Managing Costs through Workforce Planning


With the evolution of workforce planning, this is both unnecessary and unwise. Workforce planning provides a platform by which cost-cutting can be a quantitative precision exercise where outcomes are more certain and the ability of the organization to remain effective can be preserved.

Why HR Needs Data-Driven Workforce Planning to Avoid Talent Shortfalls


We are in an unprecedented war for talent: companies cannot hire fast enough to keep up with their workforce demands. “Companies cannot hire fast enough to keep up with their workforce demands” – @VisierAnalytics Click To Tweet. Companies recognized that without a plan for how to address their workforce needs, they put their entire company at risk of going out of business or being sold off. The Better Way to Do Workforce Planning.

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Prepare for Nurse Retirements and Shortage with Intelligent Workforce Planning


According to a survey by the National Council of State Board of Nursing and the Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers, 55% of registered nurses (RN) are age 50 or older. Healthcare providers have a unique driver to connect their workforce decisions to business outcomes: cost of healthcare delivery, and patient outcomes and satisfaction. This is good news for the HR department, since analytics will enable them to take data about their workforce and turn it into actionable insight.

Driving Innovative Business Models through Workforce Planning


Workforce planning is one of the most critical competencies for an HR organization. Workforce planning can help a business answer questions ranging from how many people it needs, where they should be located, what jobs they should do, how much they should be paid, and even whether they should be working for your company. That’s where workforce planning comes in. My previous post discusses the fundamentals of workforce planning.

A Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

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Workforce planning is often mentioned – but rarely explained. What is workforce planning, and how do you do it? When used well, strategic workforce planning enables HR to plan for the capabilities they need in the future. In this article, we will dive into what workforce planning is, the process, give a number of examples, and end with a toolkit on how to get started when you want to start planning your workforce.

Case Study: Strategic Workforce Planning for Rail Infrastructure Managers

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This requires tremendous changes in the current workforce. In this case study, strategic workforce planning is applied to solve this national problem, impacting millions of commuters. This article will focus on the strategic workforce challenges for the 700 Train Traffic Controllers and 150 operational planners whose jobs will change tremendously because of this. At the moment, the train schedule runs automatically if it fits into the pre-planned train schedule.

The Role Of HR Analytics In Workforce Planning

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An unprecedented increase in job openings shows that the demand for talent is forcing companies to plan better and recruit better. Workforce planning and HR analytics have become a key focus point for HR professionals around the world, as they confront new challenges in finding and retaining the right employees. Companies cannot hire fast enough to keep up with their workforce demands.”. The challenge of workforce planning.

5 Essential Workforce Planning Tools for any HR professional

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Workforce planning tools are an essential part of the HR professional’s toolkit. In this article we’ll go over 5 strategic workforce planning tools, explain their use and give examples and excel templates on how to use them. What are workforce planning tools? Workforce planning tools are instruments that help analyze current capabilities and future needs for the employee population. Strategic workforce planning map.

CSI for HR? Test the Workforce Planning Waters Today With This Forensic HR Template


What is the biggest perceived threat to an HR professional’s productivity? Getting started with strategic planning means that you need to think about the big ideas driving your business over the next year, and ask: What are those strategic objectives that are the focus of the executive team? Once you know the answer, you just have to figure out how to tie those to actions that affect the workforce. Make Workforce Planning a Regular Habit.

5 Questions for Paul Hamerman on Financial and Workforce Planning


Hamerman, who will be our guest speaker in a July 18 webinar , answers five key questions that we believe organizations should consider when exploring workforce and financial planning approaches in today’s business world. . How are organizations using workforce planning to help their organizations grow and thrive in today’s economy? There are several established use cases for workforce planning and modeling capabilities. Paul Hamerman. Paul D.

5 Steps to Improve Talent Acquisition Through Better Data Analysis


5 Steps to Improve Talent Acquisition Through Better Data Analysis. These blueprints are developed as a process allowing rapid and accurate production of all the building elements creating an architectural plan. Look at the four pieces of your talent acquisition game plan.

Boo! Four Scary Employee Engagement Situations to Avoid With Better Survey Data Analysis


Getting a great employee engagement score, but discovering that 15% of your workforce spends half their day on non work-related tasks. But simply surveying your workforce for sentiment data once a year and getting a sleek report won’t give you the insights you need to avoid serious snafus. And yet, you are still behind on production, innovation is at an all-time low, and managers are complaining about people using work time to shop online.

Jobs Data Analysis at Davos Shows It’s Cheaper to Reskill Than Rehire Workers Displaced by AI

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Both government workforce agencies and corporate human capital management are struggling with how to deal with the massive disruptions likely to occur as automation and artificial intelligence redefine jobs. Workforce agencies want to ensure workers find new, well-paying careers, while corporate HR managers want to ensure their business has the talent it needs to adapt to whatever the future brings. The financial analysis works for government as well.

