Surprising Stats About the Future of Talent Acquisition


In the game of talent acquisition, recruiting candidates means being able to follow a constantly moving target. We’ve put together an eye-opening look at what recruiters might be able to expect from the talent acquisition industry of tomorrow.

Superjobs and the remote workforce

Bersin with Deloitte

One question asked: As companies try to find talent and skills to fill these superjobs, what trends are you seeing regarding companies adopting and understanding a remote workforce? Add your voice to the 2020 Global Human Capital Trends. Source: Deloitte analysis, 2019.

Get Ready for 2019

HRO Today

The new year will bring an era of refinement as companies fully embrace emerging technologies and innovative approaches in the face of global talent shortages and candidate-driven job markets. Redesigning talent acquisition to get ahead in today’s market.

AI is not a Quick-Fix Solution for Discrimination


But while many see artificial intelligence as the wave of the future for HR executives seeking to recruit and retain talented, diverse applicants and make better talent-management decisions, skepticism remains.

Disruptive Skills: Identifying Job Skills that Shake Up Industries

Burning Glass Technologies

Certain job skills have the potential to shake up industries—and understanding them is critical to managing an organization’s talent. million data analytics job openings by 2020 , up 15% from today. This is why talent management is playing a greater role in strategic planning.

How To Prepare For A Manufacturing Labor Shortage


Leading studies project significant labour shortfalls in Europe between 2020 and 2030. This could lead to wage inflation and an unhealthy war for talent, which could in turn adversely affect the overall productivity and profitability of the entire industry.

How AI & Machine Learning Are Redefining The War For Talent


These and many other fascinating insights are from Gartner’s recent research note, Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management for Talent Acquisition (PDF, 13 pp., Company Growth Plans Are Accelerating The War For Talent.

The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Operations


“Recruitment operations” has become somewhat of a buzzword in talent acquisition circles, and if you’re a recruiter, you’ll likely feel its effects sooner rather than later. Talent acquisition is quite literally our business. Source: Yello 2020 Interview Scheduling Survey.

HR: Workforce Dynamics Are Driving Change In Oil And Gas


As an oil and gas HR executive, you know that downsizing, restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions are a way of life. Access to talent was rated the most critical issue facing oil and gas companies, according to Oxford Economics’ and SAP SuccessFactors’ Leaders 2020 joint study.

45 HR Trends and Predictions to Watch Out For in 2019


This movement is spearheaded by companies that use Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to highlight key influencers, identify burnout risks, and map out relationships, among others. #18. By 2020, segmentation by skill set will triple in organizations.

Ecolab Applies a Next Practice to Create a Global Contingent Talent Solution


Business Challenge One of the toughest challenges Ecolab faces is finding enough talent to support its growth goals. An analysis of Ecolab’s current state found that the company already had more than 5,000 contingent workers globally and little process to manage them.

Leading the Pack


This year’s winning products represent the full gamut of priorities facing HR leaders: from employee financial wellbeing to learning and development to talent analytics. As was the case in the last few years, a number of leading solutions are in the area of talent acquisition and screening.

Retail Recruiting: How to Navigate the Challenges and Grow Your Team


Talent Turnover. For most retailers, the single biggest obstacle to finding better talent is the one closest to home. Turning Challenges Into Opportunities: How to Find New Talent. Social media provides new opportunities to find the talent retailers need.

Doing workplace diversity and inclusion properly

Chief Learning Officer - Talent Management

While D&I trainings return a mostly positive response among attendees, a meta-analysis published in 2016 by the American Psychological Association suggests current D&I training practices do little to actually change the attitudes of attendees long-term.

AI and Automation in HR: Impact, Adoption and Future Workforce

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So far, recruiting and talent acquisition are the areas where AI solutions are most effective. billion in 2017 to $46 billion by 2020, impacting all business practices across almost every industry.

How LinkedIn’s Products Are Evolving to Support the New World of Work

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That’s why understanding what attracts and keeps people in a job is key for companies that want to hire and retain top talent. workforce expected to consist of millennials by 2020, paying attention to your company culture is important. We are moving from a world where LinkedIn has primarily focused on Talent Acquisition to a world where we help companies plan, hire and develop their talent using our unique member data and insights.?

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #239: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

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You know, but the worst part of painting right so 75% 75% accurate sounds super until you think about Pereda right and burrito is always, always, the analysis that says, The first 80% is the cheapest of the second 20% This is often where 80% of the cost and expense lies.

Why Using More People Analytics Could Have Unintended Consequences


The goal is for every Chinese citizen to be trailed by a file compiling data from public and private sources by 2020. That said, an analysis of recent trends brought to light some unintended, negative consequences from the use of so much data and analytics in baseball. A heavy reliance on data and algorithms in talent acquisition can help alleviate the pain of an ever-increasing flood of applications. Data and analysis can shape behavior for good and ill.

7 HR Priorities (and the online resources that can help you stay afloat)


Attracting top talent. This is what top talent says you should consider in order to attract them. With so many channels available to prospective talent, it’s difficult to know which one to concentrate on or what recruitment strategy to use.

Melcrum Summit: Re-engineering Internal Communication for Agility.

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1 global online influencer in talent management. #6 Fistful of Talent. SuccessFactors Performance and Talent Management Blog. Talent Management in Management Thinking. Talent management. (75). HCI Top Talent Blog 2011. The Talent Management Summit.

All You Need To Know About HR Management: An Exclusive Interview With Jairo Fernandez

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We discuss the challenges of creating an innovation-friendly workplace and learning culture; setting new standards, processes, and systems; integrating IT and HR to simplify people management; grooming talent into future leaders; promoting women leadership in Asia, and a lot more.