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Brexit and employment: 6 things you can do today to prepare for Brexit


This is already happening; one can only rely on projections of what lies ahead for Brexit and employment, and these projections change daily as per parliamentary proceedings. Businesses need a change management strategy and they should be clear on who it impacts, when and how.

The Employee Experience in 2019


Every month we curate the top news and trends in digital transformation and how it affects the employee experience. (In Furthermore, trends such as continuous learning and new skills development will become very important to employability. ” Digital HR in the Workplace.

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Top 10 Employee Engagement Trends in the Digital Workplace for February


Managing digital transformations. Here’s our latest, curated list of the news stories and trends that we publish each month on the fourth Friday. (In In case you missed it, here’s a link to last month’s post: Your Employee Experience Roundup: Virtual Assistants, the Rise of Gen Z Workers, and Automation for HR.). Top 10 Employee Engagement Trends in the Digital Workplace. #1 The HR Trend Institute explains that employee experience will be a big part of that change.