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Cultivating Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence (EI) is the awareness of and the ability to regulate one’s own emotions and tune in to others. Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman popularized the concept of emotional intelligence in his 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence Why It Can Matter More than IQ.

Mind Your Emotional Intelligence


It’s high EI, or emotional intelligence. That visual and audio information enters the brain through the limbic system (the brain’s emotion factory), where it picks up emotional energy. By nature, the brain puts the emotion first.

Mind Your Emotional Intelligence


It’s high EI, or emotional intelligence. That visual and audio information enters the brain through the limbic system (the brain’s emotion factory), where it picks up emotional energy. By nature, the brain puts the emotion first.

Is Emotional Intelligence Standing Between You & Career Success?

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You may have heard us talk about emotional intelligence (EI) in the past. Emotionally intelligent managers make more money. One study found that the most emotionally intelligent professionals earned roughly $29,000 more each year than others.

Emotional Intelligence In Conflict Resolution

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The term Emotional Intelligence has been steadily gaining popularity over the past decade. Business owners and leaders are finally beginning to realize that a person’s emotional intelligence is just as important – if not more important than experience and other measurables.

Emotional Intelligence Is A Verb

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Blog emotional intelligenceA few weeks ago, I was running an EI development course with a technical organisation, and my colleague and I were drawing on our collective resources to engage a delegate who had been encouraged (okay, told) to attend.

Want to Manage Distress at Work? Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

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Psychologists call what happens under distress the amygdala hijack , where the amygdala (the emotional center of your brain) takes over your stress response from your frontal cortex (the logical part of your brain). By upping our emotional intelligence.

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3-Steps for Hiring Managers with Emotional Intelligence

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As more studies reveal the benefits of emotional intelligence in the workplace, companies are beginning to take notice, and the myth of IQ leading the way is coming undone. For example, 58% of job performance is based on a person’s EQ, and 70% of the time, those with mid-level IQ outperform those with the highest IQs. Hiring Workplace Cultural Fit

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6 Steps to Being an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

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Emotional intelligence is a necessity for every leader. According to Psychology Today , emotional intelligence can be defined as “ the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.” .

The Emotional Intelligence Factor In Leadership Development

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Emotional intelligence is a critical aspect of successful leadership


How to Help Managers Develop Their Emotional Intelligence

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Although it’s now widely accepted that emotional intelligence (EI) is vital for managers, people still tend to assume that two of the most fundamental EI competencies, self-awareness and empathy, are deeply ingrained and not amenable to change.

Five Daily Practices of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

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It’s no secret that I love talking and writing about emotional intelligence. In my previous blog post, I described the history of emotional intelligence and how […]. By Joanne Trotta, Certified Emergenetics® Associate, CEO of LeadersEdge, Inc.


Get Started with Emotional Intelligence Training in Your Organization

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Emotional intelligence development is tough, but the benefits are undeniable. The post Get Started with Emotional Intelligence Training in Your Organization appeared first on BizLibrary. Article emotional intelligence soft skills

The Culture Series [Part 2] – Using Trust and Emotional Intelligence to Establish Your Cultural Identity

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We’re going to cover the first two in this article: trust and emotional intelligence. Competency #2 – Emotional Intelligence (EI). We were introduced to the term emotional intelligence back in 1995 by Dr. Daniel Goleman.

Why Emotional Intelligence is a Critical Skill for Your Future Workforce


For those of us in the Human Resources field, we’ve heard about the term Emotional Intelligence (EI) back in the mid-90’s when Dan Goleman wrote the eponymous book. Fast forward almost 25 years and many people may think the topic of Emotional Intelligence has faded away.

The Basics Of Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence [EI] is the ability to achieve success by controlling and exploiting our emotions and the emotions of others. The post The Basics Of Emotional Intelligence appeared first on New To HR. Coaching & Mentoring Beliefs EI Emotional Intelligence Emotions IQ leadershipNumerous studies share how one can achieve success in life with EI. Unraveling these secrets behind our brilliance has been.

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Are Men And Women Equally Emotionally Intelligent?

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Even though we are equal in our overall EQ, men and women possess different EQ strengths or competencies that are considered gender-specific

Emotional Intelligence in Coaching

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What is emotional intelligence? Psychology Today states that Emotional Intelligence, is “the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.” ( [link] ). Magazine lists 13 signs of Emotional Intelligence ( [link] ).

Do You Know Your Emotional Intelligence? It Can Define Your Career Success


Guest post by Structured GI Leadership Emotions have no place in the workplace – or do they? We are all humans and emotions make us just that. Your emotional intelligence is, essentially, your.


Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

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As JCA Global, a PSI Business celebrates 25 years as leaders of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in Business, we have seen EI become a mainstream leadership tool that helps get the best out of people in a sustainable way, helping to improve productivity and well-being

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Emotional Intelligence in the Recruitment Game

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Whether you’re in-house or head hunting, emotional intelligence has a role to play in every hiring decision. Even if you’re not conscious of it, you are using your own emotional intelligence and assessing the emotional intelligence of the candidate in every interaction.

The Value Of Emotional Intelligence For Leaders

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Increasing emotional intelligence is the differentiator between an exemplary leader and one who is not


How Emotional Intelligence Influences Effective Leadership

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The human mind is complex, and in an age when everything is driven by technology, it’s harder to decode human emotions and behaviours. That’s where the role of Emotional Intelligence(EI) comes in. EI is the ability to understand the emotions and respond to it in the right manner.

How to Train Your Team’s Emotional Intelligence

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But could you work on training your team’s emotional intelligence as well? According to the Levo Institute study , 80% of employees consider emotional intelligence a must-have for building their careers. What is emotional intelligence?

[Infographic] The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

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If you want your workforce to be happy and fulfilled, or to be more productive (which likely requires them to be happy and fulfilled), you need to know what these terms mean and to understand how emotions function in your place of work. Perceiving emotions is the start.

How To Include Emotional Intelligence In Your Company's Diversity Training

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The combination of both unconscious bias and emotional intelligence training is what is needed to move the needle toward more inclusive work environments

Emotional Intelligence Guide

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Everything we know about organisations has changed in the last years, these new organisational realities mean that to be successful you do not just need to be intelligent, you need to be Emotionally Intelligent. The post Emotional Intelligence Guide appeared first on New To HR. Guide communication EI Emotion Emotion Coaching Emotional Intelligence Feelings guide Interpersonal Intrapersonal Self-Awareness

Four Elements Of Making Emotionally Intelligent Decisions In The Workplace

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Companies with emotionally intelligent leaders in place can boast some of the most successful work environments

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

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How to Use Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


Understanding what emotional intelligence is and why it’s so important in the workplace is crucial in today’s increasingly competitive world. Dale Carnegie once said, “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.”

EQ for your EI: Helping employees find their emotional intelligence sweet spot


It's high EI, or emotional intelligence. Author and EI expert, Travis Bradberry, defines emotional intelligence as something intangible in each of us that affects how we manage our behavior, navigate social complexities, and make decisions.

Emotional Intelligence: The 8 Evolutionary Steps to Master Emotional Skills

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When calculating the ratio of technical skills, IQ and emotional intelligence, EQ is proved to be twice as important as the others at all levels. After all, is emotional intelligence what build rapport with others and make them move in the desired direction.

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Why Does Personality + Emotional Intelligence = Performance?

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What is EI? Human Resources and Hiring

Determine Your Emotional Intelligence With A 10-Question Quiz

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If you often blame someone else or a circumstance for your own negative reactions, then it’s time to evaluate your emotional intelligence


Three Steps To Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence can help you defuse situations and communicate more effectively in the workplace