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Why You Should Measure Employee Benefits Engagement—And How to Get Started

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Employers pay an average of $12.06 per hour worked to provide benefits for civilian workers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These costs amount to 31 percent of total employee compensation for workers in private industry and state and local government.

Five Risky Biases to Avoid in Benefits Planning—and What to Do Instead

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The future of work requires companies to be nimble. For instance, consider the demand for skilled employees. A Korn Ferry study foresees a global talent deficit of 85.2 million people by 2030, which could cause about $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues.


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Why Giving COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives May Cause More ACA Headaches Than Benefits

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Every organization desires healthy employees. They take fewer sick days, are more productive , and cost less to insure with an employer-sponsored health plan. A company may request their employees to receive annual health screenings or vaccinations, such as the flu shot.

Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act; Employer Mandate Continues

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The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 today that the 18 states who brought a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) lacked standing to sue. The states were led by Texas and focused on the elimination of the individual mandate tax penalty.

Virtual Onboarding: The 5 Keys to Success in 2022

Speaker: Kate Pavlina and Jon-Paul Jaramillo

The pandemic made virtual onboarding our new reality. Initially seen as a band-aid solution, it is quickly becoming a permanent part of the new world of work. Join this webinar, featuring guests from Amazon and Sundt, to uncover a tried-and-tested framework for virtual onboarding––and how to bring the experience to life.

Benefits Topics that Help Employees Catch Up and Move Forward

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Even if you have a “return to work” plan underway or baked and ready to go, there are important topics that your employees want to hear about to guide their return to healthy routines and help combat costly medical trend due to delays in seeking care.

Employee Engagement in the Hybrid Workforce: Key Insights You Need to Know

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How do your company’s employees feel about their jobs? Are they invested in your company’s mission and proud of how they contribute to it, or are they just clocking in and out? The answers could reveal your level of employee engagement.

Recent ACA Updates to IRS Deadlines and Good-Faith Effort

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IRS Grants 2021 Extension and Proposes Permanent 1095-C Print Extension The IRS is granting an extension for the 2021 tax year and proposing to make this extension permanent for future tax years.

How to Prepare for a Unified Benefits Plan During a Merger and Acquisition

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While a large organizational merger or acquisition can be an exciting promise for a combined future, this presents significant challenges for HR teams who are responsible for not only helping employees through the benefit plan conversion, but also in holding the organization accountable for the complex requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Why – and How – To Prioritize Your Open Enrollment Benefits Communications

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Fall is almost here, bringing a flurry of autumn leaves—and, in many companies, an avalanche of emails about employee benefits. For HR leaders, open enrollment season is a prime time to communicate with team members about their benefits and help them select the right plans for themselves.

100 Pipeline Plays: The Modern Sales Playbook

For the first time, we’re sharing the winning plays that took us from scrappy startup to a publicly traded company. Use our proven data-driven plays to grow your pipeline and crush your revenue targets.

7 Signs You Need to Update Your HR Portal for Benefits

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When did you last update your HR portal? 3 years ago? 5 years ago? Before the pandemic? Even if your intranet is only 6 months old, have you evaluated how it supports your benefits initiatives? Here are 7 signs your intranet might need help!

Improving Your Employees’ Mindset About Benefits… One Step at a Time

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The word “benefits” springs from the Latin term benefactum , meaning “good deed.” Today, the phrase “employee benefits” often evokes mixed emotions.

6 Reasons Why It is Time to Look for a New ACA Vendor

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After four years of uncertainty, the employer mandate regulations of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remain mostly unchanged since its introduction in 2015. Most companies have stuck it out by handling the requirements in-house or with an existing vendor.

Do Employees Really Want to Be Insurance Experts?

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Why Benefits Help Should Focus on the Answers When it comes to selecting insurance benefits, do you know what your employees really want? Your benefits team works hard to provide robust coverage.

What Hourly Workers Want More than Money

Big companies are driving up wages, but there are other ways to compete for talent. Attract talented, ambitious people by giving them more control over their lives. Hourly workers want to make their daily lives and financial lives more predictable. Employers can assist by offering early access to pay, flexible scheduling, healthcare assistance, benefits where possible, and paid leave options.

Are Your Employees at Risk for Communication Fatigue?

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Open enrollment is drawing closer…along with the many emails, webinars, and messages organizations use to help employees engage with their benefits. Even if your company keeps things short and carefully avoids spamming employee inboxes , increased communication is unavoidable.

IRS Extends 2020 Tax Year 1095-C for One Last Year

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The IRS issued Notice 2020-76 on October 2, 2020 which provides extensions and relief on some ACA rules and regulations.

Boost Low Employee Engagement with Your Benefits Programs

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As companies evolve their benefits offerings, new programs and vendors are added to support employees’ needs, corporate initiatives, or to make targeted efforts in controlling healthcare spending.

