Paradiso Solutions presents its Top 10 eLearning development companies for 2020


If you’re looking for content development you must wonder which are the best eLearning development companies in the market. This is the main reason why we did deep research to help you make the right choice. We want to ease the research for you.

Coronavirus Outbreak: How to Leverage eLearning to Effectively Train Employees Remotely


With 169,362 Coronavirus cases reported so far, companies all over the world are facing significant losses in terms of finance, performance, as well as human capital. Why eLearning should be used to do training during the pandemic. eLearning Uncategorized

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Performance-based Training for Long-term Behavior Change

Rallyware for Human Resources

Performance-based learning systems help employees to learn on-the-go. Expert L&D leaders know that learning should generate value for organizations but companies seldom quantify the benefits of employee training. Assess the current situation.

eLearning Technologies That Boost Employee Performance

Rallyware for Human Resources

We fully agree with this statement, because only connected, engaged, and valued individuals can make a great impact on a company’s bottom line, based on Rallyware’s experience in the eLearning industry for more than 7 years. What are CLOs looking for in eLearning technologies in 2020?

Breaking Free from Multitasking with Online Learning


Online learning is making its way into many organizations' recognition strategies. It has potential to help increase employee engagement, but in order to do so, it needs to be approached in the right way.

Managers: How to Support Remote Employees – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

I’m a loyal and excited reader of your blog and usually find very great tricks and tips I can experiment with at my workplace. First, thanks so much for the very kind comment. I won’t lie – it might if the organization doesn’t make the effort to engage with employees.

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Fortune 500 Companies and the Evolution of Employee Training

Rallyware for Human Resources

Perhaps the astoundingly ahead of his time Benjamin Franklin hit the nail on the head when he said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” In other words, it needs to genuinely involve the learner in question.

Hottest tech skills to hire for in 2020

Hacker Earth

The benefits of honing technical skills go far beyond the Information Technology industry. However, with the right attitude and flexibility of mind, it can also be a tremendous opportunity for your employees to learn and grow. Machine Learning engineer.

3 Workplace Articles Every Manager Should Read Right Now

HR Bartender

Be sure to check out the Kronos HR & Payroll eSymposium scheduled for May 6, 2020 – a single day of learning focused on pressing business issues. Enjoy the article!). The Importance of Adaptive Leadership. It helps to keep the team engaged and involved.

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Leading Practices for Remote Learning during COVID-19

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Michael Griffiths , Julie Hiipakka and Elam Lantz on March 19, 2020. The coronavirus outbreak is resulting in an ever-increasing list of companies, conferences and other engagements to turn to remote learning.



With the continuous uprise in the number of smartphone users and the latest stats about how cheap and affordable smartphones have become within the last year, it’s more than clear that we’re looking at a different future when it comes to picking up new skills.

25 Key Remote Work Statistics for 2020


As you wade through the midst of what Time calls “the world’s largest work-from-home experiment,” you may be wondering what your company’s workplace will look like in the future. And what will productivity look like, if fewer people are coming into the office every day?

Meet HR West 2020 Keynote Torin Perez

Next Concept HR Magazine

Who is Keynote Speaker Torin Perez and why you won’t want to miss his closing keynote session at HR West 2020? HR West 2020 Keynote Speaker Torin Perez is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant on a mission to inspire authenticity and inclusive leadership in the workplace.

2020 Employee Engagement Trends


If we’ve learned anything in the last few years about the future of work, it’s that companies must be agile. Our latest white paper, The Future of Employee Engagement: Informal Chats with Today’s Leading CHROs and Executive HR Leaders , reveals the answers to these questions.



The training processes of a company largely determine the success and progress of it. Before choosing a platform that deals with corporate training, it is important that you take a look and compare the features and specifications of different Learning Management Systems.

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Top Nine Blog Posts of 2019


Stay tuned to HRWatchdog in 2020! Although we are a few days into the new decade, let’s look back at the top HRWatchdog blog posts of 2019. Harassment Training Deadline Extended, Clarified. Using a California Non-REAL ID Driver License OK for the Form I-9.

5 HR Tech Trends to Look Out for in 2020 and Beyond


Experts expect t his increase in HR tech spe nding to continue to rise well into the future. With increased demand comes an onslaught of new tech products on the market. Here’s a look at the top five HR tech trends to look out for in 2020 and beyond. .

GetFive Names Its 2020 HR Heroes


GetFive, a leading provider of modern outplacement and career development solutions, named its 2020 HR Hero Award Recipients today. The annual award, now in its 14 th year, recognizes HR professionals for their outsized contributions to their organizations and communities.

Top Open-Source LMS in 2020 to enhance your learning experience


Choosing an LMS to conduct training in your company or educational institution is not an easy task. One of the best choices is to run open-source LMS first to have a wide view of its capacities. Let’s take a look at some of the top open-source LMS out there.

