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Disruptive HR Trends: Loud Quitting vs. Quiet Quitting | HR Cloud

HR Cloud

The current labor climate presents many challenges for today’s HR professionals. Across all sectors of activity, we are seeing a rise in employees leaving their jobs. It’s gotten so bad there’s even a catchy, if not overdramatic, word for the phenomenon: The Great Resignation. And currently, in the US, there is a labor shortage that, in some regions, has gotten to the point where there are twice as many job openings as there are people looking for jobs.

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5 Tips for Downsizing with Dignity While Avoiding Lawsuits

HR C-Suite

Nobody wants to do it, but sometimes, there just isn’t any other alternative. In the world of business, tough times means taking tough turns—and opting for tough solutions. Downsizing or layoffs is one such “necessary evil”, and one that should be used effectively to avoid objection or lawsuits.


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Productivity Analysis For HR: What To Track

Analytics in HR

Productivity analysis and metrics are of great concern to HR teams and business leaders worldwide. Product inefficiencies have a significant impact on the success of an organization and can mean the difference between a business that thrives and is profitable and a business that has to eventually close its doors. Research by Opus Energy found that 86% of UK small and medium enterprises (SMEs) believe that productivity is an issue.

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Approachable Leaders are a Beacon

The People Equation

As a leader, how do you let your team know you are available to them? Sure, you’ve probably said (more times than you can count) “I’m here if you need me.” But do you back those words up with actions that show you are not only available but approachable? That’s a distinction that merits exploration, don’t you think? The Approachability Litmus Test for leaders A leader can be physically available (“our one-to-one is at 3:00 PM today”) but still unapproachable (distracted, critical or sarcastic.

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Prevent Toxic Work Culture and Protect Your Peoples’ Physical and Mental Health

The U.S. Surgeon General's warning about the role of the workplace on mental and physical health states that employers have an opportunity to turn workplaces into “engines of mental health and wellbeing”. Discover what it takes to foster workplace wellbeing and how to prevent a “toxic work culture”.

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Famous career transitions: 6 real-life lessons for employers


As a hiring manager or recruiter, sometimes you can struggle in finding top candidates to fill your open positions. That does happen. One way to overcome this is to be more flexible in what you’re looking for in a perfect new hire. One area to rethink is the required background and qualifications for a new job in your company. If you’re looking to hire a marketing manager, you’ll naturally want someone who’s well-versed in marketing and has the skills needed to succeed in marketing, which is fai

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HR Tech Spinout Performica Closes on its Seed Round


The technology company raised $3 million in its initial round of funding led by Surface VC and Bowery Capital The post HR Tech Spinout Performica Closes on its Seed Round appeared first on TalentCulture.

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Weronika Niemczyk Of ABBYY On How To Identify And Engage The Best Talent For Your Organization

HR Tech Girl

Companies are always on the lookout for talented people. In this interview series, we talk to seasoned HR professionals to pick their brains for ideas and insights on finding the right talent for our organizations. Weronika Niemczyk is the Chief People Officer (CPO) of technology company ABBYY , a process automation tool used by some of the world’s top companies.

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3 Technologies to Optimize Labor Spending in Your Grocery Store


W ith the current labor shortage being attributed to a number of factors , many grocers have started to accept that there are just fewer workers in the workforce than before the Covid-19 pandemic. W ith fewer workers , you might think that grocery stores have been taking a hit by increasing wages , having l ower quality customer service, and generally having staffing issues.

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Healthcare Staffing Shortages and What to Expect in 2023


It’s no secret that the last few years have reshaped the business landscape, but one of the industries most affected was the healthcare field. Healthcare staffing shortages were already a concern prior to the pandemic, but by the end of 2022, those shortages had reached an alarming level. If you’re a healthcare facility, PandoLogic has put together some research and ideas to help you.

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The 26th Annual HR Systems Survey

The 26th Annual HR Systems Survey, conducted by Sapient Insights Group, is now open for participation through July 1, 2023. Your voice is the future of HR technology! This survey is valuable for anyone supporting their organization's HR systems and practices, interested in sharing their vendor experiences, and giving back to the HR community. All responses are confidential and only used in aggregate results.

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How to Leverage Technology to Enhance Competitiveness

Essium HRM

Leveraging technology is a critical way to enhance competitiveness within the staffing industry. Along with streamlining workflows and supporting compliance, technology creates avenues for automation, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), and more. When it comes to choosing the right technologies, using a best-of-breed approach is often wise.

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7 Key Components of Talent Management | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

According to Mercer, 99% of companies are facing talent challenges of some kind in 2023. Many are experiencing an increase in quiet quitting , and 50% expect to have difficulty meeting the demands of their talent models. In addition to a possible recession and the need for empathetic, people-first strategies, your human resources team has its hands full this year.

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6 Outdated Hiring Practices


How effective are your current hiring strategies? Are you attracting top-quality talent ? Or are you posting and reposting with very few submissions? Today’s hiring ecosystem is different. And what used to work as recently as one year ago won’t necessarily be effective today. So, as you review your hiring and onboarding metrics, look to spot trends that might point to gaps in your current hiring practices.

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Disciplinary Action in the Workplace: Best Practices & Strategies


Disciplinary action is a formal procedure taken by employers to address employee misconduct or poor performance. It is an essential aspect of HR management in the workplace, aimed at addressing and correcting employee behavior that goes against the company’s policies and standards. The process of disciplinary action is used to maintain a safe and productive work environment, ensure compliance with company policies and regulations, and enhance employee performance.

