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Cafe Classic: Competition Is Good, Except When It’s Not - The Difference between Incentives and Recognition

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Editor's Note: Incentives and Recognition are key elements of a total reward portfolio, but they work in different ways and are better suited to different purposes. I’m often asked, “What’s the difference between incentives and recognition? Incentives and recognition are two distinctly different mechanisms that can be used to boost employee productivity, but each has its proper place and time for use. The Difference between Incentives and Recognition.

Cafe Classic: Choosing the Right Currency for Compensation & Rewards

Compensation Cafe

Commenting on a “survey” of preferred rewards by sales pros, the blog author Ley Borlo shared a couple of examples of sales rep reactions to questions about incentives programs. A Vast Selection of Rewards Works Better than One Incentive Goal. Offering hundreds of rewards options to US-based employees and only a dozen options to China-based employees is lazy at best and insulting to the employee at worst. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.


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3 Innovative Compensation Ideas Ready for Prime Time

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A few innovative companies implement compensation practices that others quickly dismiss as (at best) “good for them but it will never work for us” or (at worst) “crazy, impractical and unsustainable.” Look at Zappos’ “I’ll pay you to quit” policy. When an employee can worry less about meeting base needs, they can focus more on delivering the creativity, passion, and productivity needed for organizational success. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.

When Irrational Humans Make Good Decisions

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The implications could be wide ranging, from helping employees adopt healthier habits to increasing their happiness and productivity at work.”. Gino continues: “Consider how simple interventions can increase employee happiness and productivity. We are happier and perform better when we’re able to give our hard-earned bonuses away. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine. Incentives/Bonuses RecognitionNews flash. Humans aren’t rational.

Cafe Classic: Unions, Recognition and Employee Engagement

Compensation Cafe

Ann Bares, our editor here on Compensation Café , recently wrote on her Compensation Force blog about Union Employees & Variable Pay , citing recent Hewitt research showing that “13% of union employees working at the 130 organizations covered by the study are participating in a variable pay (incentive) plan.". Union workgroups are at the 39th percentile in Gallup's global employee engagement database and have, on average, 6% lower productivity compared to the median.

Recognition & Inclusion


We at Unipos are passionate about employee engagement and building a healthy workplace culture, so we’ve compiled some key facts and top tips to help you and your team practice recognition and inclusion today. On the flip side, when employees are motivated in their roles, it will boost both their productivity and their overall satisfaction. Additionally, these one-off spikes don’t provide enough incentive to impact employees’ daily motivation levels significantly.

Healthcare HR and Employee Retention: 6 Key Factors to Consider


You have a short window to make sure they’re happy, so it must start with focusing less on paperwork and processes and more on activating employees, physicians, contractors, partners and so on, says Amber Hyatt, Vice President of Product Marketing at SilkRoad, a cloud-based talent-management solutions company. signing bonus) and offering new job perks,” the report s states. Healthcare HR and Employee Retention: 6 Key Factors to Consider Nov. 29, 2017. Antique-Nguyen.jpg.

Using Performance Feedback to Calculate Pay?


Awarding higher pay and bonuses to top performers seems like the straightforward way to incentivize and retain great employees. The most popular format being performance based bonuses, which keep base pay manageable and provide incentives for better performance. Traditionally money was seen as the main incentive used to motivate employees. Higher productivity results in higher salaries and bonuses.

Is Pay a Critical Part of Culture or Not?

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They fit with our basic understanding of how organizations work, or at the very least could work better. That wasn’t the case with one of the findings from a recent report from The Workforce Institute at Kronos and This fits neatly with other surveys that consistently rank pay as among the most important factors at work (often alongside culture as a separate and distinct item). Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.