Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program Extended Until 2025


This credit is known as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit ( WOTC ), which is available through 2025. contains a provision that extends the WOTC program through December 31, 2025. Trying to reduce employee turnover. Hiring & Retention

How to Become a Chief Human Resources Officer: What You Need to Know

Analytics in HR

The company compared its employee turnover to other banks and found their turnover rate was above average in certain key roles. By addressing all of these issues in the specific branches, they managed to reduce turnover in that role by 44%.


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6 Features that Will Optimize Your Employee Onboarding Software

HR Daily Advisor

Tools such as video-based learning and gamification improve knowledge retention and employee engagement. Learning technologies are the new training tool of choice for onboarding new employees, with the global eLearning market expected to reach $325 billion by 2025. New employee turnover is a tough pill for management and HR to swallow, but strengthening your onboarding process could help increase your retention rates. Certification system.

The Compelling Case for Upskilling and Reskilling Your Workforce


Amazon plans to spend $700 million on technology training by 2025 to help employees learn and move to higher-skill jobs. How will the training be tracked, and will certifications be issued?

The Best Talent Acquisition Strategies for 2022


Either employers will be receptive to these requests from their existing employees, or they’ll experience higher turnover rates in the coming months. This is especially true considering that, by 2025, Gen Z will represent 27% of the global workforce. Strategy #5: Employee Retention.

Brandon Hall Group Research, October 2021

Brandon Hall

Anthem’s Innovative TA Processes Reduce Turnover, Improve Performance and Efficiency (2021 Case Study) Booz Allen Reshapes Recruiting by Focusing on Candidate Journey (2021 Case Study) Solution Provider Profile: PeopleScout (2021) Solution Provider Profile: SmartRecruiters (2021) Solution Provider Profile: Click Boarding (2021) Solution Provider Profile: Beamery (2021) Solution Provider Profile: Certn (2021) How To Help Your Organization Maintain a Strategic TA Process (Strategy Brief).