Contingent Staffing’s Place in Healthcare HR’s Strategy


Contingent Staffing’s Place in Healthcare HR’s Strategy Nov. economy through 2026, accounting for about 20 percent of all new jobs, according to projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 13, 2018. Bryan-Barajas.jpg. Bryan Barajas Marketing Director.

7 Skills HR Technologists Will Need in the Next Eight Years


As HR faces the challenges and opportunities brought on by these forces, there will be an increasing demand for the role of the HR Technologist and the skills required of this role will evolve from today to those required in 2026.

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Best Practices for Hiring in the Healthcare Industry


As a result, employment in the healthcare field is projected to grow 18% before 2026 , creating around 2.4 To fill this gap, healthcare facilities need to implement a solid recruitment and hiring strategy. Background screening is essential for hiring in healthcare. This could be due to more awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace, and as a result, pre-employment screening searches for sexual offenses has increased.

Home Care Hiring: 3 Ways to Prepare for Increased Demand


In fact, the data projects home health aides and personal care aides will be the third- and fourth-fastest-growing job categories between 2016 and 2026. . You can jump start your efficient home care hiring strategy by streamlining the initial screening process.

How HR Tech Can Help Combat Talent Shortages


The claim “Every company is a technology company” has been widely shared over the years, so much so that, along with another popular business maxim—“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”—it has come to be almost universally accepted as truth.

7 Recruiting Competencies to Guide the 21st Century Recruiter


They use their market intelligence combined with their ability to quickly analyze social profiles, traditional resumes and applications along with their interview and screening skills. I used to think that recruiters were just the same as human resources professionals. I was wrong.