The Upcoming Evolution of Recruiting and Talent Development

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An overwhelming number of recruiters, 87%, use LinkedIn as a hiring tool, while 55% use Facebook and 47% use Twitter. According to JVS Career Solution’s research , 94% of recruiters prefer to use LinkedIn to source candidates, and eventually, recruiters hire 79% of those candidates. When you are trying to win over talent in a highly competitive environment, a vital thing to keep in mind is that everybody is on the go.

Explosive Growth in E-Commerce Requires New, More Agile HR

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This highly dynamic talent landscape in an industry that is also constantly evolving with new technologies creates unprecedented challenges for HR professionals. Recently, Rallyware contacted Amazon’s Global Leadership Development Partner, Kvon Tucker, to get his insight into the changing role of HR in this dynamic industry. How to meet rapidly changing development and training needs. Tucker’s Top Three Predictions for the Future of Work in 2027.


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The Value of Soft Skills (i4cp login required)


According to Transparency Market Research , the global soft skills training market will reach a value of US $38 Billion by 2027. For example, executives at a large technology company invest in teambuilding because they want the work performed by teams.

Critical Succession Planning


The current talent environment is one most HR professionals have not seen before. Between 2017 and 2027, a talent shortage of 8.2 In an HR Exchange Network survey, we asked respondents this question: does your company have a formal succession planning strategy that focuses on long-term goals, hiring, and talent retention? The Transformation of Talent Management – Download here. This is critical when looking at and planning for talent development.

The Insurance Industry Needs to Boost Its Learning and Development Efforts

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And even though there are multiple reports that technology threatens to make insurance underwriters’ jobs obsolete, according to a Wall Street Journal report companies like AIG will continue to employ the human touch, especially in underwriting, where risk is often unpredictable and risk assessment is highly nuanced. We spoke with Dan Lovely, Chief Learning Officer at AIG about what the future of learning and development in the insurance industry will be like.