The True Value of Bringing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Into Your Workplace


In today’s business world, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are often treated as buzzwords that often amount to little more than a mandatory annual training. Diversity is the presence of differences within a given setting.

Getting Started with a Competency-Based Skills Audit


Getting Started with a Competency-Based Skills Audit. A competency-based skills audit can help to address this challenge. If that applies to you, a recent article in Forbes identified the essential skills every company needs in 2020. These ten skills are data literacy, critical thinking, ‘tech savviness’, adaptability, creativity, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and diversity, leadership skills, judgment and complex decision making and collaboration.

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Diversity in the Workplace - Benefits, Challenges, and Profitability


First thing's first: What is diversity in the workplace? ? When John F Kennedy in 1961 signed what was to be known as the "Affirmative Action", he laid down a foundation that would encourage companies to build a more diverse workforce. Why is Diversity in the workplace important?

One-way video interview biases: potential risks for diversity


So, as any other recruiting solution that you use to improve diversity in your business, if you don’t use video interviews the right way, there will still be some stumbling blocks. Stories & Insights Diversity & Inclusion Inside HR Recruiting strategy Technology Video interviews

Applied AI in Talent

AI is both disrupting and transforming everything about workforce management. For HR leaders, that means changing the types of skills and competencies companies need, changing the way existing employees do their jobs, and altering the recruiting landscape. This handbook looks at how AI is shaping the way we think about workforce planning and development at the highest levels.

Workforce Scheduling Complete Guide For 2020


HR professionals and managers ought to dive in to study and structure their human resources in the most competent modus operandi. The goal of workforce management is to thoroughly optimize the productivity levels and competency of the workforce. .

What Makes a Workplace Diversity Program Successful?

Thrive Global

Facebook publishes an annual diversity report —a way to catalog the efforts the company is making toward diversifying its staff, and to report on its progress. Diversity initiatives are policies and practices designed to improve the workplace experiences and outcomes of target group members.

2020 Guide To Diversity & Inclusion Events, Part 1


After talking to hundreds of recruiters and HR professionals about their diversity and inclusion initiatives, we found there to be a major gap between D&I efforts and results. 2020 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Summit. Date: January 21st - 22nd, 2020.

The Top 20 Diversity Titles [with Descriptions]


Which diversity titles work best for you and your team? My team and I looked at the best practices at leading companies as well as the most popular diversity titles requested on Google (via ahrefs and Google’s Keyword Tool). Diversity vs Inclusion vs. Equity.

February 2020 Jobs Report Recap: Key Takeaways and Hiring Tips


The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its February 2020 jobs report. With a diverse recruitment marketing strategy in place, your team can expand the reach of your open roles and ensure you’re not only investing in one recruitment channel with limited insight into ROI.

Report 108

The critical role all managers play in workplace diversity

Business Management Daily

The reality is, managers play a critical role in ensuring that a high-level corporate concept of workplace diversity comes to life in a way that all employees can feel, sense and embrace in their professional lives. Demand a diverse candidate pool.

April 2020 Jobs Report: Recap and Hiring Strategies


The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its April 2020 jobs report. Reach diverse job seekers from across industries. In your employee testimonials and success stories, make sure to highlight stories from employees with diverse backgrounds.

6M | Marketing Strategic Leadership Competency Models to Achieve Widespread Organizational Buy-In


As workforces continue to become more diverse and competitive, organizations must look inward to leverage and develop their existing talents, in order to tackle these challenges. How will we ensure understanding and commitment to our competency model from all levels of the organization?

Complete HR Guide to Talent Management In 2020


It is this process of recognizing and acquiring the most competent candidate that makes all the difference. The essential responsibility is to recognize, cultivate, and instigate competence among the workforce. HR professionals are liable to perform an outstanding number of tasks.

11 Tips for Being an Effective Leader in 2020

Career Metis

Thanks to modern technology, things are moving at an incredibly fast pace, which makes competent leaders an essential part of every organization. Being a good decision-maker requires not only vision and competence but also courage and the ability to thrive in stressful situations.

What You Can do to Combat Racism at Work


Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Companies that figure out how to create a culture of diversity and inclusion are the ones that systematically recruit, develop, promote, and engage the hearts and minds of professionals with different backgrounds and diverse perspectives.

ATS 66

Increasing the Quality, and Diversity, of Candidates in a Small Business

Acacia HR Solutions

Competing with much larger firms for talent. The post Increasing the Quality, and Diversity, of Candidates in a Small Business appeared first on A soapbox I can find myself on quite often surrounds employer branding efforts for small businesses.

Diversity in the Workplace - Benefits, Challenges, and Profitability


First thing's first: What is diversity in the workplace? ? When John F Kennedy in 1961 signed what was to be known as the "Affirmative Action", he laid down a foundation that would encourage companies to build a more diverse workforce. Why Is Diversity In The Workplace Important?

International Women’s Day: Addressing Gender Pay Equity

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In honor of International Women’s Day 2020 , we’re dedicating the month of March to highlighting the unique challenges women face in the world of work, particularly when it comes to gender pay equity, as well as opportunities leaders and organizations have to truly move the needle.

What Challenges Face HR In 2020?


HR is never short on challenges to handle or fires to put out but how will that change in 2020? Diversity initiatives. Diversity initiatives. How can we make our workspaces both diverse and inclusive? Then try to tie the need for diversity to the bottom line more.

10 Soft Skills Job Seekers Will Need to Advance Their Careers (2020)

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Demographic changes, globalization, and digitalization are having a profound impact on how employees are required to perform their jobs in 2020. . Employers have already outlined a set of soft skills that they want from an employee in 2020. 9) Cross-Cultural Competence.

