The Future of Candidate Experience Transformation: A 2025 Outlook

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Rising candidate controlled hiring environments are calling for complete shifts in how recruiters approach hiring.

Workplace 2025: Five Forces, Six New Roles and a Challenge to HR


In September 2013, top HR leaders undertook a voluntary and collective effort to envision the HR profession in 2025. The organizational responses will include networks replacing hierarchies, and social and external collaborations as vital elements of product and service development.

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IN 2025, APPLICATIONS WILL BE accepted for the job of a lifetime—literally!

The Tim Sackett Project

We can already foresee a time when we don’t need most of the workers we have today, yet we still have to provide for the population and understand a new kind of productivity when ‘work’ isn’t apart of the equation. Most of us would start out with the best intentions, but eventually, fall into the trap of not really doing anything productive.

Join Tim Mutrie at Total Rewards Canada and EBN Benefits Forum

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ACI Specialty Benefits Senior Vice President of Marketing/IT Tim Mutrie will be a featured speaker at two major industry events in September to present “ Hey Siri: Are Companies Prepared for the 2025 Workforce?”

An Interview with Eva Sage-Gavin: The 2025 Workplace


Her highly anticipated presentation at the i4cp 2016 Conference: Next Practices Now (March 29 – April 1) will explore the 2025 workplace and the implications for HR professionals. Looking forward to the 2025 workplace, entire business models are in flux. Think about it: we do sophisticated supply and capacity planning today for every product and service you can imagine.

ACI’s Tim Mutrie is a Featured Speaker at EAPA 2018

ACI Specialty Benefits

Mutrie will be breaking down the major disruptions shaping the future of work and benefits in his innovative session, “Hey Siri: Are EAPs Prepared for the 2025 Workforce?” is not coming, it’s already here—and the 2025 workforce is fast approaching. Mutrie is highly experienced in creating benefit solutions built for the new workforce and leads the marketing team in web development, SEO, SEM, social media, public relations, video production, PPC, and digital marketing strategies.

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Leadership 2025 And The Complexity Conundrum: How Business Leaders Can Prepare The Workforce For A Culture Of Simplification

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It’s no secret that the world of work is evolving in ways that make everything we do today obsolete within the next five years. We are currently preparing ourselves for jobs that require yet-to-be-invented technology to solve yet-to-be-identified problems.

Future Friday: Digital paychecks, digital money and the effect on payroll

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more productive. The year 2025 is a mere ten years away. Digital currency FLSA forecasting Future of work futurism overtime trends YouTube Bitcoin digital currency digital paychecks Future Friday payroll Year 2025Click here to view the embedded video. We have all heard of Bitcoin , at least the name, and we are aware that it is “digital” money. According to on futurist digital money will be the currency of all future transactions.

6 Surefire Ways to Motivate your Millennials

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workforce by 2025. 77% of Millennials say flexible work hours would make the workplace more productive. workforce by 2025. Millennials Productivity Employee Engagement workplaceBy Jenny Crumrine: Millennials have flooded the job market.

The Future Of Work: How The Workplace Is Changing In 2017


For instance, reports estimate that between 45 percent and 47 percent of current jobs could eventually be lost to automation, with seven percent of that job loss coming by the year 2025. Productivity. Technology is rapidly transforming the workplace.

Use of Technology at Work: Counter-intuitive Findings

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Digital Life in 2025: Technology’s Impact on Workers ” looks at a representative sample of adult Internet users and the role or impact of digital technology on their work lives.

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HR's biggest technology problems and how they can overcome them


By 2025, over $400 billion will be spent on digital technology, with $30 billion of that on Human Resources. We’re just now, as humans, starting to catch up,” says Nicole Lindenbaum, Director of Product Marketing at PeopleDoc.

Turn Disengaged Millennials into High-Performers: An Executive’s Guide

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By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be millennials, according to Inc. Young people believe that their productivity cannot be measured by the time spent sitting at an office desk. They also prefer to work from home and to work flexible hours, as it adds to their productivity. . Employee Benefit Trends Study , 81% of respondents said that having a work-life balance improved their productivity and 79% claimed that a work-life balance made them more engaged.

Making Sure Millennial Employees Are Truly Engaged


workforce today, and as much as 75 percent of the workforce by 2025. This lack of engagement negatively affects productivity and can wreak havoc on your firm’s bottom line. A simple competition or a rewards program for task completion can increase productivity and engagement.

Future Friday: A world of those that “can” versus those that “can’t”

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She also said that by the year 2025 1 in 3 jobs, 140 million in total, will be taken over by robots. Is this what the telecommuting pizza worker will look like?

Study Should Make Us Reconsider Technology Implications on the Job

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Digital Life in 2025: Technology’s Impact on Workers looks at a representative sample of adult Internet users and the role or impact of digital technology on their work lives.

