Take diversity and inclusion to the next level in your company culture


The events of May 25, 2020, caused organizations in the U.S. As soon as hundreds of organizations and business leaders responded to these events by publicly committing to racial inclusiveness and justice in the workplace, we at CultureIQ started getting calls asking what was missing from existing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) efforts. Employee surveys often ask about these activities as an evaluation of the company’s culture for diversity. By Paul M. Mastrangelo.

Diversity & Inclusion Efforts During and After Pandemic & Protests

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When a company is having financial issues, the programs that are deemed unnecessary or optional usually get dropped. Unfortunately, diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs often fall into that category and it was no different during the pandemic. However, just as companies were cutting back and learning to work differently, George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. Diversity and inclusion programs are back on the table!

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The True Value of Bringing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Into Your Workplace


In today’s business world, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are often treated as buzzwords that often amount to little more than a mandatory annual training. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule book for rolling out a successful DEI program to your company, you can begin your journey by learning what DEI truly is and understanding the value it can bring to your company. Diversity is the presence of differences within a given setting.

4 Ways AI Can Help With the Diversity and Inclusion Goals at Your Company


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Supporting Employees Through COVID-19, with Wisdoms of D&I

Speaker: Melissa Dobbins, Founder & CEO, Career.place

How can companies reduce fear and maintain a happy, healthy workplace? Why not turn to the wisdoms of Diversity & Inclusion, a discipline dedicated to breaking down adversity and creating welcoming, inclusive environments. Join Melissa Dobbins, founder & CEO of Career.place, to learn how to use the tools we have been given to empower, raise awareness, and drive inclusion among the ranks.

Diversity, Equality, and Belonging

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Throughout 2019, we saw a renewed focus on diversity, equality, and belonging in the workplace. While companies are continuing to embrace the value of diversity to improve their business, there are still critical steps that need to be taken to ensure full equality for all people at work.

Who’s Attending Elevate 2020?


Elevate 2020 will kick off next Tuesday, and as excited as we are for the incredible speaker lineup , we’re also thrilled to interact with our attendees. Registration for the completely free, entirely virtual Elevate 2020 can be found here.

4 ways that companies can be truly inclusive


Skyrocketing public and political support of the Black Lives Matter movement has created an urgent effort among companies to look inwards and ask themselves what they can do to be a part of the solution. Furthermore, all of the biases that companies buried when they accepted business as usual are now bubbling up in broad daylight as the public scrutinizes their claims of supporting diversity and equality. . By Jawaun Brown.

Podcast Recap: Willie Jackson Discusses Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Note : We recorded this episode on the morning of May 27, 2020, just two days after the tragic killing of George Floyd. That episode will go live on June 30, 2020. This is about much more than workplace diversity. Businesses are rightly being called to take meaningful action towards racism and that includes the policies they put in place to have more diverse and inclusive workplaces, where everyone has an abiding sense of belonging.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Benefits and Challenges

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The positive impact of diversity and inclusion is no longer debatable. According to Deloitte, diverse companies enjoy 2.3 Gartner found that inclusive teams improve team performance by up to 30 percent in high-diversity environments. What is diversity and inclusion?

Think Outside of the Proverbial Box: Harness the Power of Data in D&I Recruitment

Speaker: Gabriel Hitt, Senior Employer Brand Advisor, Universum Global

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that change can happen quickly and at any time. As the events of social injustice have served as a catalyst for many organizations to refocus on D&I recruitment strategy, it’s important to take a step back and think outside of the proverbial “come work for us because diversity is important right now” box. While there are proven best practices, lasting and impactful results are achieved through differentiation, authenticity, and creativity. Join Gabriel Hitt as he discusses how you can build an effective D&I recruitment strategy by harnessing the power of data and keeping the interests of your audience at heart.

