a wide range of positions. Note that survey data should be collected by a third party rather than self-reported by employees to ensure accuracy. There are several salary comparison tools to help aggregate data for specific roles. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics offers years of comparative wage data for many occupations at the national, state and metropolitan level.

5 Highlights from Our ‘State of Healthcare Recruiting’ 2019 Report


Take a closer look at some of the data from our Healthcare Recruitment Benchmarks and see how the current trends should be affecting how you source and hire healthcare talent.

ADP Research Institute Sets International Benchmark for Employee Engagement with its 19-Country Global Study of Engagement

HRO Today

Roseland, NJ – June 14, 2019 – As organizations strive to better understand the art of employee engagement in a highly competitive labor market, the ADP Research Institute’s 19-country Global Study of Engagement provides a global benchmark for engagement.

Dice 2018 Tech Salary Report

and employers discover salary data to align. include Cloud, Big Data and Process Management. salaries based on more than 600,000 data points. benchmarks for tech pay across the U.S., For instance, what is a competitive salary for a Data. Big Data $ 115,884 3.0%



Dreamforce 2019 is round the corner and we can’t keep calm! Here’s an article that has the answers to all your questions concerning Dreamforce 2019. Our team from SurveySparrow will be present at Dreamforce 2019! When and Where is Dreamforce 2019?

Top CEO priorities in 2019

The Predictive Index

Those numbers are not surprising when we pull back and look at other insights from our 2019 CEO Benchmarking Report : For example, four of the five biggest challenges for CEOs relate to talent optimization (so it makes perfect sense that talent strategy is a top priority). The post Top CEO priorities in 2019 appeared first on The Predictive Index. CEOs must establish the company’s objectives and top priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

3 Takeaways from the 2019 ASHHRA Conference


3 Takeaways from the 2019 ASHHRA Conference Oct. 1, 2019. The 2019 American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) Conference took place this past week in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois. They leveraged data to conduct workforce planning. “I

How technology can democratize people analytics

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Kathi Enderes , and Matthew Shannon on June 27, 2019. ”” Organizations have an abundance of people data, and many understand they need to use that information for improved performance and productivity. 2019 Global Deloitte Human Capital Trends.

PODCAST: #HRHappyHour 379 - Making the Most of Benchmarking and Best Practices

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HR Happy Hour 379: Making the Most of Benchmarking and Best Practices. He shared data from their recent report, the HR Agenda for 2019. Host: Trish McFarlan e. Guest: Harry Osle, Principal and Global Human Resources Practice Leader at The Hackett Group. Listen HERE. This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Trish was joined by returning guest, Harry Osle , from The Hackett Group.

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