Employment Law 2020: Are You Prepared and Protected?

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It’s a brand-new decade, and employment law changes are occurring at a breakneck speed right alongside technological innovation. Trends and best practices in employment law have evolved dramatically in recent years, and it can be hard for HR practitioners to keep up.

SBDR: 11 New Employment Laws Recently Enacted in California


California steals the top spot today as we take a look at some of the new changes to employment law in the Golden State. Meanwhile, Kansas is promoting workforce development and employment in a pretty cool, new way, and Maryland lawmakers are looking out for the actual little guys.


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3 Employment Screening Trends to Know Before You Hire in 2020

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?Compliance will be front and center for organizations that conduct pre-employment background checks in 2020. Risk Management Talent Acquisition Compliance Background Investigations Employment Law Talent Acquisition Technology

From Marijuana To #MeToo—Top Employment Law Updates For 2019


This article is a recap of a recent webinar featuring Kate Bischoff from tHRive Law & Consulting. Employment law changes tend to come in waves, driven by public perceptions of what’s fair for workers. We’re only a quarter through 2019 and employment law is already changing at a rapid pace, with an increasingly widespread commitment to greater pay equity, access to paid leave, and protection from harassment and discrimination.

Seven key HR trends for 2020


2019 was a year of flux for UK HR professionals, with a complex political and economic landscape shaping everything from employment law to labour market trends. We have to deploy critical thinking; spot trends, themes and relationships; and connect the dots together.”. “We

Why was there an employment law trending on Twitter yesterday? Oh, I think I know.

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If you need a refresher, here are a few of the many articles printed yesterday addressing the big Supreme Court news: Supreme Court Can Settle Split on LGBT Bias in the Workplace from Robert Iafolla and Supreme Court to Consider Whether LGBT Bias Is ‘Sex’ Bias (2) from Erin Mulvaney and Patrick Dorrian reporting at Bloomberg Law. Image Credit: [link].

Five Employment law highlights from around the country

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The $15 an hour minimum wage trend picks up some steam as Los Angeles votes to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour in increments until it tops $15 in 2020. There is a trend that is bound to get companies in trouble with discrimination if they apply it to their business. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently signed into law the Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act which goes into effect September 1, 2015.

These Tech Trends Will Transform Work by 2020

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But I'm not talking about politics or public policy here, and these trends won't only impact the election. 3) Digital Avatars Will Become Photorealistic If you think detecting lying on a resume or during the interview is tough to detect, watch out for this trend. This year will go down in history — but it may be nothing compared to the next four.

Trends 196

New Employment Laws for 2021: What They Mean for HR Professionals

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With the infamous 2020 in the rearview mirror — hopefully along with the unprecedented challenges that accompanied it — HR professionals are hoping for a less chaotic year. HR professionals are well equipped to handle the new employment laws going into effect this year.

Top 10 Talent Management & Employment Screening Blogs from 2020


As I compile Cisive’s annual list of the most popular blog posts of 2020, I am reminded of everything that we faced and, eventually, overcame. As you review your company’s initiatives, here are Cisive’s top 10 talent management and employment screening articles from 2020.

EEOC charge trends contain good news & bad

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Good news and some bad news for employers lurks within the EEOC charge statistics for Fiscal Year 2019. There were 39,110 employee complaints that alleged the employer retaliated against an employee for reporting or complaining about some form of discrimination. What employers can do.

New employment laws to watch in 2020


Every new year brings new employment laws, and 2020 is no different. There are some big changes employers need to know about at the federal, state and local levels. Many of those new rules have 2020 deadlines that employers must comply with. 31, 2020.

Human resources tech trends to watch in 2021

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From time tracking to virtual onboarding, HR tools can help make life easier for employers and employees. One in four companies with remote workers purchased technology in 2020 to track and monitor employees working from home during the pandemic.

What’s In the Nevada Marijuana Drug Employment Law?