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Sharpen your 2020 communications strategy with a simple New Year’s resolution

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Melissa Yim , Heather Shaw , and De’ Shonda Burton on January 31, 2020. A few years ago, I resolved to use internal communications as a way of creating meaningful connections between employees and the organization. Now, consider the reasons you liked it.

The 6 Best New Internal Communications Tools for 2020

Advanced Learning Institute

Originally posted January 15, 2020 on Take your internal communications plan for the year and shake it up a little. You don’t want to just send company messages in the same old ways. Some are opportunities ready for seizing now, while others are on the horizon.

Tools 63



Thanks to technology, education has taken a new direction towards the digital world. The possibilities are endless when it comes to taking your educational programs to the web thanks to the scope, the facilities of access to information, the support tools and the security it provides.

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Optimizing the Cost of Employee Training While Upskilling

Kitaboo - Employee Training

In this blog we discuss about ways to optmize the cost of employee training. Employee training is absolutely necessary to upskill your staff and make your business stronger in the face of the ever-increasing competition. Adopt eLearning.

New Research Shows Training Leaders’ Strategies Change in 2020

Rallyware for Human Resources

In the world of digital disruptions and business transformations, nothing remains the same but the constant need for continuous, cost-effective, and impactful talent development initiatives. The facts speak for themselves: 1 in 5 Americans suffer from strong information overload.

Guest Blog: A Formula for Ensuring Training Transfers Back to the Job

Employee Engagement Group

A Formula for Ensuring Training Transfers Back to the Job By: Anthony Fasano, P.E., Engineering Management Institute Human Resources and Learning & Development professionals are often tasked with the job of finding training or building training programs for their firms.

Social Distancing for COVID-19: Learning Technology to the Forefront

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Michael Griffiths , Jason Magill , Richard Mitchell , Minoo Italia and Elam Lantz on March 19, 2020. The impact that COVID-19 has had on peoples’ lives and work in recent days has been precipitous and significant.

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New Research Shows Training Leaders’ Strategies Change in 2020

Rallyware for Human Resources

In the world of digital disruptions and business transformations, nothing remains the same but the constant need for continuous, cost-effective, and impactful talent development initiatives. The facts speak for themselves: 1 in 5 Americans suffer from strong information overload.

COVID-19: Learning to Love Telecommuting

Great Place to Work


My Birthday Wish for 2020

Jason Lauritsen

There’s also the birthday tradition of blowing out the candles on your cake—a tradition both magical and potentially humiliating (no one wants to be the kid who doesn’t get them all out). The magic is in the birthday wish. Be a light in the darkness.

Super Bowl 2020: We’re Going to Miami (Welcome to Miami)

Ultimate Software

Ciao for now, New Orleans: Overtime is over, and Miami’s taking the W for Super Bowl 2020. Since 2013, Miami and New Orleans have been tied for first place when it comes to Super Bowl history, each hosting the nation’s most-celebrated event a total of 10 times. Combined, the two cities have hosted nearly half of the events during its 51-year history! The first train arrived in 1896, and “Miami” was christened later that year.

In 2020, love MUST reign.

Thrive Global

These need to be the first three words I write in 2020, not just as the ultimate roadmap and reminder for me, but as a passionate, personal plea to you, too: Love one anoth e r. Push it to the top of the heap — no, fling it to the top with every last ounce of energy you have. Not just the principle, but the practice. Not just the poetic plea or the fervent hope, but the fundamental act of being loving and kind.

Benefits of Using a Learning Management System for Your Ongoing and Recurring Training


Ongoing and recurring training are vital types of training that contributes to the success of the business. You run the risk of having poor-performing employees and face liabilities if you do not offer consistent ongoing and recurring training.


Entering 2020 Future-ready with Intelligent Direct Selling Software

Rallyware for Human Resources

It’s the winter holiday season! In between cozy days by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate, is the perfect time of the year to reminisce about the past, analyze the present and plan for the future. No matter how deep you dig into all the activities you did and the experiences you had with your workforces over the past year, there are always important lessons to learn from and grow your direct selling business. .

Your Business and its Words in 2020

Thrive Global

We’ve arrived at 2020, and we’re standing off against a world of digital enterprise, a coronavirus that is yet to be contained, and the unforgiving necessity to change our attitude toward life and business. And, most people are feeling the crunch… HARD. So, we’re here.

New Report: Which Training Technology CLOs Consider The Smartest Investment

Rallyware for Human Resources

With just-in-time skilled workforces becoming a game-changer in achieving organizational excellence, the role of CLOs is becoming more holistic and profound. Transformer CLOs invest in training technology not to save but to innovate.