Diversity and inclusion content calendar 2022

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In order to fully celebrate diversity and inclusion, your culture content needs to be …. As long as your culture content honors the diversity of your team members and communicates your commitment to increasing equity and inclusion, the paradoxes above are possible. .

22 Examples of Awesome Diversity Goals


We found 22 examples of diversity goals from top companies aiming to boost diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. To make the list, the diversity goals had to be written on their web site or spoken goal by their leadership (e.g. 22 Diversity Goal Examples.


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Your corporate diversity and inclusion content needs employee stories

Stories Incorporated

We watch a ton of recruitment marketing videos (and not just the ones we create for our clients on the daily), and we consume a great deal of corporate diversity and inclusion content. The key is to uncover personal examples of inclusion and equality from all over your organization.

How to Increase Diversity Hiring


Five ways to increase diversity hiring at your organization. Did you know that racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by as much as 35%? Americans want a diverse workplace – much like the schools they attended. Use More Diverse Recruitment Channels.

6 Ways to Advance Gender Equality in the C-Suite


When it comes to gender equality in the C-suite, the gap between vision and action is wide. In an October 2015 study sponsored by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 73 percent of global senior executives surveyed believe that women will occupy an equal share of C-level jobs in multinational firms by 2030. Demographics will also play an indirect role in making gender equality in the C-suite a reality.

Dr. Marc Wagener of LabCampus: “Diversity”

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Diversity: People’s needs are as diverse as they are, and although diversity and equality help to create a creative environment, this has not yet been sufficiently taken into account in the working environment. This applies equally to employers and employees.

Education, Mentoring, And Role Models: Effective Vehicles To Motivate Gender Equality In The IT Sector


Through Egypt Vision 2030, the government is actively trying to increase the participation rate of women in all job market fields to 35%, decrease the unemployment rate among women to 16%, and increase the ratio of female-to-male estimated earned income from 29% to 58%. To realistically redress the gender imbalance, a culture of diversity needs to be embedded in the social consciousness, from parenting and education to professional work environments.

Kimberly Kayler of Advancing Organizational Excellence: “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. For example, a report by the McKinsey Global Institute that estimated automation will eliminate 73 million jobs by 2030. 1) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

McDonald’s Paves the Way With DEI Data Transparency


McDonald’s is laying the groundwork for universal pay equity measures nationwide with new commitments to disclose diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) data. Commitments to disclose data and set lofty diversity goals. management positions and achieve gender equality on a global scale.

Is HR tech the key to fixing the women’s workforce crisis?


See also: Why HR needs to stop the clock on the women’s recession If employers do take decisive action today to strive for gender parity by 2030, according to researchers at McKinsey, it could add $13 trillion to the global GDP. Harsh. Disastrous. Concerning.

On International Women’s Day, HighGround Leaders are Trailblazers


This year’s focus is especially relevant, Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030. When people talk about workplace diversity, it often implies an either/or scenario where women and men are pitted against one another. In the video below, Anjoo, an Ernst & Young alumna, talks about gender equality in the workplace. What is your company doing to promote gender diversity in the workplace?

Strategies to Build Women Leaders Globally

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Here are some ideas and insights for men and women to collaborate to create a gender-equal world. Women must treat men as allies, not enemies to achieve gender equality globally. Steps to Achieve Gender Equality Globally. Offer equal access to education for women.

Think Crisis; Think Woman

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Vision 2030: [link]. Community Advice advice for women Book Excerpt CEOs diversity and inclusion Gender Equality inclusion inspiring Leadership literature nobel prize profmsrao Reading Women Empowerment women entrepreneurs Women Leaders writer

Diversity and the “Cultural Richness”

Cielo HR Leader

We catch up with Wayne to get his views on the impact of workplace diversity across this high profile and dynamic region. Wayne, when we last talked back in 2010 you were looking at ways of making the balance of gender diversity in GE Capital, Global Banking more equitable. You’re now working in a very different sort of environment with a whole new set of diversity-related challenges. Qatar is taking a lead in the Gulf region by seeking to reinvent its economy by 2030.

4 Weeks To Davos: The Trillion-Dollar Cost Of Illiteracy

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On its site, UNICEF says, “When all children have access to a quality education rooted in human rights and gender equality, it creates a ripple effect of opportunity that influences generations to come. For instance, a State of Food and Agriculture report states that women in many developing countries do not have equal access to the agricultural resources and opportunities. 17 weeks to Davos. 17 global goals to achieve a sustainable future.

How to motivate a multigenerational workforce?

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Inclusivity and diversity are the new buzzwords for a woke workplace with agism a tired third in the mix. There are definitely opportunities for different perspectives and ideas in the workplace, but there are equal opportunities for conflict too.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap: It Takes Action and Data

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Equal Pay Day , which symbolizes how far into the next year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous calendar year. Studies have also shown, again and again, that organizations with gender diverse leadership teams outperform financially. Diversity & Inclusion

A List of Minority Groups [by %]


Many companies are focusing on minority groups as a part of their diversity initiatives. If you want deeper definitions of some of these minority group terms, they are listed in The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary [a List of 200+ Terms]. Diversity Goals for Underrepresented Groups.

