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Gap Between ESG Efforts & Expectations Becoming More Apparent


Companies today should be aware that their employees, customers, and shareholders are increasingly having “trust issues” with them. Social criteria examine how it manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where it operates.

What does it mean to be EDGE certified, and why is Ceridian doing it?


As a global organization, investing in diversity and equality are top priorities for Ceridian. I’m proud of what we have done thus far to support gender equality in the workplace – whether it’s putting programs in place, facilitating platforms for discussion with our Ceridian Women’s Network Summit , or supporting and participating in grassroots efforts such as #GoSponsorHer and Move the Dial.


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Intentional Inclusion in the Workplace: Holding People Ops to a Higher Standard


Across the United States, civil injustice and systemic racism are finally being acknowledged. The workforce, the nation, and the world are waiting for much needed change. The time to do better, be better, and to take action is now—for some of us, it’s long overdue. As employees are struggling and searching for justice, HR professionals and leaders can no longer deprioritize diversity & inclusion (D&I).

Worker Transformation: How Today’s Employment Movement Shifts Power

Slayton Search Partners

From the eye of a hurricane, it’s difficult to understand exactly how big the storm is and how significantly it’s changing the landscape. What becomes obvious with time and distance is hard to see in the moment, and by any definition, 2020 was quite a moment for the world.