A Diversity Boost

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In today’s increasingly diverse world, the case for corporate D&I initiatives that deliver real progress is stronger than ever. In fact, McKinsey’s 2020 Diversity Wins report found that in 2019, companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity outperformed those in the bottom quartile by 36 percent in profitability. “We If it’s not real, it won’t feel authentic to your candidates and your employees, no matter how well you source diverse talent,” he explains.

Namely’s Workplace Diversity Report Identifies Barriers to Equal Pay


For HR, building a workplace culture of inclusivity and equality is a worthy goal—but as Namely’s latest Workplace Diversity Report reveals, the goal is a lofty one. In our Workplace Diversity Report 2018 , expert analysts poured over data from over 175,000 employees.

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Workday Signs White House Equal Pay Pledge


Today it was announced that Workday has signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge. Those that sign the pledge commit to: Conducting an annual company-wide gender pay analysis across occupations. Embedding equal pay efforts into broader enterprise-wide equity initiatives. Our Chief People Officer Ashley Goldsmith and her team regularly conduct company-wide gender pay analysis using reporting capabilities in the Workday system, as do many of our customers.

People-centric analytics: how can employees benefit from data analysis?

Analytics in HR

Thanks to this analysis, PostNL optimized its recruitment process and reduced its recruitment costs. They discovered that a 1%-point score improvement in engagement equals to an increase of 0.4% How can we ensure more financial turnover or productivity?

Why It’s Time to Add Organizational Network Analysis to Your Strategy

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A few years ago, HR leaders from a trillion-dollar asset management firm encountered a puzzling trend within their workforce: Despite hiring an equal number of entry-level male and female employees, fewer women were receiving promotions. .

What is diversity?


The diversity definition refers to the existence of variations of different characteristics in a group of people. To better understand and define diversity, we can think about it in a social context. While the first things that come to mind when we talk about diversity are race and gender, there’s more than that. For a deeper analysis, you can refer to the breakdown of the different types of diversity. What is diversity in the workplace?

AWS’s Michael Arena: How Organizational Network Analysis Works in the Real World (i4cp login required)


He’s also a leading expert in organizational network analysis and founding member of the Connected Commons consortium, co-managed by thought leader Rob Cross and i4cp. Michael, who will also host the i4cp Connected Commons 2020 Summit (October 20 – 21) at Amazon’s headquarters, sat down with us to walk through practical applications of network analysis based on his time at Amazon, General Motors, and other organizations. What we mostly looked at was gender diversity.

Why Diverse Organizations Perform Better: Do We Still Need Evidence?

China Gorman

You’ve probably heard that organizations with a focus on diversity have stronger organizational cultures – they have happier and more productive employees, and are more socially ethical than other organizations. You might have also heard that organizations with a focus on diversity perform better financially than organizations that do not invest energy in diversity programs, or in fostering a diverse workplace.

Should Your Company Sign the White House’s Equal Pay Pledge?


In announcing the Pledge, the White House pointed to research that shows that closing the pay gap will “boost productivity and benefit our economy.” The Equal Pay Pledge. The White House’s Equal Pay Pledge, which commits companies to taking immediate action to address the gender pay gap was signed by 28 companies: Accenture, Airbnb, Amazon, American Airlines, BCG, Buffer, Care.com, CEB, Cisco, Deloitte, the Dow Chemical Company, Expedia, Inc.,

How a Diverse Workforce Can Help Company Performance

Thrive Global

The walk is just one example of how we are encouraging our employees to bring their authentic self to work and supporting them with employee resource groups,” says Molly Ford, the director of Salesforce’s office of equality. A growing number of companies are working to build more inclusive and diverse workforces. The efforts are bolstered in part by an expanding body of research about the benefits of a diverse workforce.

KPIs Alone Will Not Fix The Diversity Problem


Thanks to the recent high-profile media focus, the issue of diversity has finally taken its place front and center of mainstream public interest and is being properly addressed in the workplace. We also take a data-driven approach to the analysis of pay discrepancy.

Improving Knowledge Worker Productivity

Conversation Matters

In this post I propose a third task for knowledge managers, helping organizations improve knowledge worker productivity. per year making their productivity vital to the competiveness of both organizations and the country. To discuss knowledge worker productivity, it is necessary to first define knowledge workers and to differentiate how they do their work from other kinds of workers. To be productive knowledge workers have to be responsible for their own work processes.

5 Things HR Can Do To Improve Employee Output


Here we’ll explore how data analysis, learning & development, employee engagement, 360 feedback and flexibility all offer a significant opportunity to improve employee output within every organisation in 2020. 1️⃣ Evaluate productivity.