10 Incredible Career Page Examples in 2020


Awesome feature and supporting images: Support the values of a diverse company. Through competencies. Great feature image: We really like this one, it’s a crystal clear image, promotes diversity, and supports the headline.

Top 15 Employee Engagement Strategies for 2020


An employee enters an organization with three key expectations: Career Competence. Competence. Most employees after spending a couple of months look for competence-boosting opportunities within the organization so that they can grow and shift to the next level of their careers.

How Recruiters Can Drive Diversity Efforts

Linkedin Talent Blog

However, we are seeing one big area of opportunity: Recruiters who are true value-added partners to their hiring managers by sourcing, recruiting, and closing outstanding talent — especially diverse talent. Diversity Recruiting Tips

Video: Skip Spriggs on Achieving True Diversity & Inclusion in the Working World (i4cp login required)


The importance of diversity and inclusion has never been more top of mind than it is today. But achieving true diversity and inclusion in the working world continues to be elusive, says Skip Spriggs, former president and CEO of the Executive Leadership Council and former CHRO of TIAA.


EX Roundup: Employee Experience Roundup—2020 Global Employee Experience Trends + 10 Trends Will Help You Transform Employee Communication in 2020

Vignette Agency

Earlier this month, we posted our own employee experience trends for 2020 , in this edition of the Employee Experience Roundup, we gathered the top upcoming employee experience, HR, and workplace trends. 2020 Global Employee Experience Trends — Qualtrics Report @Qualtrics.

Winning the Tech Talent War in 2020


Tech companies are on the frontlines when it comes to competing for talent. With all the options available to today’s highly-skilled talent, why should they choose your technology company? What makes you special? And how long will they stay?

5 Strategies for Effective Diversity Recruitment

Linkedin Talent Blog

Focus on competency-based interviewing. An efficient interview process frames each stage as an opportunity to drill into specific competencies (like the ones found on Lominger’s list ), rather than on soft skills or nebulous ideas of “culture fit.” Diversity



At this time, many of the larger corporations have already implemented this type of education as a way to reduce training costs and maximize production, especially due to their diverse populations and multiple facilities in different cities, States and even countries.

What is COVID-19 Doing to the Workforce of the Future?


Suddenly, new graduates must compete with laid off seasoned workers for fewer jobs in a changed work environment filled with virtual work and heightened safety protocols. Generation Z and Millennials in the Workforce 2020. Shifting Skill Needs and Competency Development.

Re-entry in a recession

CLO Magazine

Six months into COVID-19, organizations are moving away from work-from-home concerns to focus on employee re-entry, with an eye toward talent engagement and retention — all amidst newly heightened awareness around diversity, equity and inclusion.

13 Employee Engagement Trends for 2020

Vantage Circle

13 Employee Engagement Trends for 2020. Here is a list of 13 Employee engagement trends for the coming year that are most likely to define employee engagement in 2020. PEOPLE-FIRST CULTURE: In 2020 we are looking at a culture-first decade. They love diverse and flexible choices.

How To Recruit 2020 New Grads Virtually


This year’s college seniors are quickly approaching graduation, which usually calls for tons of recruitment activity on campus as top organizations compete to recruit the class of 2020. To secure the top new grads in 2020, recruiters will have to take a virtual approach to campus recruiting. While students often have some idea of what they are looking for, campus recruitment helps solidify this by exposing them to a diverse slate of organizations.

Top 3 Predictions for HR in 2020


2020 is going to be a year of action. Through this work, we’ve identified three big predictions for HR in 2020. . Three HR Predictions in 2020: . Strategic HR will become the most valuable core competency inside the organization: There are trends afoot that are reshaping the traditional contractual relationship between employer and employee. He stated 2020 will be focused on sustainable productivity through trust, purpose, and action at work. .

“How Diversity Can Increase a Company’s Bottom Line”,With Fotis Georgiadis & JD Miller

Thrive Global

As a part of our series about “How Diversity Can Increase a Company’s Bottom Line”, I had the pleasure of interviewing JD Miller. As Motus’ first senior LGBTQ leader, JD has promoted a balance of diverse and inclusive perspectives and backgrounds.

4 Business Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Brazen Recruiting

The cry for diversity in the workplace has reached a boiling point. companies are spending millions annually on diversity programs and initiatives. And you can’t peruse a news website or industry blog without stumbling across a diversity hiring headline.

Alyssa G. Martin of Weaver: “Why I’d like to inspire a movement to increase the diversity among those serving on public company boards of directors”

Thrive Global

I would like to inspire a movement to increase the diversity among those serving on public company boards of directors. Diversity can take many forms. Our economic success and our future depend on tapping into the rich diversity that America offers. Diversity can take many forms.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 13-17, 2020

Brandon Hall

Only half the companies in Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Measurement Study say they are either effective or very effective at measuring their formal learning programs. The failures of career development affect an organization’s ability to compete and grow. The Power of Technology in Driving Career and Competency Development. However, the majority don’t leverage the strategies, programs and processes to build an inclusive culture of diverse talent.

3 Reasons Why Employers Should Care about Accessibility


When your online experiences aren’t accessible, you shrink your recruiting reach – and the diversity inside your company – by 15%. On top of that, diversity has evolved from a conversation to a full blown revolution. Imagine increasing diversity of thought in your company by 15%.

Four Tech Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

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Here are my predictions for 2020 and why I anticipate these will be key changes we see this year: 1. I anticipate that we’ll start seeing a return to more holistic multi-channel and test-market-based ROIs in 2020. Social pressure pushes big companies to make micro-changes in 2020. In 2020, I’m looking forward to more brands taking bigger, bolder steps forward in service to what I call the fourth stakeholder: society. .