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2021 Employer Branding Strategy

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That said, employer brand strategy has experienced some monumental shifts in the last few months, and become more recognized as a core component of workplace effectiveness. Employers are looking to connect at a more personal level now to gain trust, and preference.

Employer Branding vs. Recruitment Marketing

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Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing are no longer just a term being thrown around among HR professionals. Recruitment Marketing is the process of actually promoting a company’s Employer Brand.


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2020 Recruiting Trends: Technology and Human Connection Drive Recruiting Success


At the HR Technology conference this year, HR analyst Josh Bersin observed that while HR technology is rapidly changing across the board, the most dynamic area of growth is in recruiting technology.

How to Manage Employer Brand the Agile Way


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a static, unidimensional employer brand is no longer enough – we all need to more actively manage employer brands over time. Are you managing your employer brand to absorb these changes? Employer Brand

Emphasising Employer Brand

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At a time when hiring and recruitment have slowed for many companies, Asia-Pacific businesses are redeploying staff and resources to the community. Even if they’re not hiring immediately, activities like these will definitely build brand value for the employer.

Top 5 Recruitment Trends for 2020


Hiring managers and recruiters have already seen the first quarter of 2020. Candidate experience Employer Brand Resume Parser GenZThey are continuously looking for strategies to find the perfect candidate and remain competitive in the market.

HR Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2020


Over the past few years, HR trends have shifted focus to creating a positive candidate experience, strengthening employer branding and embracing social recruitment. Consider how candidates interact with your brand in terms of technology and content.

The best employer branding podcasts: listen and learn

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Start with some of our favorite employer branding podcasts. Phenom’s podcast takes their discussions way beyond the boundaries of talent tech and recruitment marketing platforms to cover all topics relating to talent experience. The Employer Branding Podcast.

Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing in Crisis Mode with CVS Health’s Kerry Noone

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This means that now, more than ever, employers need to consider what their job ads and hiring process convey to candidates (not to mention customers and clients). Industry Trends

The Rise of Employer Brands on Tik Tok

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Savvy employer brands have long been using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to share compelling culture and recruitment messaging. This ensures that Tik Tok content and trends can quickly take on a life of their own. Employer Brandin

Top 7 Recruitment Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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Over the past few years, the trend in recruitment has been constantly changing. These days, employers would emphasize skills assessments and have embraced the various technological advancements in recruiting. Recruiting Generation Z.

5 Meaningful Employer Branding Trends That Emerged in 2020

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At the beginning of the year, the phrase “employer branding” tended to conjure up images of sleek offices, fun company retreats, and enviable perks. As 2020 draws to a close, that idea of employer branding has been turned on its head.

Audit Your Employer Brand Now to Get Ahead in 2020


To stand out and attract top talent in today’s competitive hiring market, you need a strong employer brand. In fact, recent data found that 69 percent of job seekers would reject a job offer from a company with a bad employer brand. Hireology data also found that a strong employer brand can boost applicant-to-hire conversion tenfold, compared to organizations that don’t have an employer brand strategy in place. .

Employer Branding Budgets

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If you’re asking yourself “How much should I budget for employer brand efforts”? ( And for the record, you should be budgeting for your employer brand efforts.) “What does a good employer branding strategy budget look like”? Or “How will my leadership even approve an employer branding budget”? The takeaway here is to tie your branding efforts to the metrics that define the success of your department.

Top 3 Healthcare Staffing Trends of 2020

Hospital Recruiting

Recruiting Through Non-Traditional Avenues. Gone is the “post and pray” era of recruiting where simply posting an opening on a company website or job board was enough to build a qualified pool of candidates. Focus on Employer Branding and the Candidate Experience.

Building An Employer Brand To Attract And Retain Talent


Google , Facebook , and Apple have a huge presence in the recruitment industry. Well, the secret to competing for top talent is by communicating your employer brand and telling your story. To put it in perspective recruitment is marketing and if you are not marketing your company to potential candidates you are missing out on the opportunity to attract top talent. That is the power employer branding has. Why is employer branding so important?

Stories from the team: from employer branding consultant to Director of Client Services

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In this post, Jill shares her story about her transition from corporate employer branding to consulting several progressive employer brands. As a former recruiter, I knew patience and timing is critical to landing the right opportunity. Reading Time: 5 minutes.

TOP 11 recruitment software to look out for in 2020 [+ G2 reviews]


The recruitment game has changed drastically over the last decade. As per studies, the global recruitment software market was valued at USD 1753.2 A superb solution to help with such recruitment issues is recruitment software. Did we miss any important recruitment tool?