New legislation in Nevada makes it the first state to prohibit employers from disqualifying candidates because of a failed drug screen for marijuana. Governor Steve Sisolak signed the new law on June 5. It will take effect on January 1, 2020. It’s one of the latest developments around marijuana in the workplace impacting employers across the country. Exceptions to the Law. Nor will it override any existing federal law. A National Trend.

Don’t Get Left Behind by New California Employment Laws

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The California Legislature is constantly enacting new laws, many of which address relatively narrow issues. In some instances, however, there’s still a significant impact on employers, especially in industries that are being targeted by the legislation. Read on, because it remains critical that anyone who works with (or in spite of) California employment laws must keep himself or herself well informed. Applicants for Employment: Criminal History.

10 HR Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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Create strong job descriptions and help your company develop a strong employer brand. It can be a difficult space to steer through if not properly trained on legal matters like state and local employment law, workplace harassment, workplace violence and employee leave options.

10 HR Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Intoo USA

Create strong job descriptions and help your company develop a strong employer brand. It can be a difficult space to steer through if not properly trained on legal matters like state and local employment law, workplace harassment, workplace violence and employee leave options.

Improve your labor law compliance for 2020


The Department of Labor (DOL) requires that employers post certain notices in their workplaces in order to ensure employees have access to information about their rights. Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law. Download "EEO is the Law" Poster. HR industry trends

Substance Abuse Spikes During COVID-19


A recent report in March from Jane Technologies, a leading cannabis e-commerce platform, shows that the average marijuana retail store saw revenues increase 52% to 130% compared to sales volumes in January 2020 [5]. Employer Action. COVID-19 Drug Screening Employment Law

Top 10 Talent Management & Employment Screening Blogs from 2020


As I compile Cisive’s annual list of the most popular blog posts of 2020, I am reminded of everything that we faced and, eventually, overcame. As you review your company’s initiatives, here are Cisive’s top 10 talent management and employment screening articles from 2020.

How the California Consumer Privacy Act Impacts Background Checks


The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) goes into effect on January 1, 2020 and it will rank amongst the most stringent privacy laws in the U.S. The new law will provide California residents with more control over their digital information and provide significant penalties to covered companies who fail to comply. state privacy laws limit their definitions of “personal information” to certain identifiers that could be used to commit identity theft (e.g.,

The Best Way to Process Payroll [Updated for 2020]


Updated May 20, 2020. 9 Reasons Employers Turn To Technology. 5 Important Things to Know About Payroll in 2020. January 1, 2020, the new overtime rule will take effect. 2020 is a Leap Year. W-4 (There is a new form for 2020). State or local sick leave laws.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Minimum Wage By State And 2020 Increases. Recruiting Trends and Tips. Employer Branding. Employer Branding. Glassdoor for Employers Blog. HR Trends.

Five tips to help HR apply and comply with the SMCR


Given that the extended regulations came into force in December 2019, and that they affect every aspect of the employee lifecycle – from hiring to appraisals and offboarding – HR’s lack of involvement with SMCR compliance so far is a worrying trend. .

Talking Politics at Work: Election 2020, a Primer


Policies on talking policies at work will differ from company to company, but business and employment lawyers are unequivocal in their call for every organization to have one. “It’s This means no MAGA hats during Zoom calls or Biden/Harris 2020 thumbnail images as Slack profile pics.

Is outsourcing hiring to artificial intelligence legally safe?

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Numerous federal, state and city laws govern how you recruit and hire workers and punish those who discriminate. Similarly, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects workers over 40. Possibly, if employers follow common-sense guidelines in outsourcing hiring to AI.

It’s time to rewrite your company’s PTO policies

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Leave laws were already complex, but federal pandemic legislation and swiftly changing local laws, have made it hard to keep up. Review your local paid time off laws. The Fair Labor Standards Act ( FLSA ) is the federal law that dictates how employers pay their employees.

