Diversity in the Workplace - Benefits, Challenges, and Profitability


First thing's first: What is diversity in the workplace? ? When John F Kennedy in 1961 signed what was to be known as the "Affirmative Action", he laid down a foundation that would encourage companies to build a more diverse workforce. Why is Diversity in the workplace important?

Diversity, Inclusion and The Workplace

HR Counselor's Corner

Workplace diversity is understanding, accepting, and valuing differences in people. Differences in education, as well as personalities, skill sets, experiences, is also included in the definition of diversity. So, what does it mean to have Diversity and Inclusion in your workplace?

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Embracing Corporate Diversity

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Diversity has been touted and praised for a long time. One might think that with all the data and success stories published on the value of diversity, companies would embrace the concept and take advantage of it. Diversity is also a great system of checks and balances.

Diversity, Equality, and Belonging

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Throughout 2019, we saw a renewed focus on diversity, equality, and belonging in the workplace. While companies are continuing to embrace the value of diversity to improve their business, there are still critical steps that need to be taken to ensure full equality for all people at work.

Applied AI in Talent

AI is both disrupting and transforming everything about workforce management. For HR leaders, that means changing the types of skills and competencies companies need, changing the way existing employees do their jobs, and altering the recruiting landscape. This handbook looks at how AI is shaping the way we think about workforce planning and development at the highest levels.

8 Key Diversity and Inclusion Jobs Explained

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Diversity and inclusion jobs come in all sizes and forms. Increasingly, companies want to increase the diversity within their employee pool – and for a good reason. But, supporting diversity within your business is more than just hiring people from different ethnic groups.

Help Your Hiring Team Succeed in 2020


Attracting talent won’t be any easier in 2020. 5 Hiring Trends for 2020. What trends will impact hiring in 2020? Company culture still an important factor for applicants. Gender pay equity and diversity hiring. Company Culture. Workforce Diversity.

Five trends that will define corporate social responsibility in 2020.


We pride ourselves on being purpose-driven in every aspect of our business, from the diversity of our experts to the breadth of our employee wellness resources to the values by which we operate. Here’s how we predict CSR will continue to permeate in 2020.

Communication, Inclusion, and 3 Other Priority Areas for HR in 2020

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They want to know your values and what the company stands for, and will not hesitate to walk away if the values don’t meet their expectations. 5 Areas to Focus on in 2020. Inclusion over diversity . Employee wellbeing will become a big thing in 2020 onwards.

Can People Analytics Improve Female Leadership Representation?


In fact, companies with a higher percentage of women in executive positions have a 34% higher total return to shareholders compared to those that don’t, according to Catalyst. Without people analytics, many organizations have to guess what contributes to increasing diversity or the lack of it.

Seven key HR trends for 2020


As we move into a new decade, 2020 is an opportunity for HR leaders to focus on getting their own house in order: to lead change, advocate data-driven action, and become a truly strategic force. in 2020] that will no longer be enough.”. “I’m

Corporate Culture Trends for 2020

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Every organization has its own corporate culture, which defines how things are done within the company. However, if your company culture is not on the positive side, then it is going to harm you severely in the long run. Corporate Culture Trends 2020. Company Culture

Diversity in the workplace: how to use Workable to boost D&I


It all starts with the people you bring to your company. We can’t talk about diversity if we only hire homogenous team members. You won’t see a list of diversity-specific features, though. Advertising your jobs: How to attract diverse candidates.

From Diversity and Inclusion to Belonging

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Over the past two decades, many organisations have launched programs in Diversity and Inclusion. D&I initiatives are necessary to win the war for talent, to find and hire a diverse workforce, and to ensure fair practices, but they aren’t sufficient.

Diversity in the Workplace - Benefits, Challenges, and Profitability


First thing's first: What is diversity in the workplace? ? When John F Kennedy in 1961 signed what was to be known as the "Affirmative Action", he laid down a foundation that would encourage companies to build a more diverse workforce. Why Is Diversity In The Workplace Important?

What Challenges Face HR In 2020?


HR is never short on challenges to handle or fires to put out but how will that change in 2020? Diversity initiatives. So how can your HR team ensure top talent flows into the company? Diversity initiatives. How can we make our workspaces both diverse and inclusive?

3 Employee Benefits Startups To Watch in 2020


We watched several states pass paid maternity leave legislation and saw several companies bring personal health and wellness to the forefront. What new benefits tech companies are making a splash in 2020? Paradigm IQ—Diversity, Inclusion & Equity.

GetFive Names Its 2020 HR Heroes


GetFive, a leading provider of modern outplacement and career development solutions, named its 2020 HR Hero Award Recipients today. Workfront continues to boast high employee engagement scores and to increase diversity, as a metric, for both hiring and retaining talent.

What Makes a Workplace Diversity Program Successful?

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Facebook publishes an annual diversity report —a way to catalog the efforts the company is making toward diversifying its staff, and to report on its progress. They’re not alone; many other companies, both in the technology world and beyond, are implementing similar initiatives.

