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Improving Your Tech Hiring Practices, Part II

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This post courtesy of Artur Meyster, CTO of CareerKarma. Check him out on LinkedIn , he’s got a hell of a backstor y! And remember to check out Part 1 ! Reducing Application and Interview Processes.

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Six Seconds That Cost You Dearly….

HR Hardball

It’s one of the great statistics in recruiting…”Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume.” ” According to The Ladders, 4.8 of those seconds are reviewing four areas; name, current position, current employer, and dates of employment.


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3 Things We’ll See in HR by 2022

HR Hardball

On Friday of last week (10/20), I was a guest on Michael Cameron’s daily radio program “ Win-Win@Work ” and had the opportunity to speak about my favorite topic – building and leading a world-class recruiting team. It’s a wonderful thing when you find yourself leading a team that has hit its collective stride. It’s a magical place, a place where the beer flows like wine, and where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

Fool’s Gold – The “Passive” Candidate

HR Hardball

“Passive recruiting” has been a buzzword in the Talent Acquisition world for as long as I’ve been in the industry. Not only is it described as the gold standard of a “strategic” Recruiting team, but “ passive recruiting ” started appearing as a job requirement for positions outside of the Human Resources organization. It’s hip, it’s now, it’s a term with caché, baby. Which begs the question… why? Who Are Those Guys, Anyway?

What You Really Need to Know to Build an Effective Global Hiring Strategy

Speaker: Carrie Corbin, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Hope Leigh Marketing Group

Join Carrie Corbin, Global Workplace Executive, Strategist, and Consultant, for this discussion on some of the most common questions around building a global hiring and attraction strategy.

Win-Win@Work Interview with Michael Cameron

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Imagine Leading a Talent Acquisition Team with an Average of 250 Open Positions per Month. The post Win-Win@Work Interview with Michael Cameron appeared first on HR Hardball™. Uncategorized engagement hardball human resources interview leadership radio recruiting staffing team

Herding Cats….and Recruiters

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Remember when you had a recruiting desk to manage? You had your requisitions, you had phone screens scheduled, interviews scheduled, you knew your hiring managers, and you developed a rhythm. Cashing checks and snapping necks. And then they went and promoted you. Now as the manager of other recruiters, you confirm what you probably suspected all along – recruiters are a wacky bunch to manage. It’s a high-energy, high-pressure position, and it can chew you up if you let it get on top of you.

Recruiting “Leftovers”

HR Hardball

Even as kids we all realized something… when you ask “what’s for dinner?” ” and the answer is “ leftovers, ” Mom was out of time, patience, or energy. No matter the reason, dinner was going to be, as they say, “sub-par.” ” Edible? Sure, it’s edible , but so is tree bark. Leftovers just aren’t the same. But guess what? metaphor alert] You just described most corporate recruiting “menus.”

Dreaming Big with Dan Mangena

HR Hardball

There are “stories” and then there are STORIES. My friend Daniel Mangena has a one-of-a-kind story to share with HR Hardball. Dan has seen multiple highs, and the very lowest of the lows.

Study 205

Employee Development, The Real Currency of Retention with Julie Winkle-Giulioni

HR Hardball

In the 100 or so episodes we’ve recorded here at Hardball Central, we have a handful of repeat guests – one of them is my inspiring friend Julie Winkle-Giulioni, the evangelist of employee development.

Beyond the Dollar: Why Fertility Benefits Are About More Than Financial Support

Speaker: Kirsten Ferro, Vice President of Employer Sales at Carrot Fertility

In this session, we’ll discuss the complexities of fertility health and all the pieces a fertility benefit should include in order to best support your employees on their journeys.

You Know You’re a Manager When….

HR Hardball

I can count many blessings. Among those is the fact that not only do I have a great boss, I have two fantastic managers reporting to me. When you have strong people supporting your efforts, you can sometimes take for granted the fact that development continues for all of us – even those who are already at a pretty advanced level.


HR Hardball

My Talent Acquisition team recently participated in a team-building event courtesy of our friends at Strayboots. I can tell you we looked forward to this event for weeks, as the thought of a scavenger hunt through the middle of the Dallas Arts District was (if nothing else) an opportunity for a brief distraction from “business as usual” – the key being that “business as usual” for us at DentalOne = “hair on fire.”

