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Webinar: Employee Experience Trends for 2022


Join us as we review our 2021 global employee survey benchmarks and discuss the major trends and changes impacting the employee experience. The growing importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2022. Time: 1:00pm Eastern / 10:00 am Pacific.

2021 Workplace Trends

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Although we don’t have a crystal ball to gaze into, here are six trends that we believe will shape workplace practices in 2021, as well as tips for what you can do to prepare for them. Sustained action to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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6 Must-Know Stats from Our 2022 Benefits Benchmark Report


6 Must-Know Stats from Our 2022 Benefits Benchmark Report. We’ve scoured over 200 million benefit elections in our system and analyzed real user behavior and data to bring you our 4th annual Benefits Benchmark Report. What new benefit offerings are trending? Return to resources.

How Snap Inc. Is Leading the Tech Industry in Keeping Their Diversity Pledge

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Data plays an important role in helping corporations make good on their diversity goals. Corporations that vowed to “do better” when it came to implementing anti-racist and diversity programs last summer are now abandoning those pledges in droves.

Are you doing enough to leverage tech for employee relations?


Advertisement Yet, without a strong focus on analytics, reaching those ER objectives will be an even tougher challenge, according to HR Acuity’s fifth annual Employee Relations Benchmark Study.

Transforming Diversity Hiring to Build an Inclusive and Equitable Organization

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Over the last year, a perfect storm of events caused nearly every leader — if they weren’t already — to intentionally start to address the lack of diversity in their organization. Arthur is an LGBTQ+ leader and cofounder of diversity hiring technology company, Mathison.

5 HR Trends to Watch in 2022


There’s no denying that 2021 was a wild ride for HR teams, making it tough to predict HR trends for 2022. Now we’ve kicked off a new year, and with that comes sharpened benchmarks for ensuring HR and recruiting success. Download your copy of the 5 HR Trends to Watch in 2022 now!

5 HR Trends to Watch in 2022


There’s no denying that 2021 was a wild ride for HR teams, making it tough to predict HR trends for 2022. . Now we’ve kicked off a new year, and with that comes sharpened benchmarks for ensuring HR and recruiting success. Predictions for Recruiting in 2022 from Hired Leadership.

The COVID Effect: Webinar Recap

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The panelists explored some of the most interesting data from our 2020 Hiring Benchmark Report. The Hiring Benchmark Report is an annual report that Criteria publishes based on a survey of hiring professionals from around the globe and across all industries. Our predictions for 2021.

TECH+ 2021: Executive Summary


HR technology can help your clients automate manual tasks and provide decision support for benefits and benchmark options. 3: Unique Trends in Manufacturing Deserve Special Attention. 6: HR and Benefits Trends Will Continue to Evolve in 2021 and Beyond.

How HR Can Tackle Diversity Using the Rooney Rule

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Recent events have called attention to the state of workplace diversity at organizations in all industries. Google will roll out training for its employees that explores systemic racism and racial consciousness in 2021. Benefits of diversity in the workplace .

Here’s What Rewards Will Look Like Beyond 2021

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This is the podcast & video series for all HR Professionals and business leaders who want to future-proof their organization and learn about the latest trends & insights from industry experts, CHROs, and thought leaders. . Using rewards to create greater diversity and inclusion.

Workforce Management of the Future

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Looking at the latest workforce management trends, you’ll know that changes are indeed in order. Ensure that your workforce management benchmarks are updated. Take historical trends into account, and never, ever fall into using just your gut feel.

Clear the Path Towards Your DEI Goals with Guided Diversity Planning

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Over the last decade, there has been a rapid expansion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and programs, to the point that DEI has become a core business function in many organizations. Diversity initiatives fail because progress requires buy-in and a sense of responsibility.

The best employee engagement software for 2021

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How is the organization handling the important issues of today, like diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and employee wellness? Are there trends in how minority groups are engaging with your company? Companies can compare their results to industry benchmarks and competitors.

Better Together

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According to Naveen Bhateja, executive vice president and CHRO of Medidata Solutions , the trend toward greater transparency has grown tremendously in the past four to five years in response to significant volatility and uncertainty in the world.


Experience Management Software: 10 Great Tools to Check Out in 2021


NPS tracking & benchmarks. Feedback collection for diverse channels. NPS tracking & benchmarking. Overtime trends reporting for CX metrics. The post Experience Management Software: 10 Great Tools to Check Out in 2021 appeared first on SurveySparrow.

5 Key Takeaways From the 2021 CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council Virtual Conference


Last week, Fond was honored to sponsor the 2021 CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council Virtual Conference. Other speakers highlighted the importance of recruiting a diverse workforce in order to understand and accomplish DEI-related objectives.

Gaining Ground

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They’re looking for more robust ways to track diversity metrics and for creative solutions to keep people at work. This trend significantly expands the available talent pool, as organizations are no longer restricted to markets within commuting distance from office locations.

