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Fond of Work: Darleen Souza, Senior Vice President & CHRO at Albany Medical Center


This time for Fond of Work , we interviewed Darleen Souza, Vice President & CHRO at Albany Medical Center. At first, I thought I wanted to work for the FBI and I had a chance to profile serial killers. I then worked my way up from generalist to CHRO. How did you end up at your current position with Albany Medical Center? How do you apply it at your company? How do you reward and recognize employees at Albany Medical Center?


The Recognition Science Denier


Listen to our WorkHuman Radio interview with Chris French embedded at the top of this post. Six months ago I sat in a conference room in Dublin, Ireland with the CHRO of a successful Fortune 500 company. She started our meeting by saying, “Of course, I know what recognition is. It’s a soft, feel-good program that employees seem to like and a necessary expense today. She was a “Recognition Science Denier.” Do you work with a Recognition Science Denier?