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HR Trends: The Key Reads of June 2021

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Welcome to our summary of June’s best reads on HR trends! HR Trends for June 2021. Companies not considering employee feedback when requiring employees to return to work may face revolt.

HR Thought Leader Trends & Predictions for 2021


What will the trials, trends and transformations of 2021 now hold for HR leaders and practitioners? Hope for 2021, is something that Dave Ulrich agrees we all must have. STARTME for New Year Resolutions of 2021 Published By @dave_ulrich #HR #Resolutions2021 [link].


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This CHRO approaches health and wellness with a legal mindset


Carrington ultimately became deputy CHRO in late 2018 and a little more than a year later took on one of her biggest challenges yet: the COVID-19 pandemic. We had just achieved the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For for the first time ever, meeting a 2020 goal.


Why ‘diverse talent and big ideas’ are key to this company’s HR strategy


Advertisement Schmitz was named CHRO at Zebra Technologies—a manufacturer of marking, tracking and computer printing technologies that employs about 7,400 people—in November, adding to his title as chief marketing officer, which he’s held since 2016.

Postcard from the Future: A CHRO in 2021


Imagine someone who leads a high-impact HR organization in the year 2021: The CHRO—or perhaps her title is Chief Employee Experience Officer or Chief People Officer—connects to an earnings call to help the CEO explain how new people programs drove the latest uptick in profitability. With talent having become the most important resource, the top executive responsible for finding and keeping it becomes even more critical to a company’s survival.


How 4 HR leaders think benefits will change in 2021


As part of HRE ’s series on what HR leaders can expect in 2021, we spoke with a number of HR leaders about how the pandemic and other recent events permanently reshaped the world of benefits. See also: Mayer—7 benefit trends to watch in 2021.


5 Key Takeaways From the 2021 CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council Virtual Conference


Last week, Fond was honored to sponsor the 2021 CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council Virtual Conference. Michael Barata, Master Trainer at CultureRx , spoke to the importance of trust and accountability for companies adopting a more open, results-oriented approach to work.

Better Together

HRO Today

According to Naveen Bhateja, executive vice president and CHRO of Medidata Solutions , the trend toward greater transparency has grown tremendously in the past four to five years in response to significant volatility and uncertainty in the world. Step One: Share Company Goals.


How this tech enthusiast became an HR leader


Valenzuela started his tenure as CHRO at HireVue in November, leading all people functions for the HR technology platform, which specializes in video interview software. Throughout the company’s history, it has facilitated 18.5 Read more Insights from a CHRO HERE.


HR tech news this week: July 19-23


How Momentive, formerly SurveyMonkey, uses surveys to support employees: The chief people officer explains how the poll-reliant people strategy inside the tech company has led to new benefits, summer resets and more.


These 5 pandemic-driven trends are reshaping business


Throughout history, major global events have tended to dramatically shift the cultural narrative in the business world and beyond, says Piyush Mehta, CHRO of professional services firm Genpact. Central to these trends has been the shift to a “work-from-anywhere” strategy.


Worker Transformation: How Today’s Employment Movement Shifts Power

Slayton Search Partners

As business leaders, CHROs must understand what this significant movement means for their companies and employees. The pandemic forced a massive trial experiment in remote work, and it is now hard for companies and leaders to claim that productivity is hampered by remote working.

The Way We Lead Change Needs to Change


What’s left for us to do in 2021 is to readjust and persevere, despite the unrelenting pace of change that is taking a toll on all of us. It’s a trend and a reality that HR and talent leaders can’t afford to ignore. One year into the pandemic, we’ve done the unthinkable.


2021 HR trends: the 7 things you need to prepare for

Business Management Daily

Predicting 2021 HR trends is a blend of looking into a crystal ball and looking into the past. Here are seven key 2021 HR trends to prepare for. The CHRO will be an even more strategic and in-demand role. That won’t change in 2021.

Why resilience should be one of HR’s top priorities


If companies are not intelligent about that, then that talent is going to take their talent somewhere else. We’re moving into a world in which talent has the power, and the CEO of every company is going to be turning to the CHRO and saying, “How can we build our talent brand?”


2021 HR MegaTrends: Our Purpose is People

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Companies looked to CHRO’s to lead the pandemic response, create an inclusive and compassionate company culture, and fuel both corporate responsibility and overall growth strategies. Companies are investing heavily in building empathetic, humane workplaces.

CHRO 270

The Top 22 Virtual HR Conferences to Attend in 2021

Digital HR Tech

In 2021, virtual HR conferences will remain a great way to speak with industry experts, listen to inspiring talks held by thought leaders, and connect with your peers. Virtual HR Conferences January 2021. January 19 & 20 | Decoding Future HR 2021.

