Managing Costs through Workforce Planning


With the evolution of workforce planning, this is both unnecessary and unwise. Workforce planning provides a platform by which cost-cutting can be a quantitative precision exercise where outcomes are more certain and the ability of the organization to remain effective can be preserved.

Why HR Needs Data-Driven Workforce Planning to Avoid Talent Shortfalls


We are in an unprecedented war for talent: companies cannot hire fast enough to keep up with their workforce demands. “Companies cannot hire fast enough to keep up with their workforce demands” – @VisierAnalytics Click To Tweet. The Better Way to Do Workforce Planning.

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Case Study: Strategic Workforce Planning for Rail Infrastructure Managers

Analytics in HR

This requires tremendous changes in the current workforce. In this case study, strategic workforce planning is applied to solve this national problem, impacting millions of commuters. Planning for the future.

Prepare for Nurse Retirements and Shortage with Intelligent Workforce Planning


According to a survey by the National Council of State Board of Nursing and the Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers, 55% of registered nurses (RN) are age 50 or older. Navigating Nurse Retirement with the New Workforce Planning.

Driving Innovative Business Models through Workforce Planning


Workforce planning is one of the most critical competencies for an HR organization. It is the foundation of the partnership between the business and HR and provides the organization with critical information about how to meet its staffing needs and how to allocate its HR resources to meet business goals. There’s another level to workforce planning, and some businesses are using it to determine potential transformation opportunities or threats to their business model.

6 Ways to Overcome the Obstacles of Workforce Planning


The workforce is evolving. Today’s employees aren’t afraid to leave their current jobs to find another that better meets their career aspirations. An organization’s workforce planning efforts are now more important than ever before. Failure to communicate plans internally.

Workforce planning strategies to meet the federal hiring freeze

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Will the hiring freeze issued on January 22, 2017, by the White House be part of a longer-term strategy to reshape the federal workforce? How will a reshaped workforce impact agencies’ abilities to support operations and mission needs? Develop a smart approach to workforce reshaping.

The Skills Gap Analysis – A Full Guide

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In a time where companies experience a rapidly growing need to re-and upskill their people, the skills gap analysis becomes an increasingly relevant tool. Content What is a skills gap analysis? Why is a skills gap analysis useful? What is a skills gap analysis?

3 Workforce Planning Tips for Project-Based Businesses


Here’s how professional service organizations can cultivate this superpower: Tap Newer Tech and Automation for Real-Time Analysis and What-If Scenarios. Face it: Personnel planning is never going to be super flexible if you’re stuck using static, error-prone spreadsheets. But if you swap out those clunky spreadsheets for the right business planning tool , scenario planning takes mere seconds and a few clicks of a button.

Birmingham Uses Labor Data Analysis to Build a Stronger Workforce

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It’s important for regions to have modern, skilled workforces and ensure they have outside dollars coming into the community. region and provide a foundation for local leaders as they use real-time labor data to guide their community’s decisions and improve their workforce.

How Customers Are Using Workday to Respond to COVID-19


In the last month we’ve had more than 80 new customers go live with Workday HCM, Workday Financial Management, and/or Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud. It’s remarkable to see how our customers are leveraging the flexibility of our products to find solutions that meet their needs.

Who’s in Charge? The Need for Managers to Rebuild Our Infrastructure

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We found that while infrastructure work employs one in eight Americans already, there are several significant workforce challenges in getting the job done. But other managerial skills such as leadership, relationship building, performance analysis, and budgeting are in high demand.

Workday Podcast: Getting in on the Act with Active Planning


Making a plan isn’t typically the hard part, but sticking to it is. Today, technology can enable active planning, which is updated continuously and can guide the business. I talked to Kerman Lau, vice president of financial planning and analysis at Adaptive Insights, about active planning: what it is, why it matters, and what successful planning looks like. Listen on SoundCloud: Workday Podcast: Getting in on the Act with Active Planning.

Research Preview: Unlocking Organizational Agility to Drive Digital Growth


Here are the five behaviors that are necessary for organizational agility: Enable Continuous Planning. The parts of the business that rely on revenue through digital efforts, in particular, require rapid and continuous planning cycles. The research found that dynamic planning helps organizations react quickly to changing market conditions and potential threats to the business. Upskill the Future Workforce. What do you consider most important to your company’s future?

Three Trends That Could Upend Your Workforce

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Workforce agencies all over the country can struggle with building and maintaining a strong, healthy workforce. There are many factors that affect the readiness of a workforce, from global demand to local training programs. An Aging Workforce.

How ConAgra Foods Drove HR Transformation With Analytics-Driven Planning


When a company acquires another business, bringing the two workforces together is the single most challenging undertaking of the entire project. Optimizing personnel cost planning, forecasting, and analysis with leading technology and processes.

People Analytics and Driving Growth: Part III : Performance and Organizational Network Analysis


This week he focuses specifically on performance and organizational network analysis. People Analytics Are Growing Performance Data and the analysis around it can be used for more than finding problems and preventing them. It’s a complex and challenging time in HR.

