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Strategic workforce planning: why and how to begin


You probably have a hiring plan. But do you conduct strategic workforce planning? Many companies discuss staffing when it’s time to establish annual goals and set a budget. That’s where strategic workforce planning comes in. Develop an action plan.

10 HR Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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To add to the difficulties, many factors should be considered when staffing that go beyond standard job performance capabilities. Strategic workforce planning can help human resource management teams navigate these HR challenges. Designing—and upholding—compensation plans.


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Top Concerns of CHROs

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Six HR leaders share solutions to the issues keeping HR up at night: the impact of COVID-19, workforce planning, business agility, and the skills gap. Now, they must develop a plan to face the unknown obstacles that lie ahead. Revamping Workforce Planning.


2020 Guide To Recruiting & HR Events, Part 1


With the new year around the corner, it's time to start thinking through your 2020 plan. In this guide, we give you the rundown on over 30 professional development events taking place between January and June 2020. Date: January 22-24th 2020. Talent Acquisition Week 2020.

3 Myths About Payroll Service Bureaus and Efficiency


According to The Deloitte Global Payroll Benchmarking Survey conducted in 2020, 73% of organizations outsource some aspect of payroll. Seasonal or historical data couldn’t reliably be used to determine staffing. But payroll data offers real-time insights into staffing trends and how payroll costs would affect the business, which enabled company leaders to be more proactive in navigating the pandemic’s impact on the business.

The 21 metrics you need for Strategic Workforce Development

Analytics in HR

This is where strategic workforce planning, or development, comes in. This is a structured business process designed to proactively anticipate, and plan for, future personnel needs. Strategic workforce development: what’s in the name.

Video: Jobs and Skills Masterclass

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Out in the workforce and out in the, the world where people are not doing HR, but they’re doing work when you don’t have somebody with the skill you put somebody else in. [00:13:21] And that your job is to imagine what skills we’d need in 2020.

How people analytics can help your business


That’s important because HR analytics can help business leaders at companies of all sizes make thoughtful, data-driven choices when planning their HR strategies. To help you get some answers, let’s take a closer look at how HR analytics can better your workforce. Workforce modeling.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


Minimum Wage By State And 2020 Increases. Recruiting Trends and Tips. HR Management and Planning. HR Trends. Workforce Leadership. HR Trends. The Best Jobs of 2020. New Overtime Rule Effective January 1, 2020: How to Prepare. Workforce.

6 Areas Where People Analytics Can Help HR Get Ahead

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However, this trend doesn’t yet appear to have penetrated the back office. According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Global Talent Trends paper, 55% of talent professionals say they still need help putting basic people analytics into practice. 2) Strategic and Tactical Workforce Planning.

Restructuring Hiring

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A Korn Ferry survey among talent acquisition professionals recently found that 68% are now only planning for short-term hiring needs. Many organisations had to make layoffs in 2020, so there are a lot of available people but not necessarily aligned to the talent needs,” says Sweeney.

The 4 Challenges of Healthcare Talent Management


If the world learned one lesson in 2020, it’s how essential healthcare workers are. When the world recovers from the crisis, previous trends in healthcare will return to the fore. Inadequate staffing ultimately will result in substandard care.

How New SEC Disclosure Rules Impact CHROs and CFOs

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They cannot show trends and changes overtime because they don’t have the architecture and tooling to create consistent calculations overtime, handling things like changes in hierarchy or job names.


8 Benefits of Using People Analytics

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But instead of analytics, many organizations rely on the kind of one-dimensional workforce metrics that do very little to deliver true insight into the root causes of problems. They fail to reveal how staffing shortfalls will impact revenue goals or net promoter scores.

Understanding the Basics: What Is Human Capital Management Software?


Today’s workforce encompasses five generations , a range with different workplace needs and expectations. The workforce is also more nimble than ever before with salaried, hourly, contingent , and contract workers. Paying your workforce.

Why Strategic HR Leaders Will Stay in the Spotlight Post-Pandemic

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Maybe you hired more people in the summer of 2020 with the reopening of the economy, but then had to pull back with the resurgence in COVID-19 case numbers. Maybe your plans were disrupted through spikes in absences or voluntary turnover.

The Business of HR

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It’s a higher bar in my view,” says Dave Almeda, vice president and CHRO of Kronos , a human capital management and workforce management solutions provider. Crone says that this results in Paycor’s workforce having a greater understanding and appreciation for the organizational goals of HR. Terri Lewis, senior vice president and global head of HR for Pontoon , a permanent and contingent workforce solutions provider, agrees.

Q&A on AI and Intelligent Tools with John Sumser

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Succession management, capacity analysis, and detailed workforce planning will become central issues. Find them and develop replacement plans. How can HR professionals successfully integrate machine intelligence with their workforce?

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Top 5 Superpowers of Effective HR Leaders

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Through all of this, it was your job to maintain employee morale while making complicated–and sometimes heartbreaking–staffing decisions. To say that 2020 brought an onslaught of uncertainty and struggle would be both a cliché and a major understatement at this point.

Workforce Management of the Future


Developing your workforce is an endless endeavor for almost all businesses. Looking at the latest workforce management trends, you’ll know that changes are indeed in order. The New Challenges for Workforce Management.

Hiring On All Cylinders is the Official Podcast of HR Tech


Over the three-day event, more than 50 leading influencers and top practitioners in the talent industry will share their perspectives on emerging trends in the space and how they’re solving the biggest challenges in HR. Her research includes recruiting, performance, formal and informal learning, and succession planning. Prior to founding iCIMS, Colin worked in sales and new business development at Comrise Technology, an IT staffing firm.

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Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


ask_dr_nat : Chief Workforce Scientist at Achievers. Reappropriating HR for people (who are not capital nor cattle) Workforce fluidity is my jam! GerryCrispin : Life-long Student of Staffing. jcmeister : Partner @FutureWorkplace, Keynote Speaker, Co-Author The 2020 Workplace & The Future Workplace Experience- Order new book on Amazon [link]. We offer powerful WFM & HCM tools to manage and engage your entire workforce from pre-hire to retire.