2019 EEO-1 Data Collection Delayed Until 2021

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Citing the pandemic, the EEOC has announced that employers will not be required to file their 2019 EEO-1 reports until March, 2021. The now defunct “Component 2” reporting of compensation data came with a shift in longstanding reporting dates and timeframes. Now the “2019” EEO-1 reports will be filed along with the “2020” EEO-1 reports in March, 2021. Employers need to decide whether to prepare their 2019 EEO-1 data for reporting now and get it over with, or wait.

Gender pay gap reporting 2021: what’s required?


The submission deadline is 30 March 2021 for public-sector organisations and 4 April 2021 for private companies and charities. . Can the data be submitted earlier than the deadline date? What data has to be submitted? How do I calculate this data?

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Top 5 Big Data Predictions by 2021

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The world of big data is expected to reach an an astonishing 163 zettabytes, or 163 trillion gigabytes by 2025. Curious about how large one zettabyte is? It could store roughly 2 billion years worth of music. Technology

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HSA Contribution Increases Announced for 2021


The Internal Revenue Service released its 2021 adjustments for Health Savings Accounts (HSAz) in a May 21, 2020 publication. data-container = "body" data-toggle = "popover" data-offset = "" data-html = "true" data-placement = "right" data-content = "">.

Breaking News: EEO-1 2021 deadline announced

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On May 7, 2020, EEOC announced in a Federal Register notice that there will be no EEO-1 data collection in 2020 due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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What Will HR Look Like in 2021?


HROS surveyed over 500 professionals from 36 different countries on their HR strategies and expectations looking ahead to 2021. Data Matters More Than Ever The future continues to look bright for HR analytics. Data and analytics” was voted the top trend to keep an eye on in 2018, beating out “AI and automation,” “design thinking,” and “Blockchain.” With all the focus on data, it’s no surprise that companies are investing heavily in tools to measure it.

Tech Leaders Look To IoT, AI & Robotics To Fuel Growth Through 2021


30% of tech leaders globally predict blockchain will disrupt their businesses by 2021. 26% of global tech leaders say e-Commerce apps and platforms will be the most disruptive new business model in their countries by 2021. by 2021. by 2021.

Survey: Two-thirds of global staffing firms to adopt AI-driven ATS by 2021


We want to quantify the sea change it’s causing and share that data with our customers and the rest of the staffing world in preparation for the coming new year,” he says of his firm’s survey. It looks like 2020 is going to be a major year for artificial intelligence in the recruiting space.

Postcard from the Future: A CHRO in 2021


Imagine someone who leads a high-impact HR organization in the year 2021: The CHRO—or perhaps her title is Chief Employee Experience Officer or Chief People Officer—connects to an earnings call to help the CEO explain how new people programs drove the latest uptick in profitability. By using analytics, CHROs can ground their policies and business advice in data, removing some of the “fuzziness” historically associated with HR.


Staffing Firms Among the Many Industries to Adopt AI by 2021


We want to quantify the sea change it’s causing and share that data with our customers and the rest of the staffing world in preparation for the coming new year,” he says of his firm’s survey.

EEO Data Collections Delayed Due to COVID-19


The EEOC has delayed 2019 EEO-1 Component 1 data collection to March 2021. Given COVID-19’s impact on workplaces nationwide, as well as the challenges it’s creating for both employers and employees, the EEOC doesn’t anticipate collecting any EEO-1 Component 1 data until 2021.

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Security breaches are on the rise: protect yourself from identify theft if your data is compromised


As a provider of HR technology that serves as a system of record for sensitive employee data, PeopleStrategy takes security extremely seriously. This amount is forecast to increase to $6 trillion per year by 2021. How to protect yourself in the event your data is compromised.

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2019 EEO-1 Filing Delayed – Portal Still Not Open

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EEOC seeks approval from OMB to collect race and gender data through 2021

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What is component 2 data in EEO-1 report?


The most recent deadline for submitting these component 2 data is September 30, 2019. This deadline is for data on wages and hours from the 2017 and 2018 reporting periods. Any other employer (including federal contractors with fewer than 100 employees) isn’t obliged to submit component 2 data in their EEO-1 report. Recent history of EEO-1 component 2 data. The EEOC was ordered to collect component 2 data after all. EEOC will not renew data collection.

EEO-1 Final 30-Day Comment Period

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) intends to publish a notice in the Federal Register on March 23, 2020 about the collection of EEO-1 data for 2019, 2020, and 2021.

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An EEO-1 Surprise from EEOC! 2019 EEO-1 Filing is Delayed

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EEOC announced today that it will delay the collection of the 2019 EEO-1 reports until March 2021. The 2020 EEO-1 data will be collected at the same time. The long-anticipated announcement about the opening of the 2019 EEO-1 filing season is finally here and it is a SURPRISE!!!

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EEO-1 Notification Letters Sent to Company President/CEO

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Companies who have filed EEO-1s in the past have begun receiving an official notification letter from the EEOC informing the President/CEO that the opening of the EEO-1 data collection period for 2019 will be delayed until 2021.