Benefits Open Enrollment Period — Tips for Success

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Tis the season for Open Enrollment. Annual open enrollment periods are when HR teams focus on educating employees about their group benefits. The goal is to make sure employees understand their benefits options, and choose the best plans for their needs, and the needs of their families.

The Guide to Finding Global Talent

Remote work has opened the doors to hiring the best talent anywhere. Discover how building a talent hub in a specific geographic region can help grow your company. Learn key factors to consider when creating a hub and suggested locations.

How to Inspire Employees to Care When Your Benefits Don’t Change

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Many employees approach benefits renewal with a certain amount of dread. Some have trouble understanding the offerings or the differences between them. Some are confused by industry terms like “co-insurance” and “out-of-pocket limit.”

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3 Signs it Might Be Time to Rewrite Your Employee Benefits FAQs

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As a benefits professional, building plans to suit your employees is only part of your job. Most weeks, you probably spend hours thinking through how to help employees understand their benefits and take advantage of the plans you’ve crafted.

Preparing for the California Individual Healthcare Mandate

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The California Individual Healthcare Mandate (SB-78), which requires residents to maintain qualifying coverage throughout the year, went into effect January 1, 2020. Many employers are starting to prepare for the first filing deadline of March 30, 2021.

The Future of the ACA Under President Biden

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As the Biden administration prepares to take over presidential duties, the future of the Affordable Care Act remains secure. The special runoff elections in Georgia cemented the Democrat’s control of the Senate.

Witness the HR Digital Transformation Journey of Coca-Cola

A case study on how Coca-Cola transformed employee experience, addressed remote working challenges and streamlined routine workflows using AI

How to Empower Employees to Take Control of Their Medical Conditions

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It’s highly likely half of your employees and spouses have at least one chronic condition and contribute to a majority of your healthcare spending. In fact, 90% of the nation’s healthcare spending — $3.8 trillion dollars—is due to chronic health conditions.

A New Perspective on How to Talk About Benefits Programs

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Any new benefit you offer—such as a diabetes or weight management program, a surprise billing negotiating service, a second opinion program, or a new high deductible plan—has the goal of adding more value and care for employees and their families.

9 Tips for Including Benefits When Onboarding New Employees

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When onboarding new employees, do your company’s benefits get the attention they deserve? For your onboarding team, providing an in-depth explanation of multiple insurance policies probably isn’t a priority. However, it’s important to help workers understand company perks from day one. By introducing benefits early on, your organization can potentially: Reduce open enrollment stress in the future. Encourage employees to take advantage of their benefits in a timely manner.

How to Gauge Open Enrollment Success

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Are you measuring your open enrollment success? Getting your employees engaged with their benefits is the ultimate milestone. If you’re like most companies, improving your open enrollment performance doesn’t happen overnight.

How the Candidate Experience Is Your Competitive Advantage

Speaker: Kevin W. Grossman, TAS, HCS | Talent Board and the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards President

During this informative webinar, Talent Board and the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards President, Kevin Grossman, will share insights from their candidate experience benchmark research and teach you how the candidate experience is your competitive advantage.

Do Employees Really Want to Be Insurance Experts?

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Why Benefits Help Should Focus on the Answers. When it comes to selecting insurance benefits, do you know what your employees really want? . Your benefits team works hard to provide robust coverage.

Why 2021 Is the Most Important Year for the ACA

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has largely been targeted for changes with little results since 2014. Over the next seven months, there are important events that HR professionals involved in ACA compliance and reporting should watch.

9 Changes That Call for Compassionate HR Communications

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Are you reaching out to employees with compassionate HR communications? Recognizing when sensitivity is needed requires HR’s innate emotional intelligence. If you’re inviting employees to volunteer opportunities, there’s little need to spend hours polishing your emails.

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California Individual Mandate: Update on Reporting Requirements

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California Issues New Guidance on 1094-C and 1095-C Reporting The California Individual Mandate law went into effect on January 1, 2020. Not only does it require residents to have healthcare, but it also includes a provision requiring employers to file returns electronically for California residents.

Swiping Right on HR Tech: How Tinder and Southern Cross Automate Their Hiring & Onboarding Process

Speaker: Nora Diaz de Leon and Nicole Moore

Paperwork, endless email threads, and other manual tasks have kept HR from focusing on what they do best. sound familiar? Sign up for this webinar from Tinder and Southern Cross, to learn how they use the latest in HR tech to streamline their hiring and onboarding experience.

How the Experts Roll Out New Benefit Programs

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HR teams are always searching for the next new benefit to help their employees. And after looking at their healthcare trend, talking with their broker/consultant, listening to their workforce’s needs, and evaluating different vendors, they implement the new program.