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Applicant Tracking Systems Guide

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Applicant Tracking Systems: Everything to Know & Look for in an ATS By: ClearCompany Updated: December 2017. What is an Applicant Tracking System? How Do Applicant Tracking Systems Work? Applicant Tracking System Benefits.

Why Every Retailer Business Needs an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)


All multi-location retail companies depend on consistent products and services to build a positive brand. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) , which are a type of recruitment software, can help retail businesses attract and hire employees and turn their hiring into a competitive advantage. It could be a mixture of recruiters and talent acquisition specialists, but often falls to the store managers themselves. Applicant Tracking System ATS

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Applicant tracking system: Everything you need to know


An Applicant Tracking System is an indispensable part of any efficient recruitment process. ATS systems automate many administrative tasks to save you time and prevent confusion within hiring teams. How to choose the best applicant tracking systems for your business.

HR TechStack – Applicant Tracking Systems


Application Tracking Software Definition. An applicant tracking system (ATS) manages the recruiting process by collecting and organizing applicant information. These systems are used in the recruiting and hiring of new talent. Crelate Talent.

10 signs you need an applicant tracking system


Are you making the same mistake by not considering an applicant tracking system (ATS)? Applicant tracking systems (the wonkish name for hiring software) have been around since the early 1990s. Think of a shortlist of your most effective business tools.

Your Guide to AI Talent Acquisition


Today’s operating environment demands that companies turn talent acquisition into a competitive advantage, and artificial intelligence is key a stepping stone toward this goal. AI best practices for executive talent acquisition. How AI can help today’s talent crisis.

Renewable Recruiting: Building Sustainable Recruiting Practices in the Nonprofit Sector

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Without such a strategy makes competing for top talent even more difficult today than ever before. And as a result of a poor candidate experience, employers are missing out on an important talent pool. Promote your brand.



Unfortunately, activating a new employer brand strategy is not immune to these possibilities. So what can you do to avoid an employer brand breakdown and #EmployerBrandFail ? Over the years and after working with many clients (including large, mid-size, global, domestic, Fortune 500, and privately-held), we have observed that employer brand failures most often stem from one or a mix of these five reasons. The employer brand is inauthentic.

How To Develop an Employer Brand With Soul

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Today’s talent market is more demanding than it’s ever been. When your organization invests in employer branding and improves its candidate experience, you are more likely to make quality hires. At the heart of a successful employer brand is the EVP or employee value proposition.

How People Analytics Helps Prevent Another Bad Hire


This post is part of our Data-Driven Talent Acquisition Strategies series. . This doesn’t include the costs incurred from l ower productivity, a damaged employer brand, lower employee engagement, and higher manager time spent on mitigating underperformance.



Here are four ways Delta shifted to put the customer in the forefront, and how you can apply their approach to your candidate experience to elevate your employer brand. And that would help them better understand the customer experience and uncover better ways to meet customer needs. Being a “secret applicant” is an easy, no-cost way for you to put yourself in your candidates’ shoes. Delta Air Lines was the third largest airline in the U.S.

Recruitment Statistics – Challenges, Trends and Insights for Better Hiring


Recruiters and hiring managers are now more focused than ever; trying every possible way to retain talented candidates. Increased awareness among job applicants, the fear of negative employer branding, poor candidate experience and shortage of top talent are some major threats that are faced by the recruiters. In a candidate-driven job market, employers compete to attract, hire and retain top talent.

Add AI-Powered Talent Management to Greenhouse ATS in 4 Hours


At the office, there’s probably not a lot you can get finished in half a day: You can have a few meetings, give several interviews, maybe write a report. We’re partnering with Greenhouse because we agree that finding talented people is too hard today. What can you do in 4 hours?

Social Talent Acquisition ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human Capital (HCM)

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1 global online influencer in talent management. #6 Fistful of Talent. SuccessFactors Performance and Talent Management Blog. Social Talent Acquisition. Probably the best example of social talent management exists in recruiting. Social Talent Acquisition.

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Impress Your CEO With These Strategic Business Impact Recruiting Metrics


Talent Data ” I explained how you can impress your CEO by converting your Talent Acquisition results into dollars. The Metrics That Reveal the Highest Business Impacts from Talent Acquisition Actions. Hiring top talent into prioritized jobs.

Advancing the Process

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With record numbers of millennials and Generation Z job candidates entering the workforce, employers are reconsidering their long-held hiring practices in order to attract and retain best-fit talent. Meeting Expectations.

7 Recruiting Competencies to Guide the 21st Century Recruiter


Great not just good recruiters require a different set of skills, abilities, and competencies altogether to engage, qualify and recruit talent to our organization(s). You can click here to read the talent acquisition and recruiting trends piece. Talent (KSA) Assessment.

Construction Meets Engineering: How to Hire in a Converging Market


Construction Meets Engineering: How to Hire in a Converging Market. Reach out to colleges with engineering programs to recruit and develop young talent. Go to career fairs to grow relationships with individuals who are actively seeking employment—and those who are not.

