Meeting Healthcare Needs with Advanced Scheduling

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has been a hot topic for some time with congressional showdowns, insecurity around costs, and the steps that providers and organizations take to meet the rising tide of need. They can also access their calendar on their own personal time when they need to. Healthcare in the U.S.

Millennial Managers: Is Your Workforce Ready?


The time has finally come for millennials to denounce their stereotype as they begin to shake up the status quo in the workplace and embrace their place as the next corporate leaders. As they edge out Generation X for these coveted promotions, it is expected that by 2024 millennials will hold two-thirds of workplace leadership roles, but are they prepared? ” Scheduling a 30-minute meeting is not necessary.

Inside the virtual mirror


As the meeting progresses—at one point, the women are openly discussing lunch plans that don’t include me—I feel my palms pool with sweat as my pulse quickens. This is, without a doubt, the worst meeting I’ve ever been a part of.