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More Results from the Recruiting and Retention Survey—Onboarding and Retaining Practices

HR Daily Advisor

In yesterday’s Advisor , we presented results from our 2014 Recruiting and Retention Survey. Today, more findings from this timely study, including practices for new hires and preferred methods of retention. Retention. Turnover of mid-level employees is below 10% for 37.1%

The Best Employee Retention Articles and Resources from Across the Web


High turnover to contend with? Revitalizing your employee retention can be a daunting undertaking, but we’re here to help. Here are all the employee retention articles and resources you’ll need to get informed, get inspired, and get going. General Employee Retention Articles.

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5 Ways To Recognize Employees in the Transportation & Logistics Industry


That’s an especially big problem in an industry already facing high turnover. First, the industry suffers from consistently high turnover-in some cases close to 100% annualized. A thoughtful Safety Incentives program can help reinforce those behaviors.

How SRS Distribution Overcomes Industry Challenges with Culture Management


Companies that fail to successfully integrate the new company into the existing culture can expect to see high turnover and low retention rates, missed targets, and poor performance , which will in turn affect the quality of the product or service they provide their customers.

The Art of the Employee Referral: a complete guide with tips and examples


Here are the main reasons why you should consider building an employee referral program at your company: With referrals, you can recruit…. This means that you can skip the initial job advertising and resume screening phases and go straight to speaking with the referred candidate.

How to Effectively Incentivize Your Sales Team


Sales is an integral part of most organizations; it directly impacts cash flow, provides insight into market fit, and lays the groundwork for customer retention. With the right incentives, businesses can keep their pipelines full. Unfortunately, the current incentive system is broken.

The Millennial Surge: How Direct Selling Companies Should Adapt

Rallyware for Human Resources

Ryan Napierski , President at Nu Skin, says that “direct selling companies provide a gig and more opportunity beyond the single product or service transaction that a gig provides.” Heck, I’m a young guy—it’s how I thought of direct selling until I started working at Hyperwallet and got a better understanding of the business model. Consequently, direct selling companies should take care of both financial and non-financial incentives.

The recruitment process: 10 things you need to master to succeed


Increase employee retention and engagement. So, that marketing machine still needs to get the word out and convince people to plunk down their limited time and hard-earned money to go see this on the big screen. Take a look at the takeaways from our Recruitment Marketing Masterclass.