5 Signs a Potential Employer Values Diversity

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You might feel desperate, but wise applicants know that working for a company that reflects their values will lead to higher long-term satisfaction and success than jumping at the first opportunity. Are you in the market for a new job? Millions are in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top 10 Diversity Videos


A solid stance on Diversity & Inclusion is the foundation of many successful companies. The Best Videos on Diversity. This top 10 list of videos on diversity is in alphabetical order. What makes these diversity and inclusion videos stand out? Diversity data.

Building a Diverse Distributed Workforce


One area of focus, aided by a shift to a more distributed workforce, is increased diversity and inclusion initiatives. DE&I goals won’t go away, and as companies become more familiar with remote hiring, diverse pools of candidates will be more accessible than ever.

Is Diversity Baked Into Your Hiring Process?

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The company was spending a million dollars on messaging and elaborate company meetings to help “get the word out” and create excitement for this new, transformative initiative. The post Is Diversity Baked Into Your Hiring Process?

Applied AI in Talent

AI is both disrupting and transforming everything about workforce management. For HR leaders, that means changing the types of skills and competencies companies need, changing the way existing employees do their jobs, and altering the recruiting landscape. This handbook looks at how AI is shaping the way we think about workforce planning and development at the highest levels.

Creating An Inclusive Company Culture Begins With Psychological Safety


Since the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, people across the nation, and the globe, have been experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. As a start, we’re witnessing corporations voice commitments to build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces , and while it should not have taken yet another life lost to realize the importance of representation, silence is no longer the acceptable response. . What is psychological safety and why should your company prioritize it.

Promoting Diversity and Maintaining an Inclusive Culture

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How to Build High-Performing Diverse Teams at Work

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Today, businesses are facing immense pressure to build diverse teams at work, with several high-profile organizations compelled to divulge their diversity and inclusion statistics. The benefits of having diverse teams at work. Workplace diversity isn’t exactly a new concept.

22 Examples of Awesome Diversity Goals


We found 22 examples of diversity goals from top companies aiming to boost diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. To make the list, the diversity goals had to be written on their web site or spoken goal by their leadership (e.g. 22 Diversity Goal Examples.

Diversity in the Workplace - Benefits, Challenges, and Profitability


First thing's first: What is diversity in the workplace? ? When John F Kennedy in 1961 signed what was to be known as the "Affirmative Action", he laid down a foundation that would encourage companies to build a more diverse workforce. Why is Diversity in the workplace important?

Top 10 Diversity Mission Statements


An exceptional diversity mission statement sends a powerful message. We found 10 examples of diversity mission statements that fit the bill. How to Write a Diversity Mission Statement (7 Learnings). The best diversity mission statements use inclusive language.

Are Your Job Listings Attracting Diverse Applicants?


The next time your company is looking to find the right candidate for an open position, ask yourself the following question: Are you casting a wide enough net in order to find the best available talent from an equitably diverse.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and the Bottom Line

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The events of the last few months have brought increased attention to the value that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) bring to the workplace and to society at large. The post Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and the Bottom Line appeared first on TalentCulture. Increasingly, organizations are engaging in discussions around flexible working, social justice, privilege, equity, and about what this all means for the future of work. For those […].

Inclusion & Diversity – The Tales They Won’t Tell You


Diversity is being invited to the party and Inclusion is being asked to dance. The History of Inclusion and Diversity Hindu Mythology clearly reveals that any idea of man being superior to woman is pure human invention. diversity inclusionLet us start with definitions.

Reflektive Customer Series: Best Practices to Drive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Addressing inclusivity is also top-of-mind for many companies, but often they’re not sure where to start. Reflektive partnered with LifeLabs to share the best ways companies can start building inclusivity, now. Ready to measure and improve inclusivity at your company?

#WorkTrends Leading Organizations to Resilience and Diversity

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The post #WorkTrends Leading Organizations to Resilience and Diversity appeared first on TalentCulture. Featured Podcast Podcast Recaps #WorkTrends company growth Diversity diversity and inclusion empathy Employee Engagement HR strategy Leadership Leading Through Crisis personal growth resilience talent acquisitionNo question: businesses and employees are going through a lot. The pivot to remote. Changing laws and regulations (sometimes overnight).