4 Hiring Trends to Watch in 2020


Job seekers are expecting more out of the recruitment experience — are you answering the call? It also means that recruiters need to be aware of shifting trends if they’re going to stay competitive going into 2020. 4 Hiring Trends to Watch in 2020.

Top Recruitment Marketing Content Trends of 2020

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The best content opportunities for recruitment marketers exist when your company does something unique, that candidates really care about. Here are three key priorities for candidates in 2020 that are, in turn, thee top recruitment marketing content trends of 2020.

How To Manage Employer Branding Through COVID-19


Managing your employer brand during this time may seem like a delicate balancing act between wanting to promote your business, not coming across as insensitive to businesses closing up shop, and supporting the communities around you. Coronavirus Growth Essentials SMB Trends

Top Talent Acquisition Trends for 2020 and Beyond


Employer Branding Powers Talent Attraction. Moving forward in 2020 and beyond, we can expect to see higher adoption of recruitment marketing techniques. Most candidates actively desire employers that are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion , for example.

Recruiting Trends 2020 Report: Predictions for the Year Ahead


A new decade is upon us, bringing with it the next generation of talent , greater innovation in HR tech, and new recruitment process strategies. Recruitment operations teams will be a must-have. Less than 1 in 4 recruiters say that key metrics are available to everyone on their HR team.

5 Habits of Effective Recruiters


Becoming a successful recruiter takes many different skills, including excellent communication, customer service, organization and even a keen sense of intuition. The most effective recruiters have created an organization system that works for them, and one they always follow.

Best practices for recruiters during a hiring freeze


But this also means putting your typical recruiter job responsibilities on hold, including sourcing and screening. Recruiters are used to a fast working pace, dividing their time across many tasks including sourcing, screening, and of course, hiring. Nurture your employer brand.

How Recruiting and Employer Branding Will Change During and After a Pandemic

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As we go through our new normal and watch how companies react to the changing economy, we find ourselves in a situation where people analytics is vital to how companies recruit and treat their employees because their actions will redefine their employer branding after this pandemic.

Blu Ivy Group - Untitled Article

Blu Ivy Group

4 Emerging Trends in Employer Branding for 2020. 2020 is proving to be explosive in the volume of new employers launching Employee Value Propositions and Employer Branding projects. They invested in LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or Indeed branded pages.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


There are a ton of great HR/Recruitment blogs. Ongig, of course, has its own recruiting blog — you’re reading it right now! This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Recruiting Blog.

HR Trends to Watch in 2020


Data analytics are a global trend giving great insights and the ability to make robust, unbiased decisions. AI in recruiting was designed to automate time-consuming, repetitive activities such as CV screening or identifying potentially biased language in job descriptions.

What is Recruitment Marketing and how should employers use it

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Recruitment management can be defined as the process of finding new employees. The recruitment process can be separated into five activities that may vary depending on the company’s needs. . On paper, the recruiting process looks simple. Every branding element plays a role.

Top 10 Productivity Apps for Recruiters for 2020

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While a recruiter’s main goal is to hire the best person for the company, this one and only objective requires a variety of tasks. To that end, we’ve curated a list of the best productivity apps for recruiters. Productivity tools for rec ruiters: Sourcing and Recruiting Tools. .

10 HR Trends to Watch Out For in 2020


These are the HR trends we anticipate will transform the workforce and the workplace in 2020. With HR tech solutions, HR departments are equipped with a wealth of information that is available at their fingertips, including recruitment data, employee statistics, and performance KPIs.

Top Talent Trends of 2014

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led a talk on the Top 10 Talent Trends of 2014. After presenting all ten trends, which you can view by downloading the slides here , Dessain polled webinar participants, revealing the top two trends HR pros believed would make the most impact in the coming year: #1. Talent Trend: The Skills Mismatch Paradox. By 2020 there will be 1 million more Computer Science jobs in the US than Computer Science students. Talent Trend: Talent Experience is King.

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Breaking Down the 2020 @Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey with @Kris_Dunn and @KellyWLavin

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20 – Breaking Down the 2020 Recruiter Nation Survey – Kelly Lavin and Tim Sackett. In Episode 20 of BEST HIRE EVER , Kris Dunn breaks down the 2020 Recruiter Nation Survey from Jobvite with Kelly Lavin (SVP of Talent at Jobvite) and Tim Sackett.

13 HR Trends: The New Workplace

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Trend” usually implies that the popularity of something is fleeting, but that’s not the case with the HR trends in the workplace today. Employee-centric companies are here to stay, and employee-focused trends will continue to grow as younger employees enter the workforce.