Your Employee Experience Roundup: Virtual Assistants, The Rise of Gen Z Workers, and Automation for HR


Every month, we provide a roundup of the top news stories and emerging trends related to the employee experience, digital transformation, and the future of work. (If If you missed it, read the Top 10 Employee Experience Strategy Trends in December now.) This month’s topics include virtual assistants, the impact of introducing Gen Z employees into the workplace, and more. #1: Finding new, better ways to help employees connect via digital internal communications. .

On the 12th Day of Giving HR Gave to Me, Twelve Help Desk Answers…

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Show Employees Your Appreciation with HR Help Desk. Employee Experience is now a thing, and it’s set to become much bigger in the coming years as organizations try ever harder to retain good talent and avoid costly unplanned attrition. It’s also smart business, as projections based on more than 272,000 exit interviews reveal one in three workers quitting their jobs voluntarily by 2023. ” Because Employees Are Customers Too. Employee Engagement

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4 Internal Communication Trends to Plan for in 2019


Here we will make some educated guesses about the next 12 months in the areas of internal communications, company culture and employee engagement. As HR Daily Advisor suggests , “Understand the demographics of your workplace as well as employee communication preferences.

Survey Reveals HR Departments Increase Focus on Engagement, Company Culture

HR Daily Advisor

Regardless, it is up to HR leaders to do what’s right for the company and their employees and make recommendations to C-suite leadership on issues of policy and culture. Today’s modern employee is tech-dependent and seeks more self-service, on-demand, and collaborative HR tools and support.