Webinar: how to benchmark HR software


Get independent advice from HR tech experts in this free webinar at 11am on Tuesday 28 January. Don’t miss our free webinar on 28 January where independent experts from HR technology consultancy Phase3 will be revealing the secrets to a successful HR software benchmarking project. Who to involve in your benchmarking process. Every attendee will also receive a copy of a new CIPHR white paper, How to benchmark HR software , which was authored by the experts at Phase3.

[VIDEO] Business Resilience and Agility: A Benchmark of Performance Amid Uncertainty

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The post [VIDEO] Business Resilience and Agility: A Benchmark of Performance Amid Uncertainty appeared first on Aberdeen. Companies by and large are being affected — either positively or negatively — by the economic changes brought upon buy the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Webinar: Engaging the Hybrid Workforce


The first-half of 2020 brought on the world’s biggest remote working experiment, speeding up the future of the hybrid workforce and impacting the way we work across all sectors, from healthcare to manufacturing to laboratory research.

Why Burnout Is On The Rise In 2020. What You Can Do About It.

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3 Factors That Led To Burnout In 2020. Webinars and masterminds offer creative ways to engage in team-building even while COVID-19 restrictions remain. Maximize group wisdom to overcome obstacles by infusing collective knowledge and intuition into target benchmarks.

Intent Industry News: ABM Benchmarks, Data Strategy, B2B as B2C, and More

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The roundup includes articles that cover ABM benchmarks, the push for stronger data strategies, treating B2B marketing more like B2C, challenges for the modern marketer in the B2B industry, and an obsession with intent data. Live Webinar: ABM Benchmarks for 2020. In an upcoming webinar on October 16 , Demand Gen Report will share its findings from the latest ABM Benchmark Survey. Optimizing your tech stack to succeed in 2020.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, June 22-July 5, 2020

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One of Kronos’ key differentiators is in its data on ROI and use cases — the ability to compare to industry and peer benchmarks that can only come when you have very large amounts of customers and a long history of data collection. Upcoming Webinars. In this webinar, sponsored by Skillsoft and Cornerstone OnDemand, Brandon Hall Group’s Rachel Cooke and Claude Werder, are joined by Jonathan Jackson, Director, Director, CARE Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, Aug. 3-21, 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic hits employers in multiple ways and Brandon Hall Group research addresses the critical issues through a data-rich report that shows changing trends, plus a pair of webinars examining how inclusion and learning agility can make a big difference. Turning Conflict into Inclusion: Thriving in the Chaos of the Pandemic, Protests and Political Tension (Webinar). In this webinar, Bonnie St. Learning Agility: Five Ways Learning Will Change (Webinar).

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 30-August 2, 2020

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Webinars and podcasts provide powerful insights on inclusion and leadership in these unprecedented times. A new webinar and 16 solution provider profiles illustrate how technology helps organizations manage change in learning, talent management, leadership development and workforce management. . Upcoming Webinars. In this webinar, Bonnie St. The webinar is hosted by Brandon Hall Group COO Rachel Cooke.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 13-17, 2020

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The third edition of the remote work playbook and an eBook and webinar on upskilling and managing learning during and after the pandemic provides critical resources you need to successfully manage the crisis. L&D and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic (Webinar). Only half the companies in Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Measurement Study say they are either effective or very effective at measuring their formal learning programs. Upcoming Webinars.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 6-12, 2020

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Brandon Hall Group research and content examine both while continuing to analyze the technology market and host compelling and meaningful webinars. This KnowledgeGraphic leverages research highlights from Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Measurement Study along with critical questions and suggested tactics and strategies. Upcoming Webinars. In this webinar, Brandon Hall Group’s Chief Operating Officer Rachel Cooke is joined by Bonnie St.

Webinar: Industry Spotlight: Higher Education - People Management and Labor Metrics that every CFO and President should know


Identify key metrics that can be tracked and benchmarked for improved performance. Plus, he’ll provide some tips to start benchmarking and implementing these metrics. Paycor reviewed proprietary data from nearly 4,000 customers to identify key metrics that uncover opportunities to lower your labor costs and increase the productivity of your people.

How-to Kickstart 2021 Using OKRs


Benchmark current employee benefits with current industry standards. 10% boost in conversions from webinar attendees. 2 joint webinars with industry thought leaders. Key results : 2x webinar registrants through email invitation.

Hacking the Return to New Normal: Start, Stop & Continue


For a deeper dive, readers are invited to next week’s webinar for a discussion focused on helping businesses emerge stronger from lockdown. . Engagement Multiplier is providing businesses free access to a special edition of the company’s comprehensive Benchmark Assessment, a powerful employee engagement survey that also enables leaders to unlock and gather insights and feedback from their teams. . Webinar: Emerging Stronger from Lockdown .