5 Excellent Tips For Managing Workplace Diversity

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Workplace diversity and inclusion is a fundamental topic in business circles. First and foremost, it’s necessary to understand what workplace diversity is. In a broad sense, it’s the varied composition of employees in a company. Begin by recruiting to promote diversity.

It’s Time to Rethink Diversity and Inclusion


Few in the HR community would disagree that we, as a society, have reached a tipping point concerning issues of discrimination, diversity and inclusion. Public outcry and protest over what many consider to be long-standing and systemic enablers of injustice, racism and inequality have forced all organizations to reassess and reimagine their strategies and programs for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).

Polarized Responses — Celarity’s Diversity & Inclusion Pulse Survey


Last month, we launched our first Pulse Survey around the topic of diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. When it comes to the feedback we received from company leaders, there was a trend in the data that may seem surprising – initially. The Size of the Company Matters.

Professional Alternatives Wins 2020 National Best & Brightest Award

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Professional Alternatives has been named one of the 2020 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® in the United States by the National Association for Business Resources (NABR). Only companies that distinguish themselves as having the most innovative and thoughtful human resources approach can be bestowed this honor. As the conversation and focus have shifted, our Best and Brightest winning companies have also been a voice for important actions regarding Race.

2020 Employee Engagement Trends

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If we’ve learned anything in the last few years about the future of work, it’s that companies must be agile. Some key questions were: What engagement tools should companies adopt to keep up with an evolving workforce? Interested in ACE 2020?

The Relentless Case For Diversity In Hiring In 2020


2020 has cast a glaring light on the racial and socioeconomic inequalities running rampant within our communities. Some may be asking how the year can be 2020 and we still have made seemingly little progress on the road to true equity. According to Fortune , white men account for 72% of leadership positions at 16 Fortune 500 companies. Amongst Fortune 500 companies , there are just 3 Black CEOs, 11 Latino CEOs, and 33 women CEOs. Diversity diversity hiring

5 Ways to Improve Diversity Recruiting Efforts

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The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has placed a magnifying glass on the state of workplace diversity at organizations in all industries. What is diversity recruiting and why is it important to success? 5 ways to improve your diversity recruiting initiatives.

How to Prioritize Diversity in Hiring


While diversity and inclusivity in hiring has been a priority for the majority of human resource professionals and recruiters, today’s climate has strengthened focus and commitment to ensuring these practices are ingrained into their corporate DNA. . How diverse are your clients and vendors?

6 Diversity and Inclusion Statistics You Need to Know [+ Takeaways]

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Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic in today’s marketplace and an important focus for companies who want to attract and engage top talent. But diversity and inclusion efforts are not just a feel-good corporate policy—they have real economic and business impact.

Embracing Corporate Diversity

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Diversity has been touted and praised for a long time. One might think that with all the data and success stories published on the value of diversity, companies would embrace the concept and take advantage of it. Diversity is also a great system of checks and balances.

PeopleStrategy and Lighthouse Research & Advisory to Hold Anti-Racism Forum with HR and Company Leaders


Recognizing that HR and business leaders may be struggling to know where to begin when it comes to building an actively anti-racist workplace, PeopleStrategy is planning a live virtual event, “Going Beyond Diversity & Inclusion: an Open Forum on Anti-Racism.” Going Beyond Diversity & Inclusion: an Open Forum on Anti-Racism” will be held the week of August 24 – 28, 2020 from 3 – 4 pm ET each day.

Diversity Sourcing Strategy: 3 Tactics of Highly Diverse Companies


His research focuses on case studies of companies that successfully deliver results on their talent and learning transformation projects. In my last blog, I wrote about the importance of diversity and inclusion, the relationship between diversity and business performance , and some best practices for implementing the two in your company. And while the evidence for diversity improving business performance is clear. Diversity driven Culture.

24 Powerful Diversity And Inclusion Quotes for a Stronger Company Culture

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Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization. Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together. Without diversity, life would be very boring. Diversity is the mix.