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Ace Your I-9 Compliance: How HR Can Navigate the End of I-9 Virtual Review

Speaker: David Secunda, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkBright

Did your company inspect I-9 documents virtually? Hot off the press from ICE, you have until August 30th, 2023 to document a physical inspection of those documents! If you’re not sure what exactly this means for your organization or are struggling to physically review I-9 documents with remote employees, join WorkBright for a 60 minute deep-dive and Q&A on the end of I-9 virtual review.

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Trusaic Research Report Details The Connection Between Pay Equity and Technology


Our research report with the Josh Bersin Company finds that 72% of C-suite say that pay equity is a critical component of their people and business strategy. Moreover, companies utilizing specialized technology for pay equity analyses are 3.2 times more likely to engage and retain employees and seven times more likely to attract talent than companies that don’t.

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Layoff Planning: What You Need to Know

Intoo USA

Layoff planning can be complicated. Sometimes layoffs are months in the making; other times they need to happen quickly. And many companies don’t consider the “after” in their planning, which can be equally if not more important for your business continuity. With all the steps that need to be taken before, during, and after a layoff, it’s easy to miss an important detail.

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5 Best Practices for Pre-Employment Assessments Hiring Managers Should Be Tracking


The hiring process is oftentimes littered with pink slips because of unreliable gut instincts about new hires. Pre-employment assessments are excellent tools that provide a wealth of data, and much needed objectivity, when used correctly. But those same pre-employment tests can perpetuate bias if hiring managers aren’t paying attention to the whole story.

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Management Development Training: The New Employee Benefit?


For 15Five’s latest research study , the team did a high-dive into the depths of manager effectiveness and the impact managers have on employee experience and business outcomes. Through this research, we uncovered a considerable gap between employees and managers, particularly in how each group perceives the other. Sure, employees and managers not seeing eye-to-eye isn’t necessarily a new revelation.

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Employer Guide: End of I-9 Virtual Review

Attention employers! If you virtually inspected I-9 work authorization documents during the COVID pandemic, you are required to physically inspect those documents before August 30th, 2023! WorkBright has consolidated all the information you need to properly manage this unprecedented scenario in an end of I-9 Virtual Review guide. They've got you covered on: Understanding whether this applies to your organization Deadlines for virtual review and physical inspections Overview of the reconciliation

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HR won’t do anything about a coworker who’s angry about my weight loss

Ask a Manager

This post, HR won’t do anything about a coworker who’s angry about my weight loss , was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I just came back to work after a month-long emergency medical leave. The tl:dr is that after a decade of medical gaslighting, a new doctor ordered an emergency MRI during a routine visit and discovered a mass in my abdomen.

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The gender inequality statistic you might not be tracking


Despite a vocal gender equality movement active since the middle of the 20th century, women are still paid less and are less likely to reach senior leadership levels compared to their male counterparts. With International Women’s Day (March 8) approaching, many companies will be running programs and initiatives to highlight the women at their organization.

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The Role of Online Human Resource Management Software in Transforming the HR Business Function


Human resource management software solutions have become so ubiquitous in today’s organizations that it is. The post The Role of Online Human Resource Management Software in Transforming the HR Business Function appeared first on SutiSoft.

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Extra Credit Is Due to the Companies That Use This Value

marenated HR

This article on the Credit was originally published in February 2019. All relevant information and statistics have been updated as of February 2023. A few weeks ago, we sought to define each of our company values to those who don’t work at Red Branch. We’re proud of everything our employees accomplish and everyone that contributes towards the result.

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The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing HR Operations: How to Select Your New HR Software

Speaker: Patrick Sayers, President of Newcastle Research

Are you tired of struggling with outdated HR software? Are you interested in unlocking your organization’s productivity potential? It’s no secret that with tech-dependent remote work on the rise, it's more important than ever to successfully implement an HR platform that can provide actionable insights to help you hit all your key workforce KPIs. But with so much variation, how can you find the most optimal HR software platform for your team?

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a very good update: how to tell a former employee he can’t visit us weekly

Ask a Manager

This post, a very good update: how to tell a former employee he can’t visit us weekly , was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager. Remember the letter-writer asking how to tell a former employee he couldn’t visit their office weekly (#3 at the link)? The update is one of my favorites ever (and I probably should have saved it for Valentine’s Day but you are getting it now because I love it too much to wait): I have an update to a question you posted a few months ago a

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What Hybrid Worker Preferences Reveal About the Future of Work


We don’t need research to tell us the future of work will be much different from pre-pandemic norms. But Covid isn’t the cause. Disruption was happening before 2020. The pandemic merely focused our attention and accelerated the rate of change. So, where is work headed next? It’s impossible to chart this course without considering hybrid […] The post What Hybrid Worker Preferences Reveal About the Future of Work appeared first on TalentCulture.

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Types of Employee Benefits: 12 Benefits HR Should Know

Analytics in HR

The types of employee benefits an organization provides carry weight in today’s employment market. Compensation on its own is not enough to engage employees and attract job seekers who now expect more comprehensive rewards for their work. HR practitioners need to be aware of the various benefit possibilities and determine which ones their organization should consider adopting.

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How to Have Effective Check-in Conversations

Jason Lauritsen

It was my birthday and I was craving some time with my kids. In a brazen attempt to pry my kids away from their technology, I offered a trip to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. My hope was, once they were a captive audience in the car, we’d be able to chat a bit. But before we could even get loaded into the car, a shouting match exploded between the two of them.

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Report: Insights on Global Fertility at Work

Fertility is not only a global healthcare concern, but also an important workplace issue. To better understand how fertility impacts the workplace, Carrot Fertility surveyed 5,000 people across the U.S., UK, Canada, India, and Mexico. Carrot asked questions to get a sense of how people around the world feel about fertility topics at work and how they want to be supported in their fertility and family-forming journeys.