Birmingham Uses Labor Data Analysis to Build a Stronger Workforce

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It’s important for regions to have modern, skilled workforces and ensure they have outside dollars coming into the community. region and provide a foundation for local leaders as they use real-time labor data to guide their community’s decisions and improve their workforce. Promoting growth in new industry areas can build upon the strengths of the local workforce and graduates from local institutions. Building a Stronger Workforce.

Boo! Four Scary Employee Engagement Situations to Avoid With Better Survey Data Analysis


Getting a great employee engagement score, but discovering that 15% of your workforce spends half their day on non work-related tasks. But simply surveying your workforce for sentiment data once a year and getting a sleek report won’t give you the insights you need to avoid serious snafus. And yet, you are still behind on production, innovation is at an all-time low, and managers are complaining about people using work time to shop online.



Among the chaos, do you think your workforce plan is ready to kick into gear come 02 January 2019? I’m taking a calculated guess that the answer is more of a “nay or a “meh”, than a yeah… The cliché of “fail to plan, is planning to fail” does have a twin brother called “failing to plan strategically, guarantees failing to succeed operationally”. DEFINING SWP – STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING. It has arrived!!!

Why the Power of One Is Our North Star at Workday


In a new video , Pete Schlampp, Workday executive vice president of product development, drills down into what one source of data means for our customers. How We Help Customers Plan, Execute, and Analyze in One System. You might have questions.

CFO Checklist: Guiding Your Business Through a Successful Return to Work


Since there is no universal game plan for a transition like this, my colleagues at Workday have joined forces with our customers and industry experts to put together the list below. Financial Planning. Operational Planning. Workforce Planning.

Analyzing Amazon: Was Talent the Tipping Point for HQ2?

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We’ve had a lot of interest in an analysis we did for the Wall Street Journal about how Amazon and Google compare in terms of what they are looking for in workers. Real-time labor data analysis can give a significant advantage to analysts on many fronts.

Engineering and Four Trends Shaping the Workforce

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But a grasp of four major trends shaping today’s workforce can help all of these groups anticipate where the market is going and react to it. . Manufacturing / Production Technician 22,675 5.2%. Production Worker 173,734 4.4%.

Message Is Clear at Adaptive Live 2020: You?re Essential?and So Is Modern Planning


Kevin Kain, director of FP&A at the healthcare organization, assured Adaptive Live attendees via live video from his home that the use of our modern planning platform is helping ChristianaCare face an uncertain future with confidence: “We’re ready for what’s next.”. We all gathered in what has become a new normal: largely working from home, staying fully productive while keeping our families and colleagues safe. A New Name and Strategic Commitment to Planning.

Workday Podcast: Getting in on the Act with Active Planning


Making a plan isn’t typically the hard part, but sticking to it is. Today, technology can enable active planning, which is updated continuously and can guide the business. I talked to Kerman Lau, vice president of financial planning and analysis at Adaptive Insights, about active planning: what it is, why it matters, and what successful planning looks like. Listen on SoundCloud: Workday Podcast: Getting in on the Act with Active Planning.

Changing the Way We Think About Skills

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But these definitions of skills haven’t been precise enough to enable workforce boards, higher education, and businesses to make practical decisions. Examples: Market planning and business development for Marketing Managers, record keeping and data entry for Administrative Assistants, and basic mathematics and repair for Machinists. Higher education institutions can improve their curriculum planning by using the lens of this new skills framework.

Research Preview: Unlocking Organizational Agility to Drive Digital Growth


Yet digital transformation, including growth through new digital products and services, can’t happen without this one key ingredient: organizational agility. Here are the five behaviors that are necessary for organizational agility: Enable Continuous Planning. Businesses can’t wait 12 months to discover if a product or service is profitable or achieving market share. Upskill the Future Workforce. What do you consider most important to your company’s future?

Are You Planning For Your Future Workforce?

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Accenture ’s strategy group has published an interesting look at the workforce of the future: Harnessing Revolution, Creating the future workforce. Accenture’s research shows that investments in reskilling the workforce will “dramatically” reduce job loss: “Estimates for Europe show that a one percent increase in training days leads to a three percent increase in productivity, and that overall productivity growth attributable to training is around 16 percent.”.

How Customers Are Using Workday to Respond to COVID-19


In the last month we’ve had more than 80 new customers go live with Workday HCM, Workday Financial Management, and/or Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud. We also launched a COVID-19 customer information center on our Workday Community site , which provides access to resources about our business continuity plans, product configuration and reports for managing the impact of COVID-19, and regulatory developments.

How HR Can Improve The Business Bottom Line?


When customers start using Visier, they often tell us the stories that led them to seek out a workforce intelligence solution. At this company, the leadership team wanted to develop a new product line and asked Finance if they could afford the startup costs. This budget had gone unused and now appeared as extra profit — a surplus that would have been more than enough to fund the new product line. Why planners pad workforce expense budgets.

