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Frontline Workplaces: Experiencing High Turnover? The Cause May Be Your Manager


It’s no secret that industries with frontline workers are struggling to hire and retain talent. Frontline positions require workers to perform their job in person, which talent may view as a drawback in a competitive labor landscape where many industries offer hybrid or remote work.

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10 vital HR metrics to track for your business

Business Management Daily

Dr. Rigolizzo: Particularly within HR, data analytics is essential and not something HR has traditionally used as a key tool, but the use of data to make decisions is becoming commonplace, and therefore HR data analytics careers are in high demand.

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4 Tips for a Better New Hire Experience | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

This post was originally published in March 2016 and was updated with new information about the new hire experience in January 2023. And employees are noticing — just 12% say their company provides a good new hire experience. Onboarding Employee Experience

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8 Powerful Drivers of Employee Engagement You Need to Know


An organization's success depends on understanding the drivers of employee engagement and retention. Why Is Employee Retention Critical? Employee retention should be a priority for any organization with growth in mind. Employee retention elevates businesses in five ways: 1.

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How investing in internal mobility can recession-proof your business


And with rising inflation and a looming global recession making us all tighten our grip on our wallets and budgets, one fact is clear: Organizations simply can’t afford high turnover right now. After a year of employment, an individual’s retention rate is 76 percent.

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Retention During a Recession: 5 Ways to Keep Top Talent


To boost employee retention and plan for a successful year: Why retention during a recession matters. There’s still plenty of uncertainty about exactly how severe a potential recession will be, or if we’ll even experience one. Don’t forget about career development.

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How to Prepare for the Future of the Remote Workforce in 2023


From layoffs and furloughs in 2020, hiring sprees in 2021, and high inflation rates in 2022, it’s challenging to determine what the headwinds and opportunities will look like in 2023. 6 Ways to Prepare for a Remote Workforce in 2023. Invest in a Learning and Development Program.

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How Do Managers Influence Retention Rates?


Several explanations for the exodus have been tabled, from inadequate salaries and limited career growth to poor work-life balance and a lack of fulfillment. Studies showing managers’ influence on employee retention. It builds trust from the beginning, leading to better retention.

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12 Pro Tips That Will Increase Company Retention

Thrive Global

Employee retention is critical to your company’s survival in the saturated, competitive international job market. Moreover, retention is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today. ?The The number of people quitting their jobs voluntarily is expected to reach 1 in 3 by 2023. ?This

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Employee engagement survey questions

Business Management Daily

Employee engagement directly correlates to key workforce concerns such as employee retention and productivity. Employee engagement surveys are one of your first lines of defense against turnover. Employee disengagement can lead to a number of issues beyond turnover as well.

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8 Steps for Starting a Recruitment Agency in Spain


The economy was helped by the Spanish government’s scheme to increase job retention during the pandemic. However, the unemployment rate remains high with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) predicting an overall jobless rate of 14.2% in 2023.