The Start of Something New

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New developments in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and chatbots are shaking up the landscape for HR, raising concerns around automation and job displacement while forcing teams to adapt to changing employee expectations and evolving workplace norms.

Why Companies Need to Build a Skills Inventory

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In the Workforce of the Future study , PwC envisions what the workforce will look like in 2030. Rather than being caught off guard by a sudden gap in skills or having to hire people, companies armed with such knowledge can plan ahead through hiring, training, and career development strategies.

Navigating semantics and skills: reskilling vs. upskilling

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We’ve seen the research before: By 2030, according to a recent McKinsey Global Institute report, as many as 375 million workers may need to switch their occupations in response to “digitization, automation and advances in artificial intelligence” that are disrupting the way we work.