5 HR Analyst Job Descriptions – A Brief Analysis

Analytics in HR

Ensures that deliverables meet or exceed individual objectives, adhere to HR Connect goals, and align with HR strategies. Perform basic analysis and provide feedback regarding issues, opportunities, or challenges. Works with Human Resources team and first line managers to provide analysis and guidance on a variety of compensation related issues. Collect and organize data for analysis. Assists with the analysis of data both internal and external.

Developing a Talent Analytics Function: Build, Buy, or Borrow


In addition, building a need for analytics usage is similar to building the business case for strategic workforce planning. If someone walks in with a “strategic workforce plan” in a binder, drops it on your desk, and forgets about it, then they have failed at their goal.

How Workforce Analytics Helps Prevent Another Bad Hire


However, the opposite proved to be true: when the organization started using Visier’s workforce intelligence solution , the analytics revealed that the so-called “high scoring” candidates (who were hired!) Without workforce analytics, it’s difficult to identify what makes a strong hire.

Helping Agencies Navigate Schedule A Federal Employee Requirements


Each year, the EEOC releases an annual report to inform the President and Congress of the state of equal employment opportunity in the federal workforce. . Conduct a job analysis. Revise standards to meet the rules and requirements of the job to accommodate Schedule A employees.

HR’s New Year Resolution: Move Up the Workforce Intelligence Maturity Curve


While workforce analytics and workforce planning are increasing in priority , most organizations have not progressed to take advantage of the opportunity that workforce data provides. Annual headcount planning occurs in spreadsheets.

Use Co-op Programs to Discover What Your Workforce Is Missing

TLNT: The Business of HR

Is the talent that you have today ready to meet your business needs of tomorrow? A full-scale talent assessment requires that you spend some time conducting a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis in conjunction with the business. Interns Strategic HR Workforce Planning FeaturedIt’s time to take a critical look at your talent and start asking the tough questions.

Three Outcomes Human Resource Leaders Can Provide the CEO to Avoid Workforce Restructuring

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Workforce restructuring costs companies billions of dollars each year due to lack of planning for the future talent needs. With the right techniques, Human Resource leaders can offer CEOs three ways to avert these wrenching changes and better meet workforce needs.

See Burning Glass Technologies Solutions at HR Tech 2017

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In A Data and Skills Driven Strategy: Cisco’s Talent Cloud Empowering the Optimal Workforce , Cisco will discuss how big data analysis of millions of job postings, powered by Burning Glass technology, allows the company to stay ahead of its skills needs.

Forget About Overpopulation. You May Not Have Enough People.

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The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis predicts that the world’s population is likely to peak at 9.4 When we look at the likely workforce, the challenges expand. As the population ages, the number of retirees grows and the active workforce shrinks. A massive population shift from rural to urban areas in countries such as China is delivering new people into the workforce. Would they meet your job requirements?

Cloud-Based Data Management and Analytics for Employee Wellness and Business Survival


It’s the foundation of all Visier solutions, including Visier People® the market-leading people analytics and planning solution. This analysis shows risk level of work location to COVID-19. How do we best restructure the workforce?

Organizational Talent Pools: 4 Steps to Developing Employees

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This allows a talent pool to address the biggest challenge with succession planning , which is telling individuals they’re part of the plan. That unpredictability can make traditional succession planning efforts difficult and talent pools an ideal tool.

4 Ways to Build Agile Teams Using People Analytics


That’s a statement organizational network analysis pioneers Rob Cross and Andrew Parker made in this earlier 2004 post , and it still holds true today. To rapidly build and deploy teams to meet a particular goal, then, HR leaders need nuanced insights. More Agile Workforce Planning.

Top 10 People Analytics Difference Makers to Look For


Visier has the pre-built questions and data flows already mapped out to guide your analysis and turn data into action. . Guided analysis like this ensure you stay on track and are informed of the outliers. . Travelling to HR Tech next week ?

Managing Transformation and Changes Using People Analytics

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Moreover, engaging and empowering workforces is also crucial as transformation is made up of the most complex system of all – people. For organizational change, it is important to identify changing behaviors, ways of working and ongoing collaboration among the workforce.

What Are #HR Analysts and Why Should You Pay Attention To Them

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During those events, I learn about the companies, the products and services they provide, and how they meet the needs of human resources professionals. Since I’ve been attending user conferences, I’ve also had the opportunity to meet HR analysts from around the world.

How to plan for Coronavirus: A Case Study

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How can you plan for the Coronavirus affecting your business and its workforce? The airlines themselves are facing a major workforce planning challenge – but the effects will go far beyond transport companies. How can any business plan?

Summer Reading 2017: 5 Popular HR Analytics Articles You Need to Read Today


For example, Electronic Arts ( a Visier customer ) was able to determine the probability of either exceeding or meeting fiscal-year headcount plans using detailed sensitivity analyses related to average hiring and termination trends. Workforce Intelligence 101 top hr articles

Developing a Strong Hiring Plan

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What can you do to make sure your hiring plan is solid? Today we’ll look at workforce analysis. A workforce analysis can identify those gaps so that employers can develop an actionable plan. Developing a Workforce Plan.