What OSHA’s new COVID safety guidelines mean for your business

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As anticipated, OSHA has released new guidelines for employers around COVID safety and prevention. However, that does not mean that employers should them. In this case, it’s best to get ahead of the trend while you can instead of scrambling to catch up later.

Understanding the Basics: What Is Human Capital Management Software?


Safeguarding compliance with regulations and laws. 1 reason people quit their jobs is the inability to learn and grow, according to the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report. Today’s HR executives formulate employer brands to attract talent and promote their workplaces.

Courts: Legal pot clashes with zero-tolerance drug test policies

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Employers were safe to move forward without worrying about whether the individual was approved to use medical marijuana or if an employee was actually impaired while at work. Now, however, many states and local jurisdictions are enacting or considering anti-discrimination laws that prohibit employers taking adverse action against employees for failing a drug test, even if the employer has a zero-tolerance policy in place. Answers to Tricky HR Questions Employment Law

Future Friday: The Independent Contractor will NOT rule by 2020

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As we get into 2016, and 2020 is a mere four years away, the likelihood of there being a major shift in the direction of a high percentage of independent contractors seems less likely to me. People have done that for a long time, but they still see themselves as reporting to an employer and not being self-employed in that endeavor. Many workers are just not ready to embrace something other than the employer-employee model it seems.

Options for long-term employee telework agreements

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The pandemic accelerated that trend. Employers found they had no other option when state and local governments deemed their businesses ‘unessential’ and shut them down. Fortunately, and perhaps surprisingly, many employers discovered that telework didn’t decrease productivity.

How to Choose the Right ATS


Does your ATS provide any level of customization for employer branding? How does your system manage compliance with employment laws and internal policies and procedures that govern recruiting and hiring?

Don’t Miss This: Rules for Remote and Traveling Employees


While this continuing trend offers many advantages, it requires careful consideration of how California’s employment laws address remote and traveling workers. Date: Thursday, April 30, 2020.

Cisive’s Top 10 Talent Screening Blog Posts of 2019


From background screening compliance to drug testing best practices, this year has been filled with employment law updates for HR leaders and hiring managers across all sectors. As laws governing background checks continue to change, regulatory oversight expands and the ranks of applicants misrepresenting themselves grows, selecting a vendor to conduct background checks on candidates is more important than ever—not to mention that legal compliance has also become more challenging.

Upcoming Webinar Addresses Tight Labor Market


CalChamber’s webinar helps California employers navigate the challenges of recruitment in 2020. All the while, employment trends show an increase in job mobility among workers as the quest for more flexibility, life/work balance and workplace perks are on the rise.

Top 5 Screening Trends for 2022by Joy Henry,

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Top 5 Screening Trends for 2022. Job vacancies remained unfilled at record levels, giving candidates more options and employers more competition for talent. Even some, but not all, of this year’s screening trend predictions have a familiar ring to them. TREND 1. One company discovered it had a group of imposters in its employ—individuals who were “sold” a remote work position along with the identities they used to get hired. TREND 2. TREND 3.

10 Places to Find US: 2019 HR Trends Edition

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In honor of the #12DaysofHCM, we’re thrilled to share this special recap edition of the most talked-about 2019 HR trends and best practices! Back by popular demand, employment attorney Kate Bischoff returned to present her annual employment law webcast with US.

GOTCHA! You won’t believe how one company unraveled an employee’s ‘flat tire’ absence excuse

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Fair warning, this post is more about pettiness than it is employment law. Well, last night on Twitter, I saw a story trending about that employee. But at the end of the first full week of 2020, it may be close. Image Credit: @sydneyywhitson on Twitter.

Webinar: CEO insights on the future workplace


But together with BambooHR , we overcame that burden and on June 25, 2020, we co-hosted a webinar titled: “CEOs on the future of remote work”. Employers quickly realized that they’re not the key to productivity but rather a habitual schema they probably had to revisit.