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Hospital Turnover in 2018: The Trend Continues

Hospital Recruiting

New data, the 2019 National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report, published by NSI Nursing Solutions, Inc. Voluntary turnover continues to increase. Competition for talent is also driving turnover, with employee poaching becoming the new norm. While the average turnover rate across all industries in the US is 15%, hospital turnover for 2018 was at 19.1%, an increase of almost a percentage point over 2017, and the highest in the decade.

A Healthcare Staffing Shortage Looms. Here’s How Technology Can Help


The healthcare staffing shortage is already affecting many facilities. By focusing on a hospital’s or clinic’s particular needs and organizational cultures, hiring managers and recruiters can fine-tune these tools to help identify, hire and onboard those candidates most likely to provide the biggest contribution to the team. Healthcare Staffing Shortages and Their Impact on Hiring. It will also require special attention to recruiting and retention.

How to get the most out of your recruitment CRM


Agency professionals confirmed this in a recent survey by Staffing Hub. More agencies are opening to meet HR departments’ hiring needs so that they can focus on managing internal initiatives like employee onboarding, training, and retention programs.