You ARE Being Replaced by AI

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September 5, 2028. She sits huddled with her former colleagues at the location of the final WorldatWork conference at a Gaylord Hotel in one of those big conference cities that no one actually got a chance to see during prior events. should be granted as the new high-leverage PSUs with the quarterly rolling-metric structure. The day has finally arrived. Co mpensation professionals have, like the dodo bird and leg warmers, quickly become extinct.

Role of L&D in Creating Effective Sales Enablement Strategies


When learning activities remain trapped in event-based and formal training sessions, sales teams also remain ill-equipped and, therefore, unmotivated. This includes providing customer tips to get the best out of their products, intimation about upcoming events and deals, resolving queries and identifying potential pain points. In addition, 73% of all teams will have remote workers by 2028.