Why I Have a Sweet Tooth for a Better Candidate Experience


We’d been talking recruiting shop, him a talent acquisition director at a large technology company and me an HR industry analyst, when I asked him what role his team had in retention. So any entity that meets my minimum candidate experience is a winner. “Who can take a sunrise.

How I “Unlearned” to Recruit


The most awkward and tricky information to collect (which actually matters most to employers in the Indian job market) is salary expectations and the notice period of job seekers. This means personality and communication criteria can be assessed by employers before meeting the job seeker.

What to Look for in a Modern Recruitment Platform

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Recruiting software is highly utilized by talent acquisition teams. In fact, 75% of hiring professionals used either applicant tracking or recruiting software to improve their hiring process. Automated, Organized Applicant Tracking.

How Do You Improve Your Candidate Experience? Look At Your Data


This post is part of our Data-Driven Talent Acquisition Strategies series. Enough bad experiences can negatively impact your employer brand and make it difficult to attract great talent to your organization. Hiring success and speed by role and application source.

Data 328

BirdDogHR Expands Job Distribution via Glassdoor Alignment with Google Jobs


BirdDogHR has a long and rich history of partnering with Glassdoor for native job distribution via the BirdDogHR Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Construction Meets Engineering: How to Hire in a Converging Market August 30, 2017. Talent Acquisition. (10).

Renewable Recruiting: Building Sustainable Recruiting Practices in the Nonprofit Sector

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Without such a strategy makes competing for top talent even more difficult today than ever before. And as a result of a poor candidate experience, employers are missing out on an important talent pool. Promote your brand. Uncategorized applicant tracking software

Online Recruitment Software 101


With the advent of online recruitment software, companies are now able to identify, attract and hire top talent through the click of a mouse or the tap of a smartphone. Talent acquisition software fills the top of the recruitment funnel with a pipeline of interested, qualified candidates.

How to Attract Students to Your Construction Company


Meeting with counselors in-person is the most effective way to introduce the diverse and highly skilled positions available, and may also change misconceptions counselors themselves may have around the construction industry. Employer Branding to Attract Talent August 21, 2017.



The experience of the candidate and employees needs the love and attention of talent acquisition and human resources, now more than ever. Competition for talent is fierce and any interaction can influence a person’s decision to accept a job offer or stay loyal to an organization. Recruiter attempts to schedule an intake meeting but gives up after a few attempts due to manager’s lack of availability. Recruiter posts job on applicant tracking system.

How Workforce Analytics Helps Prevent Another Bad Hire


A bad hire can cost as high as five times the annual salary for that role — not just from the turnover, but also lower productivity, a damaged employer brand, lower employee engagement, and higher manager time spent on mitigating underperformance.

Thanks, But No Thanks: 3 Tips for Politely Rejecting Job Applicants

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It seems like few employers do so professionally, and even more don’t even provide any feedback when a candidate is no longer being considered for a role. Making sure to let your candidates know that their application was appreciated is so important.

Talent and HR News Monthly Update: Learning + Development


With the introduction of new technology in this field, it’s important that organizations prepare to meet learning needs by understanding how to utilize these resources. In this month’s roundup, we’ve curated five articles on why your company should invest in learning and development and how you can incorporate it into your talent acquisition strategy. Organizations facing this talent crunch should see this human resource threat as an opportunity.

How Much Do Campus Recruiters Make?


Often a first step on the way to becoming a talent acquisition or human resources director or executive, campus recruiters wear many hats. They visit college campuses to meet with students and identify top talent for opportunities upon graduation.

Technologies Supplied by and Jobvite Help GroupM APAC Secure Grand Prize at Inaugural Asia Recruitment Awards


Saratoga Springs, NY and San Mateo, CA –, the leading provider of cloud-based Predictive Talent Selection ™ technology, and Jobvite, the comprehensive recruiting solution for the world’s fastest-growing companies, today congratulated GroupM Asia Pacific (GroupM APAC) on being selected as the Grand Winner at Human Resource magazine’s inaugural Asia Recruitment Awards.

5 Recruiting Lessons from "Game of Thrones"

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Now, as much as I might like to proclaim myself the Khaleesi of talent acquisition, that might be a bit of a stretch. (I Still, I do have some dragons I’d like to present to you – the dragons of talent acquisition. Adapt any of the following techniques to your arsenal and your organization’s talent acquisition function will rule the Seven Kingdoms. Sounds like employer branding, right? Meet them where they are.

NGOs and NPOs: Investing in an ATS will help you deliver your mission


And when it comes to nonprofit staffing tools, another survey found that only 33% of organizations said they use an Applicant Tracking System or a CRM. Don’t just aim to get more and more applications. Boost your employer brand.

Creating a Productive Talent Management Strategy for Your Business


Many businesses today are now realizing the value of investing more into their talent management strategy. Investing in automated, cloud-based modules to support processes, employees and the greater talent management strategy. What is Talent Management Strategy.