HR’s 2018 year in review part two


Even at the most diverse of organisations, employees will disengage and leave if they don’t feel included and accepted. Pearson Education, Nesta and the Oxford Martin School explored the future of work beyond automation this year in their new report, The future of employment skills in 2030 , which looked in depth at the factors that have the power to fundamentally influence the employment and skills of today.

Key Takeaways from Visier’s Women in Leadership Event


With over 80 enterprises signed on with Paradigm for Parity in a very short time, agreeing to actively work towards achieving 50% women in corporate leadership by 2030, Maryann is certainly embodying these three Ps. Kathy started her talk sharing Ingersoll Rand’s focus on sustainability — of their people, their business, and the world — and how Diversity and Inclusion drives all three. Diversity and inclusion is key to driving business performance today.

Visier 177

International Women’s Day 2017: Women in the Changing World of Work


Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030 ”, is this year’s theme, with the ultimate goal of fostering a world where sustainable development is achieved through gender equality and empowerment of women and girls. We’re not only indebted to women and the incredible work that they do, organizations have plenty to gain from a diverse workforce made up of engaged women and men from all walks of life! By: Lisa Bull, VP of People Academy, Ceridian.

Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Women in the Workplace

Slayton Search Partners

It was a record at the time, but that number has been steadily rising, proof of significant efforts in gender equality in the workplace—that is, until now. Ultimately, it’s a massive reversal of the strides our nation has made in gender equality. But universal is not the same as equal.

4 Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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Degree’s First Deodorant For The Diverse Disability Community. Degree worked with the diverse disability community to beta test its new deodorant, which includes a braille label, a hooked handle, and magnetic closures.

Paradigm for Parity® Coalition’s 5 Actionable Steps to Gender Equity


Perhaps this is due to broader talent pools, improved quality of decision-making, and innovation due to diversity of thought as suggested by a McKinsey Report. I certainly saw this first-hand with my own experience in building a diverse team. After five years of hard work, I’m proud to say that my business line was made up of 40% diverse individuals when I left–and we did not sacrifice quality one iota! Instead, prioritize diverse candidate slates and decision-making panels.

5 skills every future HR leader must possess

Business Management Daily

Will up-and-coming leaders possess the skills, mindsets, and behaviors necessary to manage human capital effectively in an era where a whopping 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not even been invented yet?

7 Predictions for the New (Ab)normal Workplace


With the benefits of tapping into a geographically and ethnically diverse talent pool, managers will increasingly explore how to make remote working part of their culture.”. Impact on gender equality.

A Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

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We don’t know the exact cost of personnel (we can easily calculate this and add it to the model), however, if staffing costs between departments are equal, product line B is much more profitable than product line C. It would, for example, provide a great overview in terms of diversity in internal mobility if you compare this overview for both sexes. Workforce planning is often mentioned – but rarely explained. What is workforce planning, and how do you do it?

13 Employee Engagement Trends for 2020

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DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION IN THE WORKPLACE: Building a global working environment is the need of the hour. To do so, diversity and inclusion must prevail. When you have a diverse, fair and just culture, it results in a more innovative, creative and engaged workforce.

Why Internal Mobility Is Key To Building the Workforce of the Future

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Imbalances in the market such as income equality and the ratio of capable talent to high-skill jobs have rendered traditional hiring and recruiting practices ineffective. We’ve established that internal mobility helps build skilled workers with diverse skill sets.

Core Company Values: 12 Inspiring Examples

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Value and develop our employees’ diverse talents, initiative and leadership. In fact, Forbes magazine named Cox Automotive to its first-ever list of America’s Best Employers for Diversity in 2018. Equality.

The Era Of ‘Robo-Sapiens’ Won’t Happen Without Humans. HR Departments Need To Step Up, Upskill, And Lead The Way

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The Bank Of America, for instance, anticipates that because of accelerated automation as many as 100 million workers will need to switch their jobs by 2030. They should equally be interested in what is happening beyond their company to identify and react to broader trends.

The One Thing You Need For Future-Proofing Your HR Department

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The recent trends such as remote hiring and onboarding, remote work and more emphasis on diversity, inclusion and equality have thrust HR professionals into action and board meetings. In less than a year, the role of HR has fundamentally changed.

Dawn of the Anthropocene

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This is what makes all species and individuals equal. According to the world’s top scientists and experts, protecting at least 30% of the world’s landscapes and seascapes by 2030 would provide us with a strong foundation from which to rebuild towards a sustainable future.

10 Employee Engagement Trends for 2019

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They will soon form half of the workforce in the next one year and three fourth by 2030. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION IN THE WORKPLACE. To do so, diversity and inclusion must prevail. When you have a diverse, fair and just culture, it results in a more innovative, creative and engaged workforce. To learn more about the advantages of Diversity and Inclusion at work click here. Including diversity as a part of a broader employee engagement strategy a necessity.

13 HR Trends: The New Workplace

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We’ll discuss why HR trends like improved diversity and inclusion practices, flexibility and remote work, and AI in the workplace are taking hold in organizations across the globe. Diversity and inclusion takes center stage.