Certifications Offer Benefits for Employers and Employees


American businesses need workers whose knowledge and skills help business develop, benefit from advances in technology, and compete globally. This is why Lumina Foundation has set Goal 2025: that 60 percent of American hold high quality post- secondary credentials, certificates or degrees by the year 2025. By 2025, at the current rate of attainment, 24.2 But to reach Goal 2025, 16.4 One avenue for many is to earn certifications.

How an LMS makes HR Tasks Simpler and Easier?


A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software-based (specifically, Software as a Service – SaaS) platform that enables the management, automation, and distribution of educational courses, training programs, or other forms of learning and development.


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6 Features that Will Optimize Your Employee Onboarding Software

HR Daily Advisor

In the past few years, organizations have begun to realize the importance of a holistic approach wielding cutting-edge, technology-based eLearning materials to ease the orientation process and set up new team members for later success. Tools such as video-based learning and gamification improve knowledge retention and employee engagement. LMS tools help streamline the new hire onboarding process for employers, too. Find the Right Software Features. Assessment tools.

Features of Association LMS that your Association should have


One of the difficulties that associations face when selecting an association learning management system (LMS) feature is determining what is required to serve their members’ educational needs best. With over 125 LMS systems today, this cannot be very clear. Certifications.

DEI & the Academy Awards: New Film Industry Guidelines Address Diversity & Inclusion


million individuals and over 93,000 businesses; it has operations in all 50 states, falls under the jurisdiction of 19 different unions, with 1,300 schools devoted to issuing certificates and terminal degrees in the field, and pays out $177 billion in annual wages. 3 minute read . The U.S.

How GRC Helps with the Vendor Management Lifecycle

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GRC solutions focus on, as the name suggest, governance, risk, and compliance. It is also necessary for risk and compliance – businesses need to ensure that their vendors have the certifications and qualifications required by regulations. Here are 5 Reasons to Implement a Vendor Management System. Vendor management technology has thus become an important part of GRC solutions. The technology is getting better and more productive.

Contingent Workforce Leads To New Business Models


Technology makes these different staffing models possible for companies that look at new business models and business processes. With leaner project teams, companies can provide customers with less expensive solutions than their traditional competitors. Upwork is another example of a company leveraging technology and contingent employees effectively. Risk management will need to be rigorous in finding workers with the right qualifications, certifications, and work history.

How to Create an Incredible Recruitment Website?

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It was estimated that by 2020, Gen Y would become 50% of the worldwide workforce, and by 2025 they'll amount to 75%. As per a survey, it takes around 50 milliseconds for an internet user to assess your website and decide whether to stick around or move on.

Brandon Hall Group Research, October 2021

Brandon Hall

Learn more about innovative, cutting-edge HCM topics on HCMx Radio , a podcast focusing that weaves current market research, HR technology and industry leaders into each episode. We will discuss how a combination of agile thinking and a strong technology ecosystem can change the norms of corporate learning forever. For over 27 years, we have been delivering research-based solutions that empower excellence in organizations around the world.

Prioritising Diversity

HRO Today

By 2025, our goal is to have women in 30% of leadership positions. As part of this, a recently introduced “Development Companion” app encourages women to take responsibility for their development journey and define their own goals.

Prioritising Diversity

HRO Today

By 2025, our goal is to have women in 30% of leadership positions. As part of this, a recently introduced “Development Companion” app encourages women to take responsibility for their development journey and define their own goals.

8 Best Practices for Remote Training at Your Organization

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Remote training is usually delivered through virtual classes, online courses, podcasts, webinars, and other e-learning tools. million Americans working remotely by 2025. In case you choose the right remote training software, this is a simple process.

L&D Leaders Weigh in on the Current State of Workforce Reskilling and Upskilling

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technology and automation is predicted to drive people out of work, especially in the field of office and administrative support, where the surplus of workers will rise from 1.4 The Top 15 Skills for 2025 according to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020.

Hiring Unemployed Workers: What Are the Risks and Benefits?


If so, the candidate may be gaming the system for the benefit. Background checks are valuable here to make sure candidates are not job hopping their way in and out of the unemployment benefit system.

Andrea Chase of Arbonne: “Create a climate budget”

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The certification experience was one of the best free sustainability educations I ever received and inspired me to take a stand in my own life -to never work for an organization that wasn’t a social enterprise again. Create a climate budget.

Diversity in the Workplace – Do You Have What Women Want?

Blu Ivy Group

markets,” a total of $28 trillion would be added to the global economy by 2025. Technology companies, law firms, financial services, professional services and consulting companies, pharmaceuticals, home builders, retail, and the restaurant industry all experience these challenges. be working towards our certification as a woman-owned business, which will officially. We are happy to provide an assessment of your.