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How to boost employee engagement—and attract new talent—in 2023


As 75% of turnover is preventable, employers who focus on employee’s most important needs – those that keep them engaged and happy – have the greatest opportunity to succeed during the Great Resignation and attract new talent.

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8 Powerful Drivers of Employee Engagement You Need to Know


An organization's success depends on understanding the drivers of employee engagement and retention. Why Is Employee Retention Critical? Employee retention should be a priority for any organization with growth in mind. Employee retention elevates businesses in five ways: 1.


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Anti-Perks: How to Avoid Them and Get Employee Benefits Right for 2023


Reduce employee turnover. In fact, “ total compensation ” for workers is the sum of their wages plus the dollar value of their benefits and any bonuses or commissions they receive. Workers’ compensation insurance (state laws). How can employers get perks right for 2023?

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New York City Law to Mandate Salary Transparency


The law further emphasizes that w hen employers rely on salary histories to determine compensation, they perpetuate the gender wage gap. . Salary benchmarking .

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Employee engagement survey questions

Business Management Daily

Employee engagement directly correlates to key workforce concerns such as employee retention and productivity. Employee engagement surveys are one of your first lines of defense against turnover. Employee disengagement can lead to a number of issues beyond turnover as well.

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6 Reasons Why Salary is the #1 Lever to Attract Talent [+ keep them!]


LinkedIn research shows 61% of applicants highlight compensation as the #1 part of a job description. Results show compensation remains the #1 driver in career opportunities across the board. Be sure to conduct regular salary benchmarking by evaluating your company’s pay standards.