All-In with Heenle Turner

HR Hardball

What makes a successful entrepreneur? Can you teach that skill set or is it innate in some people that to work for anyone else is a life unexplored. But what happens when the entrepreneurial unicorn has to expand his or her endeavors to include additional people?

Chop Your Own Wood

HR Hardball

External recruiters are a crutch. I need to be careful with this one, lest I misrepresent my point, but hear me out. What is “ recruiting ?” ” Visit different companies and you’ll find the definition (and philosophy) differs quite a bit.

Hire Global to Grow Global: A Conversation with A Global Recruiting & HR Expert

Speaker: Janice Stack, CEBS, Global Human Resources Executive

The digital age has given us access to a workforce beyond geopolitical boundaries. While this new access can increase productivity, it often comes with its own set of obstacles. Join Janice Stack, Global Human Resources Executive, for this insightful webinar on the ins-and-outs of expanding your team globally.

Buy, Don’t Rent, Your Next Employee

HR Hardball

Guess what confuses a potential hire more than any other intangible? Despite the courtship, the hospitality, and the grand treatment during the recruiting process, they still don’t know one key nugget of information: “What’s it REALLY like to work here?” ” . The new responsibilities are great, the money is crackalackin ‘, the title suits you just fine, but what happens on Day 1? Day 60? Day 360?

Not Turning Back with Molly McGrath

HR Hardball

Here’s a scenario: You’re 26 years old, your (large) Irish family is a known quantity in the Buffalo area where you grew up, you even work in a family-owned Irish Bar. Life is good, time to punch the clock and continue with the script. Unless you’re Molly McGrath, that is.

Little Brothers Grow UP

HR Hardball

Work in big corporations long enough and you start to recognize the caste system inherent in the professional community. R&D is indispensable, Manufacturing has to actually make the ideas come to life, and then somebody has to sell it, so Sales becomes critical as well. The “big 3” pillars in a company—discover it, make it, sell it. That leaves a lot of the “rest of us”—the dreaded SG&A. Support functions. Overhead.

“Say My Name”….The Science of Recruiting

HR Hardball

Before the magic of Vince Gilligan forever bastardized the name “Heisenberg,” the actual man was one of the more recognized and respected names in the field of physics, and a flat-out pioneer in quantum mechanics. Check out the big brain on Werner is what I’m saying. Google “Herr Heisenberg” and chances are you’re going to find the “Uncertainty Principle” listed at the top of the page. Dude’s got his own Principle… respect.

Fertility & Infertility 101: Why Fertility Benefits Are A Necessity and Not A Luxury

Speaker: Jackie Blanco, RN, BSN, Senior Manager of Medical Operations at Carrot Fertility & Nate Fournier, Enterprise Account Executive, Carrot Fertility

As an HR leader, the benefits you offer deeply impact employees' personal lives. In this webcast, we will provide you with an overview of fertility and infertility benefits, what different fertility journeys involve, and how you can best support your employees each step of the way.

Arrogant Recruiting

HR Hardball

( published on LinkedIn, November 17, 2015). “Did I just hear that?” ” Yup, I did. “ If they really want to work here, they won’t care if the application process takes an hour. ” I had a friend call me recently to act as a sounding board. He is getting increasingly frustrated with his candidate pool, and began to inquire about the possible reasons “why?” ” you want to work WHERE?

Getting Woke with David Creelman

HR Hardball

For HR professionals, difficult conversations are the ticket of admission to strategic partnership. In this second episode of Season 2, I chat with David Creelman , a global HR consultant based in Canada (we won’t hold that against him, eh?)

The Waiting is The Hardest Part

HR Hardball

How many sources of input does it take to make a decision? In the rapid-paced profession of talent acquisition, the answer is almost certainly “TOO many.” As the pressure to fill seats intensifies, the challenges in clearing that final hurdle continues to pad the cherished “time to fill” metrics valued so much by top brass. CEB just released their annual report on “Top Insights for World’s Leading Executives” and it proves a good (if lengthy) read.

Improving Your Tech Hiring Practices

HR Hardball

(Part 1 of 2) If you’re worried about planning an effective recruiting strategy, you’re not alone.