Data-Driven Strategy

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In addition, a lack of quality data and analytics skills are among the biggest barriers to embracing data analysis, according to webinar surveys by the artificial intelligence talent management platform Pymetrics. “It’s

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An Engaged Team is a Resilient Team


Kolbe, a long-time Engagement Multiplier client, recently achieved its highest-ever engagement score on their quarterly Benchmark Assessment – the employee engagement survey designed to enable leaders to gauge engagement across the organization – in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Highlights, March 9-15, 2020

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Posts included a framework for talent assessments, an infographic, three organizational self-assessment tools (one on performance management and two on learning strategy), a podcast, a webinar, solution provider profiles, a research summary, an executive interview and a blog. Benchmark Your Organization’s Learning-Management Approach. Webinar. Leadership Development 2020: Scaling for Business Impact in a New Decade.

7 Qualities Successful Leaders Need


Stefan expounded at length upon these characteristics, and the necessity for executives to assess their organization’s leadership capabilities in a recent webinar entitled “The Leadership Perception Gap.”

13 HR Nightmares to Avoid This Halloween

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benchmarks. Learn more about building a resilient workplace by accessing our webinar, “ Fostering Workplace Resiliency and Connection In Uncertain Times.” Leading a team can be scary. Leading a company can be downright terrifying.

How to fix your candidate experience strategy


23, 2020, Workable co-hosted a webinar with HackerRank , titled What’s Wrong with your Candidate Experience (and How to Fix it), to shed some light on common pain points in candidate experience troubles. Amy starts with the importance of benchmarking at every step of the process, from phone screen to on-site interviews. This is why, on Jan.

Three Things to Consider When Moving Brick & Mortar Assessment Centers Online


However, there is also something to be said about the validity and benchmarks of the off-the-shelf content. Blog Webinar LeadingFromHome Virtual Assessment CenterWith the global pandemic of COVID-19, several changes are being made among organizations faster than preferred. Organizations are having to redesign how they work by transitioning from a traditional way of work to a non-traditional and unfamiliar way of work as they move to a virtual platform.

How to Respond to Employee Engagement Survey Results

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They provide visual cues to highlight information, like where a score sits in comparison to relevant benchmarks. Benchmarks. Try benchmarking yourself against other departments or teams, or track your team’s progress against the organization as a whole.

Avoiding Us vs. Them Syndrome During Organizational Change


Communication can include organization-wide and departmental meetings, emails, webinars, additional training, and documentation, guides or handbooks that establish the new standardized policies and procedures where needed.

What Are the Right Spans and Layers For Your Organization?

Visier - Talent Acquisition

In a recent webinar , Visier’s Director of Product Marketing, Caitlin Bigsby, spoke with Catherine Garrett, SVP of HR Administrative Management at Comerica, about using a more thoughtful, data-driven approach for optimizing spans and layers.

State of the Market: Payroll and Its Impact on Cloud HR

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The benchmark report findings were recently published and the findings can be downloaded here: Download Benchmark Report. Also, on May 7th, 2020 at 12:00 ET US ET, 18:00 CET , AJ Whalen from SAPinsider will be hosting the accompanying webinar to examine where customers are seeing business value in their payroll processes and the ways in which payroll technology may be impacting the rest of the cloud HR solution landscape. Click Here to register for the webinar.

How to Deal with Changes at Work

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A survey of over 4000 experts and change management leaders in 56 countries found the following: If you make the effort to apply high-quality change management techniques, you are six times likelier to meet benchmarks, compared to a leader who is not dealing effectively with people and processes. To learn more about how to deal with changes at work, access our webinar recording covering, “ Fostering Workplace Resiliency and Connection in Uncertain Times.”.

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Organizational Culture: Definition, Importance, and Development

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Find Courses’ most recent benchmark study found that companies with highly engaged employees were 1.5 To learn more culture insights and techniques, access our webinar with Achievers’ Chief Workforce Scientist, Dr. Natalie Baumgartner. A great organizational culture is the key to developing the traits necessary for business success. And you’ll see its effects in your bottom line : companies with healthy cultures are 1.5

Remote Working: How to Best Keep a Pulse on Employee-Wellbeing?

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To illustrate, imagine a situation where an employee survey in the early days of the pandemic suggests that employees ask for an interactive webinar on the use of virtual communication tools. organizing a company-wide webinar for all employees who need it).