Tired of Employee Turnover? Increase Retention with this Easy to Implement Cost-Free Solution


This trend towards more flexibility and wage access has mitigated some issues. A staggering 70% of people are planning to travel in 2021 and beyond. . This combination creates an incredibly high turnover rate and that trend can irreparably impact firms in a negative manner.

Want real HR change? Look to data and analytics


It’s also important to leverage the data to illuminate patterns and trends that require action in order to build trust with employees and address issues. Advertisement See also: Save the date for the 2022 HR Tech Virtual Conference Setting benchmarks and goals is the place to start.

The myriad use cases for a technology-enabled employee recognition platform


Key trends and use cases in the R&R platform space include: #1 AI- and ML-based use cases for a smarter R&R platform. AI-based engines allow HR managers and program administrators to align employees with the organization’s values and objectives through KPIs and benchmarks.

Should you include salary in a job description? Let’s talk!


These are some excellent points that lead to a much larger issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Another issue that may arise is that competing companies will see your offered salary and now know the benchmark for out-offering you. The issue of salary trends.

Three Ways the 2021 Executive Search Landscape Will Look Like 2020

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If you want to get a sense for what 2021 is going to look like in executive search, all you need to do is look at 2020. Though these trends are significant enough that they’d matter in any market, their impact is greater given the speed at which the market is rebounding.

3 Ways to Mitigate the Effects of Bias in Recruitment


The resurgence of the civil rights movement in 2020 sparked conversations about creating meaningful change for historically marginalized communities — including an imperative to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the corporate sector.

Michelle Diamond of Elevate Diamond Strategy: “Execute and track results”

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Major offensive and defensive efforts included product development and management, competitor positioning, trend analyses, Six Sigma process redesign, brand strategy, sales training, staffing strategies, benchmarking, and many others that helped to achieve sales of over $300M for the Division.

Looking Forward

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For companies seeking a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace, data can reveal a clear path to success. When an organization came to Korn Ferry with the goal of improving the diversity of its upper-level leadership team, a data-driven root analysis was in order.

Introducing Workday Peakon Employee Voice: Why Businesses Thrive When Employees Are Heard


It turns insights about topics such as engagement, diversity and inclusion, and health and wellness into action through conversations, personal dashboards, team collaboration, and contextual learning resources. . It's no secret that employees are an organization's most valuable asset.

Upskilling Critical for Businesses amidst Great Resignation


million Americans resigned from their jobs in August 2021, this number was 11.5 Relying on the trends, these numbers will continue to grow linearly before we see normalization. Evaluate what percentage of your diverse workforce is utilizing these benefits.

Successful Management of a Hybrid Work Culture


In the 2021 Work Trends Annual Report, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said “Over the past year, no area has undergone more rapid transformation than the way we work. Edcor is a woman-owned business and is the benchmark in education benefits administration.

7 Steps to Create a Leadership Development Plan

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The challenges HR Leaders expressed in the Gartner survey are that their leadership bench is not diverse. Developing essential leadership competencies and building a diverse leadership pipeline are the key goals for your leadership development program.

How to Manage Employer Brand the Agile Way


Throughout 2020 and into 2021, changes that impact how you manage employer brand became apparent fast. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a static, unidimensional employer brand is no longer enough – we all need to more actively manage employer brands over time.

Top HR Influencers you must follow now!


It’s great to see 2021 not being the same. We suggest you follow top hr influencers and CHROs to stay updated on the latest recruiting trends. HR influencers keep creating new industry benchmarks by offering best practices to solve recruitment challenges.

3 Ways to Retain People & Win the Talent War


Another trend that is gaining momentum is the 4-day workweek, which is proving to deliver remarkable results for the organisations that have tested shorter workweeks.

6 Best Practices for Implementing a Continuous Monitoring Program


The 2021 survey discovered that most of the background checks introduced in 2020 consisted of ongoing or continuous monitoring.

The Upskilling Survival Guide, Part 1: Boosting Engagement With a Culture of Continuous Learning


And in traditional models of manually curating learning, it’s clear that keeping up with ever-changing trends and finding content that works for everyone is unfeasible. After that, they benchmark these metrics against similar companies in industry, size, and more.

How to Use a SWOT Analysis to Audit Your HR Department


Economic – the budget of your HR department, current marketplace benchmarks for HR. Social – health and wellness, diversity, education, morale, employee NPS (net promoter score).

How HR can help prevent high staff turnover


By tracking your employee turnover, you can use the data to help identify where there are trends and to understand what might be causing employees to leave and how you might reduce or prevent it moving forward.

All There is to Know About Recruiting SaaS


Digital transformation is driving continuous tech innovations and trends, and global investments in this area will almost double in the next two years. Thanks to that, telework is established as regular work, meaning that it’s no longer only a trend. 5) Candidate Diversity Boost.

The 100 Year History of the Human Resources Department

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion. Companies increasingly see diversity and inclusion as key to creating holistic approaches to creative problem solving at all levels of the organization as well as strategies to serve diverse American and global markets.