10 big lessons from HRE’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference


Benefits have always been a vital company strategy. For parents, the company also provided tips and resources to navigate virtual learning and homeschooling. “We Emergency savings is a rising benefit trend.

Inspiring Employee Experience Quotes from 7 Industry Experts

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March 17, 2021. “ Employee Experience , is a company-wide initiative to help employees stay productive, healthy, engaged, and on track. It’s is now an enterprise-wide strategy, often led by the CHRO in partnership with the CIO. Tom Haak , Director, HR Trend Institute .

7 Key Skills for The Next Generation of Chief People Officers

Analytics in HR

This is the podcast & video series for all HR Professionals and business leaders who want to future-proof their organization and learn about the latest trends & insights from industry experts, CHROs, and thought leaders. . 2021 is going to be exhilarating for many other reasons.


7 steps HR needs to take today to beef up cybersecurity


Beth Klehr, CHRO at Entrust. At Entrust, Klehr adds, the company’s “Security in our DNA” forum is a collaborative initiative between HR and Analyst Relations teams to raise employee awareness on what’s happening in the cybersecurity industry, and why it all matters to Entrust.

Pushing the Right Buttons

HRO Today

According to Qualtrics’ 2021 Employee Experience Trends Report , employee engagement has actually increased since the pandemic began, from 53% in November 2019 to 66% in November 2020. And companies are doing well; 73% of employees feel like they belong at their organizations.

How to Be a Galvanizer

Thrive Global

So what do you call a company, brand or individual who has activated purpose via a movement? We’ll use examples from our previous chapters to illustrate each point and as reminders of the brands and companies that are getting it right (and sometimes wrong.).

Evolving Employer Branding

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In fact, Achievers’ 2021 Engagement and Retention Report shows that 52% of employees plan to look for a new job—up from 35% in 2020. To succeed in this environment, companies will need to address three key priorities in their employer branding.

9 Core Elements of a Future-Proof People Strategy

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Is there a focus on how your people will succeed at carrying out the company’s goals? However, if they aren’t developing or don’t feel connected to the company, they can hamper its mission. Look for patterns in how employees feel and see themselves within the company.

Most Important Developments for 5/28


Big retailers are taking notice, Best Buy (BBY) CEO Corie Barry told CNN Business’ Nathaniel Meyersohn during a media call discussing the company’s earnings Thursday. At many companies staff members were turned into essential front-line workers overnight. Fast Company.


HRO Today Research Roundup

HRO Today

REPORT: CHRO Compensation and Fairness: What a Difference a Year Makes. This role expansion is particularly true for larger companies, where CHROs have a prominent seat at the C-suite table. In 2019, there were four company performance measures that closely correlated with compensation.

Digital employee experience explained


And even deskless hourly employees are expected to use technology to access company news or perform basic tasks like logging their hours. As a result, much of an employee’s daily work experience is now dictated by their interactions with company technology.


Survey Reveals Top Concerns of HR Executives in America

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Red Branch Media cares about the world of work, from employee engagement and branding to HR Tech and workforce trends. To learn more about HR trends, please read some of our own opinions on the subject.

This Month In HR: From Great Reopening To Great Resignation Of Employees

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So much so, that the companies that now want to return back to normal are finding out that their employees don’t. Consider this trend: Up to 40 percent of the global workforce are considering leaving their employer this year.


The One Thing You Need For Future-Proofing Your HR Department

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But for HR professionals to further advance this new strategic role and help their companies succeed in the post-COVID era, they will need to do one thing: upskill themselves. We have seen this double-hatting play out in various places and companies over the past year: .

Top Concerns of CHROs

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Results found that HR’s first priority in this tumulus time is the long-term impact of COVID-19 on company operations, with over one half (52%) reporting a high level of concern. In fact, Hauge believes that issues of belonging and inclusion will be the biggest challenge in 2021.


Why CIOs will be at the center of future of work strategies


This trend has had a substantial impact on their standing in the company and led to a rise in responsibilities: 81% of CIOs cited an increase in responsibilities within their company as a result of the pandemic, with 72% saying that individual members of their team also saw an increase.


From Insights to Outcomes: 6 Lessons for Data-Driven CHROs

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Their thought-provoking session, titled Empowering CHROs with Data, was a must-see for any CHRO seeking to become more data-driven in how they tackle key business challenges. Now] imagine when the CHRO puts out curated people analytics content 12 times a year.

The power of payroll data: An interview with a leader in data management, BI, and people analytics

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V: What are the most important payroll metrics that an HR leader or CHRO cares about? DW: HR senior leadership (CHRO or VPHR) is responsible for ensuring that the investment in its workforce is aligned with company health and growth.