People Analytics and Driving Growth: Part III : Performance and Organizational Network Analysis


This week he focuses specifically on performance and organizational network analysis. People Analytics Are Growing Performance Data and the analysis around it can be used for more than finding problems and preventing them. It can also be used to help encourage productivity and effectiveness at the employee and team levels. And it took time to analyze all of that data, share it and then implement action plans based on the findings.

Scenario Planning Basics for Strategic Talent Planning in a Brexit World


As Stephen Taylor describes in the HR textbook, People Resourcing , organisations that had acted on plans to manage the feared shortage were sometimes worse off than organisations that did not develop elaborate strategies. At first glance, the above story might look like a cautionary tale about the perils of strategic talent planning. But it actually says less about the need to plan and more about the failings of a specific approach: betting big on one future.

That State of American Jobs and Workers

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They conduct public opinion polling, demographic research, content analysis and other data-driven social science research.”. workforce. Each of these alone are fascinating topics and the data/analysis provided generate great food for thought and action. China Gorman Data Point Tuesday Employee Productivity HR Data HR Trends Human Capital Pew Research Center Post-secondary education Talent Analytics Workforce Demographics Workforce Planning Post-secondary Education

How Workforce Analytics Helps Prevent Another Bad Hire


A bad hire can cost as high as five times the annual salary for that role — not just from the turnover, but also lower productivity, a damaged employer brand, lower employee engagement, and higher manager time spent on mitigating underperformance. However, the opposite proved to be true: when the organization started using Visier’s workforce intelligence solution , the analytics revealed that the so-called “high scoring” candidates (who were hired!)

Competency Management: Understanding the Return on Effort


Built upon a skills gap analysis, competency management – on its surface – is relatively simple. planning training and development activities. However, to ensure a competency management plan is effective and contributes to overall operational success, you must have a good understanding of the Return on Effort (ROE).

The Financial Services Skills Gap: Are Baby Boomers the Answer?


Their wealth of knowledge and experience can fuel the digital transformation taking place in the industry—but all too often, the aging workforce is underutilized. Fastest-Growing Workforce Demographic in Financial Services. But while the millennial-aged workforce is growing overall, it’s decreasing in financial services: in 1998, those aged 25 to 54 (millennials and Generation X) made up 76% of the workforce.

Five Powerful Ways Your HR Team Can Leverage Big Data


But analysis is crucial if you want to reveal patterns and trends to improve your business. Analyzing Big Data helps businesses get better insights, understand processes within the company, make important business decisions according to patterns found in research and analysis, and plan strategic business moves. Big Data also has an affect on existing staff; for example, by learning what increases and decreases productivity, work processes can be adjusted. Planning.

You Are Who You Hire: Using Jobs Data for Competitive Intelligence

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That is a large contingent, but overall this suggests the company is focused primarily on selling its existing products and tending to customers. According to both hiring patterns, Company A has a sales-first strategy, meaning they plan to spend their time and resources focusing on their current customers and attaining new ones. Meanwhile, Company B’s focus is on advancing their products. But it’s less clear whether developing new products are a priority.

How to Guide Workforce Transition Efforts in Advanced Manufacturing

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The workforce transition to advanced manufacturing isn’t just about upgrading technology; it’s about upgrading people. The combination of robotics and employees with advanced manufacturing skills improves productivity and efficiency. As other car makers adopt these practices, they need to plan how to mitigate the costs of a changing workforce. Planning also reduces a company’s overall liabilities and costs by indicating where it might redeploy people externally.

Three Outcomes Human Resource Leaders Can Provide the CEO to Avoid Workforce Restructuring

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Workforce restructuring costs companies billions of dollars each year due to lack of planning for the future talent needs. With the right techniques, Human Resource leaders can offer CEOs three ways to avert these wrenching changes and better meet workforce needs. CNBC 2017 survey shows hiring qualified talent is the CEO’s top challenge to avoid workforce restructuring. Strategic HR Leaders look to evidence-based workforce planning to drive talent acquisition.

Alternatives to Firing an Employee


It’s very possible that there could be an unknown hindrance that is preventing your employee from being productive or from completing tasks as you are expecting. Using competency management software, you can analyze and inventory each employee’s skills , understand their productivity habits, as well as where their personality traits would work best, and match them with a position that is best suited to their competencies.

Maximize HR Leadership Effectiveness [INFOGRAPHIC]


If you are committed to reversing the trend of desperate-based hiring and creating more engagement and productivity in your workforce, download our value packed infographic! HR Strategy best HR practices business goals Business Strategy comprehensive role analysis Employee Training and Development HR Best Practices HR Consulting HR hiring strategy HR Today onboarding succession planning workforce planning

See Burning Glass Technologies Solutions at HR Tech 2017

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In A Data and Skills Driven Strategy: Cisco’s Talent Cloud Empowering the Optimal Workforce , Cisco will discuss how big data analysis of millions of job postings, powered by Burning Glass technology, allows the company to stay ahead of its skills needs. If you stop by Booth 3149, you’ll be able to get a demo of our latest human capital management solutions product, to be announced at HR Tech.