Why is recruitment in 2020 going to be difficult? And what can your organization do about it?


It will not only add value to your organization currently but can become an asset for your company for years to come. And it is only going to be tougher in 2020. Here are some of the reasons why recruitment is going to be difficult in 2020, and what your organization can do about it: 1.

Does Employer Brand Affect Diversity?

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Does Employer Brand Affect Diversity? Do you know if your employer brand affect diversity levels in your talent pool and, therefore, your employee population? And as we know, in many job families and types of organizations, meeting diversity goals can be quite a challenge.

EX Roundup: Employee Experience Roundup—2020 Global Employee Experience Trends + 10 Trends Will Help You Transform Employee Communication in 2020

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Earlier this month, we posted our own employee experience trends for 2020 , in this edition of the Employee Experience Roundup, we gathered the top upcoming employee experience, HR, and workplace trends. 2020 Global Employee Experience Trends — Qualtrics Report @Qualtrics.

Want to Diversify Your Workforce? You May Need to Rethink the Interview

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The data is clear: When an organization hires a diverse workforce—people who represent different races, income levels, nationalities and genders—it performs better. When it comes to increasing diversity at their organization, many HR teams look to diversify their candidate pool.

Top Recruitment Marketing Content Opportunities for 2020

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Some of the best recruitment marketing opportunities exist when your company does something different from the norm, that candidates also really care about. that will make your company stand out from the crowd in 2020. Promote your diversity, inclusivity and belonging efforts.

5 Surefire Ways To Boost Work Culture In 2020

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In Glassdoor’s new workplace sentiment survey , over 58% of employees and job seekers say company culture is more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction. And companies such as Google and Facebook understand that. Address The Need For Diverse Teams In The Long Term.

Top Recruitment Marketing Content Trends of 2020

Stories Incorporated HR

The best content opportunities for recruitment marketers exist when your company does something unique, that candidates really care about. Here are three key priorities for candidates in 2020 that are, in turn, thee top recruitment marketing content trends of 2020.

11 Tips for Being an Effective Leader in 2020

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With that in mind, let’s take a look at a list of tips you can adopt in 2020 to become a more effective leader in 2020, and which will help you build a better relationship with your employees. Having a diverse and capable team of employees is a dream come true for every leader.

How to Prepare Your Company For a Recession

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Recessions impact all companies, but they don’t impact all companies equally. Companies that emphasize workplace diversity and inclusion (D&I) not only survive recessions, but even thrive throughout them.

Employer Spotlight: Luna Rajbhandari on Data and Diversity at Cars.com

The Muse

Check out these insights from a company that's totally crushing it. Our Employer Spotlight Series features employer branding best practices in action. This month, we chatted with Luna Rajbhandari, Senior Director of Data Management and Platforms at Cars.com. Employer Resources

2020 Recruiting Checklist for Directors of Talent Acquisition


Maybe your talent acquisition goals for 2020 include investing further in your organization’s campus recruitment strategy. Or perhaps you’re hoping to improve operational efficiency, review your organization’s diversity recruiting efforts or hire new team members.

Accidental Values: The Silent Threat to Your Company Culture


How would you describe your company culture? As a leader, what you may not realize is that you are almost certainly doing things to reinforce the positives and negatives in your company culture. Unless you’re a circus clown company, this makes no sense. .

Free Guide: Recruitment Marketing Content Ideas for 2020

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The guide gives you specific tactics, fueled by employee stories and building upon the top recruitment marketing opportunities of 2020. Within, we show you how to create content that focuses on exactly what candidates are looking for, such as learning about hiring managers before the interview , and what your company does to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Additionally, we reveal why team value propositions prove company values to candidates.

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The 2020 Recruiting Trends Report Is Here!


To understand today’s competitive hiring landscape, Entelo’s 2020 Recruiting Trends Report examines the slight, but pivotal changes in the world of talent acquisition. Read the 2020 Recruiting Trends Report to learn: Where the future of talent acquisition tech is heading.

Diversity Sourcing Strategy: 3 Tactics of Highly Diverse Companies


His research focuses on case studies of companies that successfully deliver results on their talent and learning transformation projects. And while the evidence for diversity improving business performance is clear. The question remains – how do I source and recruit diversity?

Why Networking Will Look Different In 2020 And Beyond

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However, what’s unique about Localized encapsulates the future of networking: job seekers can connect with professionals who share heritage – people from their communities, identity groups, or hometowns (expats) – working in companies all over the world.

5 HR Trends for 2020


Here Come the Roaring 20’s: 5 HR Trends for 2020. With the 2020 Global Leadership Survey in full swing, we pulled the team together to brainstorm the trends we believe clients will be wrestling with over the next 10 years. Companies are used to cycles with beginnings and endings.

The Importance of Inclusion in the Workplace


One of the biggest challenges we have today is creating diverse and inclusive environments in the workforce. Many organizations have figured out the diversity aspect, but not inclusion. Without inclusion, diversity efforts will not succeed.