Hiring 208

Where is Everyone? Breaking Down the Talent Shortage Myth & the Great Resignation

Speaker: Ellie Dailey, Global Recruiting Expert and Team Lead for BetterUp Europe GTM Recruiting via Russell Tobin

Businesses everywhere appear to be experiencing a so-called talent shortage and repercussions to 2021’s “Great Resignation." To address what this is and how this is affecting recruiting, we need to consider issues such as the Employer Value Propositions –– Values, Mission, Vision –– and how to actually walk the walk.

Running On Empty with Sarah Moe

HR Hardball

Tired, aren’t you? Would it make you feel better to know you’re not alone? Just a year ago we talked to Sarah Moe , Founder and CEO of Sleep Health Specialists about sleep deprivation and the toll it is taking on all of us.

An Intentional Pause…with John Briggs

HR Hardball

In the world of Human Resources, there’s no shortage of available content if you’re studying the importance of the candidate experience, the onboarding process, and employee engagement. Find the right people, assimilate them quickly and effectively, and constantly seek opportunities to improve or enhance the employee experience. Add to that the “Great Reshuffle” phenomenon, and you have a hiring & retention focus like few times ever before.

Perfect Document, Imperfect Men

HR Hardball

We, The (quite flawed) People have some pretty amazing goals to strive for.

Armadillos and Fauci

HR Hardball

In your wildest dreams could you imagine a cloth mask being the focal point of a cultural civil war? This is the nuttiest thing in America since Pet Rocks were a serious fad. From what I can tell, we have three distinct groups, each with an equal amount of support.

Groups 200

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Why Don’t We Trust The Media?

HR Hardball

Do I dare say it? “Fake News”? It’s a term forever tied to our 45th President but it’s not a novel concept.

Report 130

Quality Time with Darrian Mikell

HR Hardball

Entrepreneur, long-jumper, dad, husband, mentor and mentee. Get your ears on and listen to my interview with Darrian Mikell, CEO and co-founder of Qualifi. Anyone with an entrepreneurial background can relate to the hard work, commitment and risk involved with striking out on your own.

Great Resignation? Hardly.

HR Hardball

The universe abhors a vacuum. That has to be the explanation for the constant arrival of catchphrases in our meme-loving society. Surprisingly, I’m not referring to “ Let’s Go Brandon ” – no, I’m specifically speaking about “ The Great Resignation.”

Winning Against Digital Distraction with Julienne Ryan

HR Hardball

You know a couple years back I wrote an article called “ The Lookdown Generation ” to describe the experience we had with my then 16-year old son. Well, it turns out I wasn’t the only one who noticed this phenomena.

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Pivoting with Andrea Butcher

HR Hardball

What a great idea…spend a couple of years speaking to leaders around the country and ask them to recall those seminal moments in their respective career which eventually turned into a career-changer. Meet my friend and leadership whisperer Andrea Butcher.

OSHA Mandating with Kris Dunn

HR Hardball

This special episode was put together at the 11th hour when the OSHA announcement was delivered. Former Vice President Joe Biden announces his intent to utilize OSHA to inspect and enforce a vaccine mandate to all employers over 100 employees. The other option is a weekly negative COVID test.

The Bloody History of Labor Day

HR Hardball

How’s that for a headline grabber? Strong to quite strong , I’d say. But crazily enough, it’s not an overstep to characterize the events leading up to the 1894 legislation making Labor Day a federal holiday as, well, an absolute bloody mess. History is great that way, really.

Being Authentic with Sarah Hodges…

HR Hardball

This is a fun one, folks ~ Sarah Hodges is an executive coach, speaker, and founder of the Hodges Leadership Institute, an On’Demand, web-based program designed to improve corporate culture through leadership EQ training, all backed by her proprietary neurophysiological “A+ Method.” ” Download The HodgesCoaching 2020 Brochure right here.

Using the Candidate Experience to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Speaker: Kevin W. Grossman, TAS, HCS | Talent Board and the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards President

In this informative webinar, Kevin Grossman, President of Talent Board and the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards, will share insights from their candidate experience benchmark research and teach you how the candidate experience is your competitive advantage.