Turn Hunter-Gatherers Into Farmers: How Modern Talent Acquisition Can Adopt Millenia-Old Evolutionary Changes to Hire Better and Faster


For decades, talent-acquisition teams have been built around the idea that all talent must be found externally, over-optimizing tools and processes around the theory that the best hire is going to start as a stranger. Recruiters have been trained in a hunter-gatherer model to ignore some of their best talent sources just because they didn’t match up to that idea. The cost of hiring exceptional talent from the outside is far more than the cost of promoting from within.

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This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Minimum Wage By State And 2020 Increases. LinkedIn Talent Blog. Talent Leadership. What Is Talent Acquisition? Talent Acquisition. Employee handbook: 6 must-have policies for your manual. Talent and Learning. Talent Management. What is Talent Management? What is Talent Management?

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Lights, camera, action: Interviewing in our new reality


Bailo, also author of The Essential Digital Interview Handbook , says many recruiters skip one of the most important components of digital interviews: preparation. Coronavirus HR Technology Recruiting Screening & Selection Staffing Talent Acquisition Talent Management Top Stories COVID-19 employee engagement hiring HR tech recruiting remote work technology

The 5-Step Guide to Recruiting Top Talent Through Employer Branding


Are you struggling to attract talented employees to your company? In other words, recruiting is a two-way street, with both employer and talent evaluating the hiring. Here are five steps to take to leverage your employer brand to recruit top talent. But don’t just pick what you think is right —whatever you choose should be aligned with what top talents are looking for. Your EVP will be added to your employer handbook, your job offers, your career page on your website.

Restaurants Have a Turnover Problem – Here’s the Solution to Curbing Quit Rates


Now more than ever, it’s essential for establishments at front- and back-of-houses keep the quality talent they already have. That fact means those leading talent acquisition efforts are under intense and constant pressure to fill the holes left by quitters. . AI Talent AcquisitionUsing hiring and recruitment programs in today’s candidate-driven labor market can feel like feeding a monster: a great big, hairy thing that’s insatiable.

What Should HR’s Focus Be Following the COVID-19 Pandemic?


The Coronovisus crisis has been at the forefront of all our minds for 2020 so far. Resulting in HR teams across learning & development and talent acquisition bearing some of the heaviest losses. In addition to changes to employee handbooks, terms and conditions.

7 Factors Of Virtual Onboarding


Onboarding is an important step in any company’s talent acquisition process. Plan training documents in advance: If there is an employee handbook or any sort of documents that are helpful to physically have at the start of a new job, arrange to have those delivered before the employee’s first day. It helps a new hire get acclimated to their role and team and decreases the learning curve. But what happens when you need to onboard remotely?

Welcome-from-home: HR’s guide to onboarding employees remotely


As many talent acquisition teams (and hiring managers) around the world have pivoted their strategies for recruiting and interviewing candidates, they’re also grappling with how to onboard new employees during a pandemic. Plan to share resources like: Your (digital) employee handbook. Demystify the remote onboarding process with these tips – and make your employee experience memorable from day one.

Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce During Coronavirus — and Beyond

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In addition, Brendan Browne , LinkedIn’s global head of talent acquisition, recently sat down with Sid Sijbrandij , GitLab’s co-founder and CEO, who shared more long-term strategies companies can use to build a remote workforce, as flexible work options will become increasingly important in the future. Create a “source of truth” handbook to keep everyone in the loop. This was the topic of our latest Talent on Tap episode, which was filmed before the coronavirus outbreak.

100 SHRM Chapter Seminar Program Ideas


Just Hand Over the Handbook and Nobody Gets Hurt: moving from static to active HR. Yours, Mine, Ours: how to integrate after a merger or acquisition. Show me the money: calculating the value of your talent practices. Back to the Future: HR practices in 2020. 3 Reasons You Should Quit Relying on Talent Technology. 3 Questions to Ask Your Talent Acquisition Vendor.

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Digital Keys to Onboarding the Next-Gen Employee

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Millennials, who are expected to comprise up 75% of the workforce by 2020, are having a huge impact on the employee onboarding process. workforce is expected to be freelancers by 2020. Onboarding entails an extensive amount of paperwork, including W-4s, I-9s, benefits enrollment forms, tax forms, employee handbooks, non-compete affidavits, signed offer letters, 90-day goal sheets, and so on. Organizations must attract and empower the new Millennial generation of employees.

How You Can Provide a Great Candidate Experience When Everyone’s Working Remotely

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As companies around the globe are asking their employees to work from home, recruiters and talent acquisition teams are quickly adapting to an all-virtual world. using a mix of pre-recorded webinars, employee handbooks, and one-on-one video training sessions). Many elements of the hiring process are relatively easy to move online — face-to-face candidate meetings have been replaced with video interviews and online assessment tools can help evaluate candidates’ skills.

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Are you missing out on a rich source of needed talent?

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Follow us @Deloitte Talent. How sophisticated is your Talent Acquisition social media strategy? By tapping into the LTU talent pool, you can…. Increase access to qualified talent. Removing the bias against long-term unemployment opens your organization to a wider pool of talent. I urge you to join in this nationwide effort to combat long-term unemployment and bring valuable, needed talent back into our workforce.

4 Industry Leaders Share Their Key Takeaways from Talent Connect 2019

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There was lots to chew on at Talent Connect 2019 — tasty tidbits from the 47 breakout sessions, nuggets of wisdom from the stellar keynote speakers, and choice morsels from the inLounge and product demonstrations. So, we turned to a quartet of longtime Talent Connect participants to find out what the major takeaway of the conference was for each of them. People with equal talent should have equal opportunity. Talent Connect