How to Transform Talent Practices With Skills


Eightfold talked about an alternative, hiring people based on their skills, in a recent webinar. Benchmark and plan for the future. Most of the talent field agrees that job descriptions are either poorly written, or just plain ineffective ways of attracting, finding, and selecting people. An alternative is to hire people based on skills. With this approach, you would: Find people by skills and not job description. Eightfold’s AI shows that there are 1.4 million skills.

What I Learned from 1.15 Million Culture Assessment Data Points

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At the very least, we now have a robust set of benchmarking data for our clients, so they can see in more detail how their analytics compare to the overall data set. But you’ll have to be a client to see those benchmarks! Private webinar? I started March of this year bracing myself for a three-month gauntlet of travel to client sites and conferences. It happens every spring, actually. Thanks to the pandemic, of course, that’s not happening this spring.

Crisis & the Illusion of Employee Engagement


Webinar: We’re calling this the “Covid Trap” and will be offering more insight on June 3 in a webinar in which we’ll be discussing the phenomenon of employee engagement during crises, and lessons leaders can learn to build a healthy, sustainable employee engagement that fuels growth and success. At some point in our professional lives, an organization we represent will be challenged by a crisis.

How 7Geese’s new Surveys feature improves employee experience and performance


Why employee engagement is more important than ever in 2020. Existing frameworks like an eNPS (employee net promoter score) can be extremely helpful if you don’t know where to start, or you’re looking to establish some benchmarks that you can measure over time.

How to Control Hiring Bias Using AI and Automation


Once identified, an AI-enabled framework can provide a consistent and objective benchmark for assessing employees and job candidates alike. Conversations around diversity and inclusion are ever-evolving in our society and the HR community.

5 Top Employee Concerns Business Leaders Should Assess Now


Webinar invitation: Emerging Stronger from Lockdown May 19, 2020). Take the full Benchmark Assessment: for FREE. To support the business community, Engagement Multiplier is providing free access to its comprehensive Benchmark Assessment employee engagement survey.

Building a Diverse & Inclusive Distributed Workforce


In our webinar, “ Building a Diverse Distributed Workforce ,” panelists Rebecca Clements, CPO at Moz, Felicia Jadczak, Co-CEO/Co-Founder of she + geeks out, and Irene Edan, Head of People at Hired, discussed how companies can be thinking about their recruitment, compensation, and retention strategies to cultivate a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace and ways to keep this top of mind while going remote. Companies across all industries have been disrupted in some way due to COVID-19.

How to Stop the ‘Good Idea Fairy’ from Co-opting your Strategic Marketing Plan: 11 Defensible Steps


Sometimes the Good Idea Fairy is trying to feed their ego: “I’m doing a webinar and I need Facebook ads to drum up attendance.” When setting goals, mine your own analytics as well as industry benchmarks. time on page), you might try to increase the number of posts that hit or exceed that benchmark. If you can find marketing benchmarks for your industry (which is admittedly harder to do), take that data into account, too. You know the drill.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #256: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

Air Date: March 5, 2020. And so about 1000 people here and you know, this is a very, very technical conversation really, but but I was riveted people stayed in their chairs, sort of with their jaws, dropping as They talked about the relationship between an individual companies talent graph, and this monstrous global talent graph that they’re building so that you can situate your data inside of a bigger picture and benchmark from a million aspects.

5 Winning Tips to Retain Millennials

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The best thing you can do as an employer is to make your expectations and performance benchmarks very clear, ” adds Donovan. Recognition and feedback: mentoring, webinars, online courses. Let me ask you a question. If there was a generation war happening in the workplace, which generation do you see having the best chance for the win? If you ask me, I’d go with Millennials.

Tools to Run a Smooth Open Enrollment


This way, you can focus your efforts and energy in the right direction and have a benchmark for your success. Consider scheduling multiple webinars led by your benefits provider to go over the enrollment process and benefits information.

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Jeffrey Hayzlett: “Fail fast so you can win faster”

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He taught me the proper way of running a business, including the right benchmarks to use to determine how much I needed to sell, what metrics and KPIs would get me to where I needed to be and understand the targets I needed to hit. Whether it’s a webinar on managing costs in order to drive and thrive, to having our weekly huddles with our members and even taking my podcast, “All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett” daily?—?it Fail fast so you can win faster.

How companies endanger customer data


As soon as a privacy-minded customer finds a service that promises (and, more importantly, keeps this promise) not to collect their most sensitive data to perform its basic functions, it will become a benchmark for them against which they will judge other businesses. Watch the Webinar. There are many aspects to customer experience (CX) related to online: the ease of navigation and signing up, mobile compatibility , interaction with the support team etc etc.

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