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Human Capital Provisions in CARES Act

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If they do, the CARES act amends IRC section 127(c) to provide a gross income exclusion for employer payments of an employee’s student loans, but only for payments made before January 1, 2021. Federal Big Data compensation and benefits health reform

The Future of E-commerce Lies in Talent Development and Smart Data

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The e-commerce market in the United States is expected to hit more than $485 billion in 2021. Data powered by AI will empower talent development and training. Take as examples, data architects, UX designers or IOS developers. While businesses will be adapting to new conditions, a crucial step to take will be data implication in the process of employee training. However, companies shouldn’t forget that data by itself is useless.

What is Going on with EEO-1s?

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The request will cover the three-year period of 2019, 2020 and 2021. This permission is required by the Paperwork Reduction Act, and as a result, EEOC has not yet opened their website for data entry for the 2019 reporting cycle.

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What is Going on with EEO-1s?

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The request will cover the three-year period of 2019, 2020 and 2021. This permission is required by the Paperwork Reduction Act, and as a result, EEOC has not yet opened their website for data entry for the 2019 reporting cycle.

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5 Emerging Career Paths for 2019 and Beyond

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This kind of data suggests the real deal behind choosing a career path. The data suggests the extensive market size of the cybersecurity field. million cybersecurity job openings around the world, by 2021. 3) Data Scientist.

Securing Cryptocurrency: A Space-based Solution

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Whether in transit or at rest, data is the world’s most sought-after commodity. Storing and sending data securely is a priority, but today’s technology deck seems stacked against success.

2020 trends: More employers offering paid parental leave

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And WorldatWork survey data bumps that figure to about 52% as of March 2019. That’s according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data contained in the Congressional Research Service report Paid Family Leave in the United States. BLS data shows about 25% of U.S.

EEO-1 Update: One Step Closer

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As with the initial 60-Day Notice , EEOC continues to seek a three-year approval for the standard EEO-1 data collection (for years 2019, 2020, 2021), but with a new Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) control number for the form. In the 30-Day Notice, EEOC reiterates its intention to not seek approval of the Component 2 summary pay data collection. Last week, EEOC published a notice of information collection in the Federal Register for a 30-day comment period.

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Top 18 People Analytics Articles of 2018: Great Power, Great Responsibility


These tools enable businesses to track and analyze employee data from a variety of sources, including sensors and the IoT. Data storytelling is “a lightweight way to build trust among stakeholders and bring behavioral science to culture transformation,” state the authors of this HBR post.

Workday Podcast: How to Think About Cybersecurity in 2019


Here’s the full transcript: Steve Dunne : The year 2018 was quite a year for cybersecurity, from the high-profile Cambridge Analytica data leak to the global WannaCry ransomware attacks, and exposure to other IT vulnerabilities. We’ve seen data leaks and data breaches almost everywhere in the world, and hardware and software are both being targeted. So, these people [cyber criminals] want to extract as much data as possible and make as much money as possible.

Redefining HRIS Migration Success


By 2021, CIOs will be as responsible for culture change as CHROs. They are “lift and shift” — take the data and processes from the old and move to the new. They are “lift and shift” — take the data and processes from the old and move to the new.

The ACA individual mandate isn’t dead, it’s moved to the states

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The first returns are due in 2021. The state will accept the same 1094/1095 data files sent to the IRS, even if they include data about individuals who aren’t residents. Beginning in 2021, employers must file returns showing their offers of group health insurance to employees.

Single Touch Payroll Phase 2: What to expect


By 1 July 2019, all businesses across Australia should be compliant to STP regardless of their total headcount, requiring huge efforts from employers and payroll solutions providers to work together to prepare their payroll data and ensure their payroll systems are STP-enabled for smooth compliance. New Data Type Reporting. The first phase of STP reporting included high-level data such as Gross, Tax, Allowances, Deductions, Lump Sums and Fringe Benefits.

Workhuman Announces New Strategic Investor; Continues Strong Growth Trajectory in 1H 2020


In addition, Workhuman began offering special editions of two of its Workhuman Cloud products – Life Events ® and Conversations ® – free for any organization to use through March 2021.

Washington policy update: March 2020 Benefits and Compensation Bulletin

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A final decision is expected sometime in 2021. Posted by Robert Davis , Christine Drager , Maria Moliterno on March 27, 2020.

Let the benefits renewal process begin


But the reality is, deciding what benefits you will offer employees for the 2021 plan year is perhaps more critical than ever. This is great data to have available when meeting with your broker to discuss plans for this year’s enrollment period.

Workhuman Makes its Mission-Critical Life Events and Conversations Products Available to all Organizations in Response to COVID-19 Crisis


and DUBLIN – March 31, 2020 – Workhuman ® , a leading provider of social recognition platforms, today announced it is making special editions of Life Events ® and Conversations ® products free until March 2021 to help mitigate isolation during the COVID-19 disruption. FRAMINGHAM, Mass.,

California AG issues Revised Proposed CCPA Regulations Addressing Employment-Related Information


The legislation provides that such information is subject to CCPA, while deferring application of most—but not all—CCPA requirements for this information until January 2021.

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