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The Analytics of Human Resources

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Analytics have always had a place in operations such as marketing and sales, but its use in human resources is not as common. Understanding the makeup of different demographics is key in building out improved diversity and inclusion programs.

How HR Can Tackle Diversity Using the Rooney Rule


In August 2015, the need for more workforce diversity was spotlighted in a big way when President Obama issued a call to action to technology companies, encouraging them to hire more women and minorities by implementing the Rooney Rule. Metric to watch: Diversity of interviewed candidates.

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Bridging the Generational Gap between Employees

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Does your organization have clear expectations with respect to diversity? Offensive jokes can lead to bad morale, turnover among employees, or even worse, potential legal problems. “Most of the people in IT are younger – hired out of college, or after just a few years of experience.

Five Powerful Ways Your HR Team Can Leverage Big Data


Analyzing various internal surveys can help HR understand what improves retention. If common employee complaints are identified in surveys, HR can eliminate them to prevent employee turnover. Survey analysis can also help HR: plan new, more effective talent-retention programs.

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Strength in Numbers

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We undertook a thorough review of each of the legacy company’s policies and benchmarked industry standards as well. How are you leveraging HR analytics to gain insight into your talent? We have an HR analytics team that is really passionate about data.

Seven Steps to Meaningful Diversity and Inclusion Metrics


When it comes to this concept, the success of diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs is no different. A lot of D&I practitioners may gleefully note that there is no lack of metrics in the diversity and inclusion space—but which will move the needle on performance? And due to the need to measure along custom criteria, a number of private companies have metrics they use to measure their own programs against their own internal benchmarks.

Survey Says…

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In addition, properly leveraging engagement data can prevent attrition by giving organizations the insight to immediately address employee concerns, helping them feel heard and developing interventions to reduce turnover.

Top 10 HR Trends to Watch in 2020.


When you consider the fact that millennials now make up the majority of the workforce and are defining the new age organizational culture, we realize that they are setting the benchmark of all change drivers. HR Analytics.

Your Guide to AI Talent Acquisition


Machine learning underpins data analytics that drives better decision-making and stronger talent acquisition. You can look at your staff in various ways such as age, years of experience, skillset, education, geographic location, diversity factors, generation, job role, or performance level.

Introduction to Recruiting Metrics FAQ


If you want to dig deeper recruiting metrics that matter, add metrics like application completion rate, hiring manager satisfaction or new hire turnover. Tableau) can collect the recruiting analytics you need. Looking for better reporting analytics? Diversity goals.

Opinion: Why ‘bad’ data can be good news for your organisation


When HR professionals talk about data analytics , generally they focus on the good stuff. For example, in our field of dispute resolution, a commonly cited financial metric is staff turnover. But what’s behind the current or changing levels of staff turnover, and where can you find data in the organisation that can help give you the answer?

Build Your Team and Increase Engagement with Gamification

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There is an engagement crisis in the workplace, and it has profound implications for company performance and staff retention. Management can also identify skills gaps or a need for greater skills diversity. By Karen Hsu. Are you looking to boost employee engagement at your workplace?

Employee Engagement in NHS Healthcare


The result is a definition that can be aligned with measurable, tangible outcomes – in the case of the NHS, in terms of mortality rates, staff absence or turnover rates, patient feedback or financial returns. Increased staff retention.

The recruitment process: 10 things you need to master to succeed


Increase employee retention and engagement. When you want to build a diverse hiring process, you often need to proactively reach out to candidate groups that don’t traditionally apply for your open roles. Referrals help you: Improve retention. Referrals against diversity.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


Built from the ground up with a single database, the fully integrated ADP Workforce Now suite features Human Resource Management, Payroll, Benefits, Talent Management, Time & Labor Management and HR Analytics capabilities. Performance Tracking Tools.

HR TechStack – Applicant Tracking Systems


The core capabilities of the solution include human resources management, payroll, benefits, talent management, compliance, time and labor management and analytics and benchmarking. Application Tracking Software Definition.