7 Skills HR Technologists Will Need in the Next Eight Years


Technology impacts all of us personally in how we communicate, make purchases, plan travel, find love, discover a great restaurant, or get a ride across town. These are the skills HR Technologists must posses in the next eight years: Innovative Reasoning Based on Data.

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Healthcare’s Looming Talent Troubles


The good news is the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that healthcare jobs will be among the fastest-growing in the nation by 2026. healthcare labor market analysis from Mercer compares future supply and demand of workers to project workforce availability across 50 healthcare occupations through 2025. Mercer recommends employers should: Understand full exposure to potential workforce risks – both external and internal.

Three Important Takeaways from the Tomorrow’s Talent Forum


At the same time, as you consider how new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can transform your business, you’re aware these tools will also deeply impact your workforce. More than 50 percent of corporate respondents said they plan to evolve job responsibilities to reflect future needs, and also get better at recruiting diverse talent to address the impact of new technologies on their workforces.