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HR's biggest technology problems and how they can overcome them


By 2025, over $400 billion will be spent on digital technology, with $30 billion of that on Human Resources. We’re just now, as humans, starting to catch up,” says Nicole Lindenbaum, Director of Product Marketing at PeopleDoc.

Working in the “Gig Economy”

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trillion to global GDP by 2025. Raising labor productivity. This adds 72 million workers to the global workforce and adds a full 2% to the projected world GDP for 2025.

Why Vision and Culture Eat Strategy

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The inference is that a happy workforce is a productive workforce, correlating directly with business success. Productivity declines, reverberating at the bottom line. Machines are expected to handle more than half of workplace tasks by 2025.

The Work Platform Is the New “Job" for Displaced Workers

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They were destroyed by new ways of boosting productivity and reducing costs which heightened the distinction between routine labor and the rest of manufacturing." percent by 2025. Government leaders often frame labor policies or future of work solutions in terms of preserving, repatriating or creating the “good jobs" of the past. But this fixation on "jobs" actually limits the potential of their solutions. The new world of work is one "beyond employment."

HR for Manufacturing Companies: How Today’s Tech Can Help

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Fortunately, just as manufacturers are taking advantage of technology to improve their development and production, today’s HR solutions optimize the latest technological advancements to help manufacturing HR leaders recruit, train, and manage their employees.

CMS Releases 2016-2025 Projections of National Health Expenditures Data

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National health spending growth is projected to outpace projected growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 1.2 by 2025. National health expenditure growth is expected to average 5.6%

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Webinar Recap: HR Buyer Trends Insights and Benchmarks Survey


The marketplace for HR software and services is growing at 10% compound annual growth rate and expected to be $30 billion by 2025. A sampling of questions we asked include: How do you typically begin your research for HR products and services?

The Right Way to Increase Minimum Wage at Your Organization


government passed a bill to gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 by 2025. Increasing productivity. When wages increase, the question becomes: what can you do to increase productivity in your business? On July 18th, 2019, the U.S.

Automation: A Potential Game Changer for Mining and Maritime Industry

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Employee recruitment and retention in remote areas such as deserts and mountains include one of the major challenges mining companies face in maintaining productivity, with increasing depth another factor alongside workforce safety.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Future of Work, Now


AI will create more opportunities – some 2 million net-new jobs – by the year 2025. trillion in business value and helping us to recover more than 6 billion hours of productivity.

How smart is your office building?

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With the increasing demand for energy management solutions in buildings (government initiatives are now underway to make commercial buildings completely energy independent by 2025), organization are investing in new products designed to … Continue reading "How smart is your office building?". Have you recently considered new technologies designed to connect your building’s infrastructure? If not, you’re probably missing out on significant efficiencies and savings.

6 Truths about the Future of Business


According to the European Centre for International Political Economy, it can make products cheaper, provide access to growth opportunities, and mitigate cost inflation. As Sophocles said, “Heaven never helps the man who will not act.”.

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What Does The Future Look Like?

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A few years ago I participated with a group of HR experts who were asked to speculate on what the disciplines of HR and Compensation would look like in 2025. Employers are also increasingly restructuring and customizing jobs to improve both productivity and employee job satisfaction.

5 HR Trends Impacting the Industry

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Today, brand recognition is about more than whether consumers recognize your product or could pick your logo out of a lineup. Studies show higher employee engagement improves productivity and reduces both absenteeism and employee turnover.

Tuition Assistance Can Raise Education Attainment


Lumina Foundation’s Goal 2025 that 60 percent of the population age 25-64 will have a degree or workforce-relevant certificate is only a few years away. These are employees who can increase their own performance with additional education and increase the productivity of their company.

The Turnover Crisis in Manufacturing


million manufacturing jobs will open up by 2025. The longer positions go unfilled, the more the production process is disrupted. An action plan for all HR and finance leaders. It’s no secret—manufacturing is losing talent.

How to Foster Employee Engagement in the Competitive IT Industry

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In fact, Zion Market Research suggests that the global employee engagement software market will be a $346 million industry by 2025. [link]. Few sectors are as starved for human resources as the IT industry.

5 Things Millennials Need to Succeed in the Workforce

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What’s more, by 2020, 40 percent of the workforce will be composed of Millennials; this percentage will increase to 75 percent by 2025. Research for Leadership Development for Millennials was conducted by ATD and the Institute for Corporate Productivity.

Strategically Managing Manufacturing Skills Gaps With Learning Analytics


If you work in HR for the manufacturing sector, you may be wondering if your company should be following suit: By 2025, over 2 million manufacturing jobs could go unfilled. Time to Productivity. Manufacturing Productivity: The Paradigm Shift.