Diversity in the Workplace: Good for People, Good for Business


A few years back I attended a panel presentation featuring many prominent business executives discussing diversity and inclusion (D&I) to an audience of HR leaders. A recent BCG study found that companies reporting above average diversity on their management teams also reported innovation revenue that was 19% points higher than those with less diverse teams. Decisions made and executed by diverse teams deliver 60% better results.

Real Accountability: How to Measure Your Company’s Diversity Hiring Efforts


Diversity boosts the bottom line. A McKinsey & Company report found that companies in the top 25 percent for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their industry’s median. Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15 percent more likely to have above-median financial returns. Diversity boosts innovation, too. Tracking diversity metrics in promotion and leadership is essential for company success.

Understanding Workday’s Compensation Philosophy and Support of Pay Parity


I also want to share the results of our most recent analysis of how we’re doing with pay parity across Workday globally, and the steps we’re taking to maintain those positive results in the future. Following our latest annual compensation cycle, we shared feedback on our process with the Workday product teams and sought input from customers about their pay parity analysis practices, with the goal of making it easier for customers to run their own pay parity analyses using Workday.

Engaging Employees in Your Company Purpose: 4 Key Drivers & Why They Matter: Diversity and Inclusion (part 3 of 4)

Vignette Agency

Today we’ll focus on ways we can drive engagement to your purpose by elevating diversity and inclusion. Broadly speaking, diversity means ensuring representation among employees across race, age, ethnicity, gender, religion and other differentiators. Combined, diversity and inclusion is a powerful driver of innovation and is today considered an essential driver of business success.

6 Changes Your Company Must Make To Develop More Female Leaders


The most recent allegations of sexual harassment by management and subsequent apathy by HR at hot tech startup Uber have once again brought to the fore the lack of progress we’ve made in gender equality. This has caused many, such as Facebook, Google, and Apple to publicly release reports on their diversity statistics and commit to developing more female leaders. Not only is this an issue about equality, it also greatly impacts a company’s bottom line.

A look at skills assessments, bias and stereotypes

CLO Magazine

Blithe’s research is based on analysis of the texts that make up the “Strengths” psychology, auto-ethnographic accounts and critical reflection. During her analysis, Blithe discovered that none of the text within the Strengths theory directly mentioned gender. Talent Management diversity and inclusion gender stereotypes Marcus Buckingham strengths strengths assessments unconscious bias

Don’t blame AI for gender bias – blame the data


In that spirit, according to Reuters, Amazon has formed a new team in Edinburgh to give automated employment screening another try, this time taking diversity into account. This means that artificial intelligence is a service tool that gives us initial information and analysis to speed up the hiring process. We recognize the difficulty of algorithmically promoting diversity and training machines to be fair,” says Vasilis.

Overcoming the Manager Divide: How HR can Accelerate the Path to Gender Pay Equity


Although significant progress has been made in employers proactively pursuing policies of equal pay for equal positions, this alone will not close the gap: gender equity is a complex and systemic issue that requires action on many fronts. The key findings, based on our analysis of the workforces of large US enterprises, are: The Motherhood Penalty. Boosting morale and worker productivity.

3 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of September 2018

Digital HR Tech

The top articles of September feature a business case for onboarding automation, an article on the pipeline opportunity for diversity in tech, a piece on the importance of hiring for soft skills, and a video with our experts explaining what excites them about Organizational Network Analysis (ONA).

How Women Are Poised To Impact Cybersecurity


Increasing gender diversity in cybersecurity isn’t just a numbers game. A 2014 analysis by the National Center for Women and Information Technology looked at 2,360 global companies and found that gender-balanced companies performed better financially, particularly when women held a significant number of top management positions. Gender-balanced companies also demonstrated superior productivity and team dynamics.

AI is not a Quick-Fix Solution for Discrimination


But while many see artificial intelligence as the wave of the future for HR executives seeking to recruit and retain talented, diverse applicants and make better talent-management decisions, skepticism remains.

4 Ways to Attract More Female Applicants at Your Next Recruiting Session

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An analysis of half a billion candidate profiles by Entelo found that only 18 percent of tech roles, including positions in engineering, data science and product are held by women in the U.S., Some research indicates that due to their more prosocial motivation , women are typically more attracted to the social impact of a company's products or services than men. An Indeed survey found only 49 percent of women believe that both genders are treated equally in the workplace.

The Top 10 Strategic HR and TA Metrics That CEOs Want to See


So, if your metrics don’t directly and unambiguously cover strategic goals like increasing revenue, productivity, or innovation, they simply won’t drive executives to act. Revenue per employee — the most effective way for measuring the productivity and innovation output value of your workforce. This metric is widely accepted by CFOs as the standard workforce productivity metric. So measure recruiting’s contribution to increasing diversity in these critical jobs.

LinkedIn Data Shows Women Are Less Likely to Have Strong Networks — Here’s What Companies Should Do

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That said, there are still ways to increase diverse referrals , such as challenging employees to hit specific diversity goals, offering bigger incentives, or holding special recruiting events organized by one of your company’s employee resource groups (ERGs). The research showed that men and women required different types of networks to succeed : men benefitted from an open or diverse network (i.e., Diversity Trends & ResearchCo-authored by Deanne Tockey.

Hot in HR: Amazon’s 30 Hour Work Week Experiment, Men Benefit From Closing the Pay Gap, Too


In case you haven’t noticed, equal pay is a hot topic at the moment. In fact, analysis of equal pay gaps are sort of the new diversity report—in the sense that companies seem to be releasing their salary discrepancy numbers in an effort to attract and retain female employees. Subtle changes in what employees think about compensation or product road maps, or how they feel about specific leaders can often be accurate predictors of future productivity or attribution.

Five Powerful Ways Your HR Team Can Leverage Big Data


But analysis is crucial if you want to reveal patterns and trends to improve your business. Analyzing Big Data helps businesses get better insights, understand processes within the company, make important business decisions according to patterns found in research and analysis, and plan strategic business moves. Big Data also has an affect on existing staff; for example, by learning what increases and decreases productivity, work processes can be adjusted.

8 HR Tech Trends of 2019


After 2018 has proven to be the year of addressing the serious issues surrounding equality, diversity, inclusion and sexual harassment, 2019’s focus has shifted to include solutions to these problems with help from HR software, automated systems and AI tools. But in all seriousness, employee engagement has been proven to boost commitment, loyalty to the company, enthusiasm and increased productivity. Equal and diverse practices.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting The Recruitment Sector


The number of recruiters who, according to Entelo, believe that they would be more productive with an entirely automated sourcing process is staggering. Artificial intelligence is being used for talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, and data and intelligence, to mention a few HR fields. DK Bartley, Senior VP, and Head of Diversity & Inclusion at the Dentsu Aegis Network said: “Machine learning and AI will be embedded in 50 % of jobs by 2020.

How to Become a Mechanical Engineering Technician?

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Mechanical Engineering Technology is the art and science of applying engineering principles and technological developments to the creation of useful machinery or products. Product and Material Testing Technologist. In this program, students primarily focus on product design.

ProQuest Case Study: Using the Oscillation Principle for Software Development

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It offers online products for researchers, for example, tools to manage research, or applications that helps to connect researchers to grants. The Research Solutions product development team consists of 30 people divided into 3 sub-teams, made up of programmers, analysts, product managers, and designers. Nonaka later argued in The Knowledge Creating Company , that the new framework for product development “is a form of organizational knowledge creation.

Enhance Employee Performance with ONA

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Consulting firm Bain & Company has estimated that, across all job types , “ the best performers are roughly four times as productive as average performers.” Build Employee Networks With Organizational Network Analysis. To gain a realistic view of the network development of staff, a growing number of companies are using Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). Assess the Quality of Connections with Employee Sentiment Analysis. It pays to invest in A players.

11 Ways to Avoid Interviewer Bias in Your Selection Process

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Build a diverse shortlist Wrap-up FAQ. As such, it has a negative impact on the efforts companies make to bring more diversity to their workforce and become more inclusive. This is not a fair analysis of their skills and work history. Build a diverse shortlist.

45 HR Trends and Predictions to Watch Out For in 2019


There will be a renewed focus on employee productivity and well-being, and the rise of AI-driven HR tech will make the HR more agile and efficient. This prediction is based on the renewed focus on diversity in the workplace. Diverse organizations work better. These solutions are designed to boost employee morale and improve productivity. #5. Less is equal to more. Big is equal to beautiful. Diversity will continue to be a strong focus.

The New Workforce Gender Equity Factors HR Needs to Watch


Research shows that gender diverse companies are more likely to outperform their less diverse peers, and a lack of a gender diverse workforce can also impact employer brand. If we don’t find a way to make 50% of the workforce equally compensated and equally valued, it’s going to be difficult for us to progress at the rate we need to.”. The gender wage gap cannot simply be explained as “unequal pay for equal work.”